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sittin' bucket and cross-sticks

July 15 2017 at 10:57 PM
William Wiseman  (Login wcwiseman)

Someone on the Yellow often speaks of shooting from his 'sittin' bucket' and using cross-sticks...
I'd love to know DETAILS - like what kind of bucket, what size, and how tall and then what kind of cross-sticks and
hints on using them... I shoot mostly springers, so the cross-sticks may be not the way to go, but maybe there's a work-around?
Reason I'm asking is I'm gettin' older and it's difficult physically doing things outside, more and more,
and the bucket and cross-sticks sounds like a comfortable way to continue shooting in the outdoors.

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Donald Elliott
(Login charlie350)

Ed will be along shortly to set you straight N/T

July 15 2017, 11:17 PM 


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(Login stevevines)

Jump over to the FT/Green forum - you might get answered quicker?.nt

July 16 2017, 7:49 AM 

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Frank in Fairfield
(Login MRodDude)

Shooting Bucket/Sticks

July 16 2017, 9:15 AM 

I will be 72 in 3 weeks.
I shoot HFT with bucket and sticks.
My FT arsenal is:
Marauder .177
Beeman R1
1720T Crosman Pistol

I use a 5 gallon bucket.
6 gallon buckets are available and a bit higher.
I use Gen I PRIMOS sticks that have the lower portion removed and a 18" PVC rod put on for just a bit more height.
The height of the sticks should be based on the height needed so you may rest both of your elbows on your knees while sitting and still control the butt stock and the forearm.
If Photoshop was allowing me to post, I would post my setup.
But, I think you can figure it out.
Too, if there is a FT match nearby you might want to go and visit.
There are many YouTube videos you can watch too.
When I am out shooting ground squirrels/prairie dogs with the air rifles or the powder burners I use the bucket/stick setup so I don't sit on any cactus plants, etc.
Good luck

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C.U.P(aka Phil)
(Login Ldog1012)

Bucket & Sticks

July 16 2017, 7:59 PM 

Bucket height is different for each person, depending on how tall you are and your body shape. What's MOST important is to get your elbows on your knees. If your elbows are floating, your just not stable. Try and get as short of bucket as you can. The 3 1/2 gal bucket works well for a lot of shorter people. Cabellas, Bass Pro, and others also sell the spin top that fits most buckets. The gen 1 sticks from Primos are the best, gen 2 the legs don't lock, and are not very stable for FT. Watch for the new Gen 3 sticks. They apear to lock, hopefully as good as the gen 1( hopefully better)

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Frank in Fairfield
(Login MRodDude)

Absolutely Correct Phil..nt

July 17 2017, 1:17 PM 

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(Login bustachip)

Or...if you're handy, you can make your own stuff....

July 16 2017, 10:40 PM 

I made these sticks and stool and they work pretty good for me, although I would like
to try some primos sticks sometime.

Here's some pics, little step stool converted to shooting stool...


Adjustable strap on my sticks...


Sticks with foam for resting the gun on...


Currently trying something different, I replaced the foam with two leather strips..


I like sitting low to the ground but that might not be an option for you, either
way you need to set up your kit so you can prop your elbows on your knees for a
solid hold.


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(Login josh3rd)

TM, how did you make your sticks?nt

July 18 2017, 3:10 PM 

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(Login bustachip)

Pretty simple Josh...

July 18 2017, 6:22 PM 

I used left over pressure treated decking boards, they're 3/4" thick and I ripped
two pieces 1.0" wide and 39-1/2" long on the table saw, but any wood would work that
is sized to what you need or make it whatever size you want.

Then I drilled a hole thru both pieces about 5-1/2" down from one end for whatever size bolt you have that will work, I used a flat washer sandwiched between the two pieces and then another flat washer on the outside before the nylon insert locking

Now you can paint the sticks if you want or whatever finish you prefer, then add a
strap, string, rope, or piece of wire so you can adjust the height and to keep it
from spreading open. I also used two pieces of leather screwed into place that the
gun stock will rest on....see pics in post above.

Really all ya need is a way to drill the thru hole, and pre-drill the screw holes for
the leather strips, using wood already the right size.


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David Enoch
(Login DavidEnoch)

I use this Stack On Tool Box for a stool, and a Bog Pod

July 17 2017, 8:21 AM 

photo Stack On Stool_zpshp3eq6ww.jpeg

I found this to be the right height for me.

And, here is the caddy and bipod I use.
photo 57AF0B7E-3050-4737-BB63-9261C653853C_zpsrmor1yzn.jpg

David Enoch

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(Login SpringerEd)

Late reply, 'puter issues. What I use for "bucket and sticks".......

July 18 2017, 8:10 AM 

I actually use my "bucket and sticks" setup for most all shooting including hunter class field target and when I was "still hunting" for squirrels. When living in WV I would take my "bucket and sticks" into the woods, find a comfy tree trunk to rest my back, sit on the bucket (full of snacks and drinks), rest the R9 on cross sticks, scope rangefind on all trees around me that were at 40 yards, then sit back and wait till a squirrel would cross the "40 yard line" before shooting. I do have to admit however that I normally waited till the squirrel got to my "30 yard zero distance" (or closer) before shooting.

The Cross stick is a couple decades old Stony Creek bipod which had only two section legs. These are no longer available since the newer offerings have three section legs which I assume would work just fine.

The "sittin' bucket" started out with a bucket and "lid" bought a couple decades ago when I bought the cross stick and both were bought from Gander Mountain in Hagerstown, MD. The bucket was too tall for my short squatty body so it was modified. The idea was/is to have both elbows rested on my knees when sitting and the gun is rested on the cross sticks. I first sawed off the top edge and bottom of the bucket, then I cut three discs from a piece of a 1x12 board I had in the shop. The bottom disk which sits on the ground is actually a "donut" with a hole in it which allows the bucket to sit more firmly on uneven ground rather than teetering on a "high spot or rock" if the disk were solid. The second disk from the ground is an actual solid disk which forms the bottom of the bucket and it's sized for a "slip fit" in the cut bottom edge of the bucket shell. The lower two discs are also sized to the bucket shell OD so weight is supported by the bottom edge of the bucket shell instead of screws alone. The third disk from the bottom is also a "donut" that provides a place for the screws that holds the "bottom sandwich" to the bucket shell. Here are a few pics..........
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]

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