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PA out of my JSB 10.3 grain pellets for 6+ weeks. Seems like a long time

June 16 2017 at 6:37 AM
wahoowad  (Login wahoowad)

Early June I placed a pellet order that included tins of the JSB 10.3 grain pellets (177) even though it was marked out of stock. I checked again today and the availability date moved several more weeks out to June 13. I'm just surprised an obvious popular pellet can get so far behind in availability, both by the manufacturer and retailer. Even the much debated rebranded Air Arms version are out. Starlings are loving it.

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(Login Buzzurd5)

Out of the preferred pill

June 16 2017, 8:58 AM 

I'm right there with you... and the starlings already fledged the first batch! And now I'm even out of the air arms equivalent. Now I'm shooting up my pistol ammo, 7.33 grain falcons. With the power dial set on low my FX Royal is a laser with the little pellet, but any wind at all changes that! Yesterday I checked and when I found out that they were still not in I ordered four tins of H&N barracuda hunter extreme. This time I ordered thirty tins of the JSB 10.34 pills and I think I'm going to be covered for a while! Gotta have the right medicine after all.

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AirTanksForSale.com 714-907-0067 8AM4PM Pacfc
(Login n6yyo)

Call us, we have them in stock, and we'll match that price

June 16 2017, 12:36 PM 

We have millions of pellets in stock (Seriously, MILLIONS!)

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(Login crowpopper)

I had forgot about you guys sellong pellets

June 16 2017, 12:51 PM 

I ordered yesterday from PA but they didnt have the jsb so i ordered up a cpl cartons of cpls in the box..
I just hope they shoot as good as the jsb do
My next order will be with you!

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(Login Houlihan54)

Do you pack pellets for shipment as well as PA?.....

June 16 2017, 4:29 PM 

I have yet to find a supplier who packs pellet as well as PA. Nothing worse than receiving a package of pellets that have opened during shipment only to find different brands and or of different grains and head sizes mixed in the bottom of a box! Nightmare comes to mind.

Joe please share how you package pellets for shipment, if you match PA prices and can assure the same quality of shipping PA provides, then you too may become a viable source for pellets!

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