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101 Custom Airguns

July 12 2017 at 7:05 AM

Joe Wayne Rhea  (Login JoeWayneRhea)

I decided to make a video of these gorgeous rifles while I could before photobucket removes them all . Hope y'all enjoy it ...I'm positive some of you guys own at least one of these beautiful guns .

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(Login willy1)

thats pretty amzeing"" i did,nt relize that their was so many

July 12 2017, 1:06 PM 

custom airguns?

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Dan in Or
(Login Benderbot)

Thanks Joe. Love your vids

July 13 2017, 2:24 AM 

I was tickled to see not one but two of my Paul Watts HWs in your vid. I am a big fan of both the 95/R9 and the American classic style of stock. The brown lam. R9 and the Walnut 95 with the A/ C stocks both presently occupy pride of place in my modest collection. Thanks very much for this and all your other videos,as always great fun! Take care and give Bella a Liver Snap for me!

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Joe Wayne Rhea
(Login JoeWayneRhea)

Thank you Dan !

July 13 2017, 4:14 AM 

I've been lucky enough to own a couple of truly classic rimfires that would be right in line with a classic rimfire video like this .
A custom Sako and a Kimber Super America that was hand picked at the Shot Show 30 or so years ago . I don't regret letting them both go , but I kick myself for not having photos of either .
There was a Pall Watts R7 at the Texas Airgun show last year for a fair price that like a dummy I didn't buy .... its a mistake I WONT make again . Life's too short to not have at least one gun that a man can have true pride in happy.gif

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