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Guys, I need a list of barrel makers who will make a 28-30" .25 one off run barrel blank

June 15 2017 at 3:55 PM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

in maybe 16-18mm diameter if possible. LW's smallest diameter is 0.470 and only 23.8" long. That won't do. I need at LEAST 28" & actually prefer a 30". As far as the diameter goes a little machining is all that will take.
The Guru isn't available right now so I'm asking here as I see some fella had quite a bit of custom blanks from Pac-Nor in Canada. I don't know if they'll do a one off or a minimum of 10-20 for a run. Then I need a group buy. I called HART in upstate NY and I'll see what they say.
So if anyone knows of custom air gun barrel makers, I'd love some phone numbers. I keep on hearing about TJ liners but I'm discerning that I need some sort of blank 28-30" so this liner has something to line.
Any info on this is greatly appreciated. I'm also interested in Bench made barrels if any in this length and caliber are available.
Contact at jamesdingle18@yahoo.com or call me at 570-977-1149

Just a warning. I put my number up here for ease of communication. Many are afraid to do so. If you ever get a call with anything prompting you to say "Yes," do NOT do so. Hang up immediately. They'll say, insert your name here, "can you hear me?" You say yes and they record it and use your voice to do things and open things you never asked or wanted. Thanks and be vigilant. Very few in this World are truly "Good People."

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Skip in WV
(Login SkipinWV)

Maybe R&L.

June 15 2017, 4:04 PM 

Don't know the diameter though.

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(Login JamesDingle777)

Thanks Skip. If he'll do it, the diameter isn't too important

June 15 2017, 5:15 PM 

as I'm not looking for a Bull barrel. LW has 0.47 and that's 11.93, almost 12mm. Rapids use 16mm and that's where around what I want it to be at. I don't have calipers/micrometers to measure my Rainstorms but I can come close w/ a 64th ruler. I don't want a ton of machining to stress the barrel, nor do I want a ton of extra weight due to extra length and most likely replace the 315cc tube w/ a 4500psi carbon fiber bottle and quick fill. This rifle in .22 is sending everything from Crosman HOLLOW POINTS out of the tin to JSB 18.1's & 21.1 Baracuda Match 5.52's out to 200 yards set at only 30FTLBS and a little but super accurate underestimated 17" Korean barrel. Truth is I couldn't ask for better accuracy. The longer barrel is for much better PCP efficiency and getting the power up to hopefully an adjustable 40-60FTLBS. I was really considering a .357 RAW doing 130FTLBS for a regulated 16 shots. I may go that way if all my customization goes over a ambi or lefty stocked RAW, $1800-$2000. but the fact remains they still don't have the longest barrel that could optimize their air usage. Everyone wants short. AZ always recommends shortening. I don't care if it's got a 3' barrel. I shoot from a bi-pod, or BR for distance and I can balance it by pouring lead into butt stock. I'm no expert but I'm figuring out with advice and my meager math skills that a 28-30" barrel would be optimal for a .25 to a .357, maybe a bit longer and of course not choked if cast .257 86 grain bullets. I am AMAZED at what this .22 @ 30FTLBS can do. It's only literally dropping them in at that distance; but it IS dropping them in consistently with accuracy. AZ and others have said before that massively powered PCP's loose accuracy and are harder to shoot. I believe it. I think for a .25 the highest I can go with great accuracy is 80FTLBS and that's pushing it. I just want a set up that retains 20FTLBS @ 200 yards and I should be good for Groundhogs and Coyote body shots. My accuracy is within Heart & lungs at this distance w/ 30FTLBS. It's just got a lot of drop. I'm very tempted to sell both Rainstorms, maybe some others and get the RAW .357 or this new FX Crown. I'll wait for the Beta testers. I'll wait to see the availability of calibers for the Crown, as The RAW .357 is a dedicated model due to the force needed to get that 81 grain .357 up to 130FTLBS for 16 regulated shots. It's capable of 160FTLBS but I'd say 8 shots at most and a loss of accuracy. FX is the best innovative Company there is, and the one time I shot an FX I didn't like it. Felt like a toy, it was so light w/ the synthetic stock. I've had 2 AZ Rapids so I figure The RAW will be heavy right out of the factory. Having The Rainstorm II .25 Customized to this huge extent may be worth it, or it may not. I'll wait, watch, talk to the experts when I can.

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(Login student19462)

TJ's price list

June 16 2017, 1:45 AM 

[linked image]

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(Login dyotat100)

Re: TJ's price list

June 16 2017, 2:27 AM 

That list is from 2009.

It's $4.75 a inch up to 28" and $4.95 for 29" and up.

He has way more barrels then on the list. The list is his firearm barrels. You have to call for the airgun specific barrels.

He also can OD grind a barrel to a size needed

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(Login JamesDingle777)

Thanks Guys! N/T

June 16 2017, 7:48 AM 

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