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LESHIY 25cal. owners

May 23 2017 at 8:36 PM
airgunmadness  (Login airgunmadness)

What do you have your gun shooting at for speed and how many shots are you get on your REG and fill pressure. I just got mine a couple days ago and mine shooting at 750 with JSB kings, Real happy with the accuracy.Was thing about a HUMA REG has any one changed out the REG to that and what do you think about it ? thanks alot

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(Login gsbmueller)

Still testing

May 23 2017, 9:35 PM 

I dont have a chronograph but i have installed the huma reg and set it at 110 like most others, from a 200 bar fill I get about 9 shots. Ill have a crony next week and ill post more on it. By far my most favorite gun ive owned.

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(Login RCMann)

Put the Huma on today...

May 23 2017, 10:38 PM 

I've got a .22 and the Edgun regulator was set to 130 per a Sharpie note on the Edgun reg. Put on the Huma at ~108 and I definitely got more shots from ~275-200, priobably 25% more. Will put a chrony on it next week and start dialing in the thing, but the Huma reg is def nice, and I believe it will be worth it if only to be able to dial in pressures per the gauge on the regulator.

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(Login pluric)

.25 Leshiy testing

May 24 2017, 12:37 AM 

Here is where I started on fill pressure.

[linked image]

Finished here after 17 shots.
[linked image]

Chrony string. You can see the last couple shots dropping as it got into the low 600's.

[linked image]

The gun is so fun to shoot. Bought it as a novelty gun and it's about
all I shoot anymore. It makes everything else I own feel so big and heavy.
My best off hand shooter. Last weekend I was using it and a Mutant Shorty
to shoot ground squirrels. I needed sticks to hit as accurate with the Mutant.
The Leshiy took out just over 80 pests in two afternoons. My favorite shot was
off hand at about 75-80 yards and it just dropped the vermin. What a gun!

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(Login airgunmadness)

huma reg

May 24 2017, 8:06 AM 

Where did you guys buy yours from here in the states or over sea? what are they running ? tYHANKS

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(Login Desmodromic)

725 fps with Huma Reg @ 110 for me...

May 24 2017, 4:14 PM 

My Leshiy is one from the March/April batch at EDGun West and as such it's apparently a "Gen2" Leshiy. I purchased a Huma regulator at the same time as the rifle and just installed it a couple weekends ago. My stock Leshiy reg was marked at 130 bar, and I installed the Huma as it came from Brian at EDGun West, because I assumed 110 bar (factory setting on the Huma) was the right answer based on earlier posts/work with a Huma in the Leshiy 25.

With the Huma @ 110, I got the following results across the Oehler:

[linked image]

These strings are at different HST settings, to see the impact of cranking up/down the power. To be fair, the first string I shot (blue) at the stock HST setting was immediately after doing the reg swap - I probably should have shot a fill through it before running the chrono, to see if the reg would settle in. The variation in that blue string is more than I'd expect. All that said, the data suggests my sweet spot is probably that 725 fps set at -2 clicks on the HST. The gun is noticeably quieter there than at the higher power settings and a 25.39 @ 725 fps (30 ft .lb) gets the job done for all of my pesting needs to date.

I posted this data on another forum and Brian chimed in to note that the "correct" setting for the Huma in a .25 cal is at 130 bar with the newer Leshiys, which come with a heavier valve return spring. He indicated that the 110 bar setting was the right spot for earlier Leshiys in .25 cal.

If I have weather and time, I'll have to re-run these strings at 130 bar this weekend and compare the result.

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