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Aeon 12X scope paralax knob wobbles

May 31 2017 at 6:19 PM

Skip in WV  (Login SkipinWV)

Can I adjust the wobble out of it? How?

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Andy H.
(Login AndyH44)

Maybe not. This is usually what happens when any side pressure is exerted

May 31 2017, 6:38 PM 

on the knob, especially when a sidewheel is installed. Aeon might warranty it but early on they wouldn't. You'll need to contact the dealer or Aeon to find out.

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(Login SpringerEd)

Seems that Aeon has updated it warranty policy!

June 1 2017, 8:41 AM 

When I bought my 3-12x50 Aeon it was advertized as "springer rated" but while I was using it with the Aeon side wheel the scope would no longer focus properly. I learned that their scopes were no longer "springer rated" and changed their warranty. Here is a partial cut-n-past from Aeon's old warranty policy.....
"4. Any Scopes that have been mounted to Spring Piston Airguns.
5. Any Scopes where the focus knob is damaged due to the use of a focus wheel."

Since I had proof that I bought the AEON when it was considered "springer rated" I got an RMA number and it was replaced. Without even mounting the new replacement scope I sold it.

Well....Aeon currently has a couple similar but different warranty policies........

"AEON Warranty
AEON Optical Inc., offer a UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty for all AEON scopes for our dealers and distributors.
We want you to enjoy your AEON optics with complete confidence--that is why our warranty is so straight forward. After you see the AEON warranty ,you can rest assured that if any AEON optical product should ever require service,AEON will repair or replace the product absolutely free --no matter the cause.
If you ever have a problem, no matter what the cost, we promise that we will take care of you.

However from this Aeon web site......
"This Limited Lifetime Warranty does NOT apply to:

1 Any product that has been subject to abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, abnormal use or accident.
2. Any defects or damage directly or indirectly caused by the use of replacement parts and/or service performed by unauthorized personnel.
3. Any accessory items such as lens caps, straps and cases.
4. Any Scopes where the focus knob is damaged due to misuse of a focus wheel. (I.e. Applying uneven pressure to the wheel during transport, storage etc)

AEON scopes are warrantied to work failure free on springer piston Airguns designed to withstand the peculiar double bounce recoil of such airguns."

It does appear that now the Aeon scopes are once again warranted for springers and their add on side wheel with this caveat....
"focus knob is damaged due to misuse of a focus wheel. (I.e. Applying uneven pressure to the wheel during transport, storage etc)"

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Jeff C
(Login Dieker)

I found this on the very same websight.

June 2 2017, 12:50 PM 

Look at an individual scope and this disclaimer is there.

AEON will no longer warranty scopes mounted on any Airguns using a spring type action.
AEON will also no longer warranty the focus knob when a focus wheel has been attached.

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(Login garczar)


June 4 2017, 8:44 PM 

AeonUSA is now R-L Airguns and it says use on springers is ok as are sidewheels as long as they're used properly. When Steve Smith(WildWest) was the US dealer they had the stipulations you mention. Some scopes could be holdovers from the WildWest days. I'd contact Randy at R-L to be sure.

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Griff Crutti
(Login GriffC)

Had the same issue with mine

May 31 2017, 8:22 PM 

Sent it back and bought something else. Optics were nice but focusing was awful.

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(Login garczar)


June 1 2017, 9:37 AM 

To prevent the sidewheel from damaging the turret mech. you need to remove wheel before casing/transporting. Its good to see that the new US Aeon distrib. is using the older, better warranty. For the money these are pretty nice scopes but not quite what the early hype touted. Personally, i'd rather have a SWFA or a Vortex.

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