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TX200hc buyers regret?

July 15 2017 at 9:10 PM
Donald Elliott  (Login charlie350)

I recently bought a TX200hc in .177 just because I have read so many great things about it . And the seller went above and beyond working with me and allowing me to make payments and the gun showed up in perfect shape and shoots like a dream!!! BUT I just can't seem to make a connection with it at all. I own almost all of the higher end spring guns and that's where my love of airguns is Diana's HWs FWBs and a soft spot for Per 2000s BSA springers!!! So much so that I now have the BSA superstar in all 3 calibers (only took 8 years to track down) but I just can't connect with the TX200hc and I have tryed very hard . Have shot over 3 tins with it in as many weeks it is very accurate!!! And not at all hard to cock or shoot well but its like the gun has put up a wall around its self and will not let me into its inner sanctum. Now I am not sure if it is because I really wanted it in .22 or if I really wanted a HW97 instead ? Has anybody ever felt like this or am I being weird? Even a old crappy mk2 BSA meteor I got in a trade and have shot 2 times in 4 years felt like it was my gun as soon as I pulled it out of the shipping box. In fact I have got that filling with all of the +25 springers I own now . With the Tx200 it fills like I borrowed it and its not mine so much so I'm seriously considering putting up a WTT add for a HW97 in .22 before the weekends out . I can't be the only one this has happened to CAN I ?

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Mike Ellingsworth
(Login 4888blues)

I had two to date sold one then got another later to try again. sold that too

July 15 2017, 9:32 PM 

Unless something in me changes later, honestly it was not my cup of tea, did not care for it.
with so many air guns to own and choose, its very easy to move on when the rifle doesn't feel good to us, I think its just a matter of ones taste and perspective.
All in all if it was the only air rifle available I am sure most of us would find that groove and bond with the gun.

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(Login greasemagnet)

I had that happen to me also

July 16 2017, 12:53 AM 

but it was a walnut prosport. I say sell or trade it and move on.

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Mike Ellingsworth
(Login 4888blues)

X2 My walnut Pro sport was to light at the butt causing a P I A teetering

July 16 2017, 10:30 AM 

I was going to drill the butt and add weight to it but decided to just let her go.

Later I bought a beech pro sport but have yet to even test fire it. I did not mind the cocking leaver I got into a nice form for that, although at first it was like W T F

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(Login arbiter17)

Perhaps the reason you bought it

July 16 2017, 7:28 AM 

should be the focus. If you purchased the rifle because you are bored, and it didn't satisfy you, it isn't the fault of the rifle. Sounds like you have a number of rifles that will handle any task you need/want to accomplish. I find myself having to resist buying things to keep me occupied rather than using or working on what I already own. Best to save the money and use/improve what you have.

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(Login stevevines)

Sounds like the "feeling" I get when shooting most pcp lol -..nt

July 16 2017, 7:51 AM 

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(Login FireMarshal)

Re: Sounds like the "feeling" I get when shooting most pcp lol -..nt

July 16 2017, 3:03 PM 

I don't believe you have shot my TM1000 yet. Have to change that, if you haven't.
You need to come out and shoot with me. Are you going down to David's this Saturday?

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Jeff M
(Login jmars)

I don't care for the TX200....

July 16 2017, 12:33 PM 

(but have no experience with a HC)
I get the feeling when shooting them that they are "too big"....too heavy, too long stocked, WAY too fat. They are short but don't really seem short. I have been unable to bond with one in any way.

The HW97 stocks are also thick and bulky but not quite as bad. I prefer the HW77's over the 97's because of the slightly thinner stock.

My favorite underlever is the Diana 46 because I like the way they handle and love their loading system.

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Scot Laughlin
(Login classicalgas)

Some guns are like that, they don't "fit", often in some way you can't pin down

July 16 2017, 2:04 PM 

It might be balance(top heavy is a common misfit for me)too bulky, bad grip angle or reach to trigger...Guns have to fit you in more places than any other tool. They are much like a road bike that way, and most of those are adjustable in several ways( unlike most guns)

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Jeff D
(Login jcdx25)

One of the popular 'debates'/questions when I was getting my first springer

July 16 2017, 3:27 PM 

After a few years of just CO2, was the 200 vs the 97. I ended up with the 97 cause I liked the way it looks, the reviews/opinions were just as personal as my decision so there was little else for me to go on.

The 97 was .22. I shot it a lot just never really got results I was happy with. I have learned that this was probably my own fault because I wanted the shot it the way I was used to with my co2 rifle (and previously with .22 rim fires). Obviously I failed. I moved to my first PCP. I was addicted.

Not to long after that (the 97 vs 200 discussions were still common) I decided to try a 200. Ended up with a used HC in .177. That rifle was a lot of fun but I never (seriously) brag about my success with it for the same reason I mention above. I think the stock platform is/was better suited for a .22 but I will say though.... If I acquired another springer, it would be a 97. Don't know that I would ever get good with it, just liked it better in retrospect...

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(Login donwalk)

i've had two springers that felt

July 17 2017, 10:24 AM 

like that to me...i put lots of time, effort and $$$$ into both and still could not get what i wanted from them...i sold them both and haven't looked back.

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(Login kylefromwi.)

shoots like a dream? I think your just being weird.LOL

July 17 2017, 11:00 PM 

but I prefer a hw77k, even though the tx is suppose to be the better gun.

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(Login txfish219)

Keep the TX

July 19 2017, 7:55 PM 

Keep the TX !
I have both TX 200 and HW 97 - both calibers -,.177 & .22.
If the gun is great shape and performance is very good - as expected- you are just 2nd guessing yourself.
Keep it a year - you bought it right and worse case - you owned a TX for a year and lost $200 - approx $17/month.
Good rental fee.
If it's a stellar Walnut stock- accept you good fortune !

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