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Correct pellet weight?

May 24 2017 at 2:17 PM
Don  (Login Nvreloader)


Another question,

Is there certain pellet weights for velocity being shot around 700-900 fps,
for the standard of 1x16" LW twist, in the common AR bbl, for 22 caliber?

Meaning 13-20 gr's etc that seem to give the best overall accuracy,
I know that pellet weight has an effect on speed, etc.

I know in the PB arena there is.


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(Login lhd)


May 24 2017, 2:25 PM 

Pellets in the range you cite usually work well, but typically a certain brand/model works best in a particular gun. For now, the most common .22 pellet that gives good results in MANY guns is the 15.9gr JSB, with the 18.1 JSB a close second at the upper velocity end.

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Re: yes

May 24 2017, 6:05 PM 

Thank you, LD


I have been reading/researching pellet weights etc, I have found so far,
there is over 52+ different grain weights, for 22 caliber,
in the various Makes/Brand names etc.

These main weight groups range from,
9.0 thru 14.7 grs = with 23+ weight differences,
15.0 thru 18.5 grs = with 16+ weight differences,
20.0 thru 34.0 grs = with 13+ weight differences.

Seeing that the average price p/can of pellets is around $10+, give or take a little,
which means the funds spent would be $520 + to test all these pellets,
in just 22 caliber only etc.

I would prefer to spend the funds on whatever weights of pellets,
after testing/shooting out to 50-60 yds,
that would be accurate enough for pest control=(Starlings/HS),
hunting small game, Cottontails/Jack Rabbits etc.

My pending Air Gun choice is the Airforce Brand name, Condor/Talon models,
22 caliber first, 18 to 24" bbl length,
then a 17 cal, second choice, same bbl lengths.

I am attempting to narrow down the pellets weight ranges,
to have the best success in finding the most accurate pellets,
with the 22 cal in the range of 600-900 FPS.

Using the above weight ranges, with the velocity ranges noted,
which pellet weights/Brands would give the best odds for success?

If you shoot/use a Airforce model AR, can you gives the spec's, bbl length,
HPA/Co2, regulator used, Brand name of reg, FPS for given pellet weight/Brand name etc.

This info would be greatly appreciated and helpful etc.


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(Login garczar)

Re: yes

May 24 2017, 6:10 PM 

Tip: go to the Talon forum and search your specific model. Ton of info. there. http://talonairgun.com/forum/

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(Login gubb33ps)

Actually think "they" know what they are doing...

May 24 2017, 10:26 PM 

...are other reasons besides twist, but seems the traditional 1:16ish twist is just about right for normal length .22 pellets (at least those between 13-21gr).

We do seem to be entering into a world of heavier weight .22 pellets (in a quest for power?) that might well benefit from a faster twist....but PCP's of that power pretty much exclude short/light weight pellets from really accurate work.

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Dave Cole
(Login tulsaairguns)

JSB 18.1 for AF LW barrels. My Talon & Condor both shoot them very well.

May 24 2017, 10:44 PM 

They shoot the 15.89 too but the condor launches them way too fast to be as accurate with the 18.1's.

From what you are describing, you might consider the Talon SS first.

Advantages are:
quieter and more shots than a condor
Disadvantages are:
Not as much power as the condor but keep in mind that with the Condor you will be very capable overpowering the 18.1 pellet.

I'd highly recommend a chrony if you don't already have one. Tuning an AF gun for optimum performance they are a must.

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Re: JSB 18.1 for AF LW barrels. My Talon & Condor both shoot them very well.

May 24 2017, 11:10 PM 

Thanks guys,

Dave C

Yes, I have a chrono, Magnetic V-3 works very well on everything,
once you have the setting correct,
tested with 2 different AR's up thru 357/44 rifles/pistols.

Attempting reduce the funds spent, without wasting etc.

Can't wait to get to testing/shooting the Condor,
been 60 yrs since shooting my Sheridan.


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Mark N
(Login MarkinJHawkland)

Sampler Pack

May 25 2017, 7:40 AM 

Straight Shooters has their sampler pack for $35


But I also think the JSB's mentioned will be great.

Good luck,

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Doug Wall
(Login DougWall)

General guess

May 25 2017, 8:16 AM 

I don't think that you can generalize about a specific weight that will be your best pellet for a specific gun. Stick with better pellets. JSB, H&N are both good. Some other pellets are made by these companies, and relabeled (Air Arms = JSB, Beeman = H&N). Crosman Premiers work well for some guns. Stay away from Gamo.

Pick domed pellets with average, or a bit higher than average, weight. That would be about 8 gr. for .177, and about 14-15 gr for .22.
You may also find that some of the heavier pellets will work well in the more powerful guns.

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