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Discovery Hammer Bounce / Debouncer

July 12 2017 at 5:53 PM
Kevin  (Login Mattole)

I have done several mods to my Discovery including a Magnum Airpower power adjuster, Challenger hammer and heavier hammer spring and have arrived at a nice compromise between power and shot count (21 shots within 4.1% of ES at 30 FPE using JSB 18.13 pellets). I do notice with this set up however that there is a fair amount of movement in the gun caused by the hammer release - enough movement to interfere when I am trying to do precision shooting. Is this caused by hammer bounce rather than just the hammer force and can I do anything about it that will not compromise the power level? Would the Freeflight Hammer Debounce kit help to reduce the 'recoil' from the hammer?

BTW I have the striker on the Challenger hammer recessed 1/16 inch from the hammer surface. Is this an optimal setting for performance / efficiency?

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(Login stevevines)

That sounds pretty good for a Disco -

July 12 2017, 6:31 PM 

any chance the movement is caused by muzzle flip? Not sure if you could be getting the numbers you are if there was much hammer bounce, but someone else may know better -

HPA Sports used to sell a vented brake for the Discovery, and it did a great job of settling the shot cycle of my Disco -

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(Login Mattole)

Re: That sounds pretty good for a Disco -

July 12 2017, 6:52 PM 

Muzzle flip - that's an interesting idea and I don't know. I do have a TKO ldc on my Disco and I have done the "bottle brush" de-pinger mod but I can't grock either of these causing the gun to move. It is not really dramatic but there is enough for the gun to be disturbed a tad during the shot...

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Doug Wall
(Login DougWall)

Shoot a magnum springer for a while-

July 13 2017, 2:57 AM 

When you come back to the Disco, you won't even notice it. Seriously, you're trying to battle physics. PCP airguns are NOT recoilless! Any time you launch a pellet downrange, you're going to get an equal and opposite reaction with the gun going backwards. When you shoot something like a 45 cal Quackenbush, it feels like shooting a .410 shotgun. It's not hammer bounce that you're having a problem with, it's the 30FPE that you're pushing downrange.

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Steve in NC
(Login pneuguy)

I make two kinds of Disco compatible HDDs -- regenerative brake and FFH.

July 15 2017, 11:26 AM 

The FFH doesn't decrease hammer momentum reaction, because it works by reducing the transfer of energy from hammerspring to hammer when the hammer rebounds from the spring.

[linked image]

The regenerative brake HDD, however, arrests the hammer earlier in the bounce cycle as it rebounds, not from the spring, but from the valve stem. So it does reduce hammer reaction -- by as much as 50% -- and so would help the effect you're bothered by.

[linked image]

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