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Crosman Premier box problems....

July 12 2017 at 8:18 AM
Erockrocket  (Login Erockrocket)

Ordered some Crosman box .177 heavies recently. Wanted to try them in my Diana 54, one of the few pellets I hadn't tried. Decided to weigh a few, they were consistent. Thought I would also drop a few thru my PelletGage. Sadly, they would not even fit thru the 4.55mm hole? They have a flashing, 2 seams 180° on either side of them. Shot a few, they loaded with slight resistance, they did not group at any distance.
Suppose I could send them back, or try and find another rifle that might like them. Not impressed.
Beware of Die "M" made April 2017
Anyone else had these oversize issues?

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Bob in WV
(Login duhuh)


July 12 2017, 8:57 AM 

If they are showing flashing I would give Crosman a call and inform them. They will probably replace them.

Bob in WV
Never get in a hurry, it only slows you down.

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(Login nervoustrigger)

Similar experience with Die J dated Oct 1, 2013

July 12 2017, 9:40 AM 

They had bad molding artifacts but the head sizes were also all over the place (taking care not to measure across the parting line). If memory serves, they did trend large like what you are seeing. I posted a detailed writeup on another forum but the photos are now a casualty of Photobucket. I'll see if I can fix it tonight and post a link.

There was a thread here just a few days ago where I inquired about more recent experiences with the boxed Crosmans but there wasn't a lot of feedback. I was really more interested in the heavies since I have some PCPs that have grouped excellently with some older tins from 2012-2013. I haven't hit that lottery since.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention because I was thinking about trying again and you saved me the trouble.

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(Login nervoustrigger)

writeup and photos

July 12 2017, 9:07 PM 

Okay I fixed the broken Photobucket pictures of the bad batch of 10.5gr heavies...


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Frank in Fairfield
(Login MRodDude)

I Shoot Them By the 1000s

July 12 2017, 9:48 AM 

I have about 10,000 10.5s in the garage.
I just sent my son 2500 (2 boxes).
My Marauder, like others, shoots 10.34 AA/JSB best of all.
In the yard (18 yards) the 10.5s are perfect for practice.
They do shoot one mil-dot lower at 18 yards then do the 10.34s.
I wash and kube the 10.34s.
I do nothing to the 10.5.
When Crosman starts a new run of .177 dies, it is labeled "A".
They probably use those dies for about a million pellets then it becomes a "B".
So your "M" pellets were run through a dies that has been used in excess of 13 million times.
You get what you pay for IMHO.

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