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Checkered Stock & Bedliner

July 16 2017 at 12:25 PM
Sid  (Login Firstairgunin1950)

I have prepared RWS 48 stock that is ready for bedliner finish. I have another wood stock that has grip checkering. I am also interested in finising this stock with bedliner.
My question - how to cope/prepare checkered area? Should I remove chemically the old finish from checkering and fill it with epoxy and sand it smooth? Can the chemically removed checkered area be sprayed directly with the bedliner. Thank you for your guidance.

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(Login lad22)

Re: Checkered Stock & Bedliner

July 16 2017, 7:36 PM 

I wouldn't waste my time with the checkering. Your new finish will provide the grip function checkering provides for the slippery wood. If the checkering does show up under the bed liner, it will look out of place since the bed liner finish is the grip. Just fill it in and concentrate on a consistent finish. Use an appropriate chemical and wire brush. Clean finally with alcohol before filling. Sand with 100 grit. The further you spray from, the rougher the finish. About 14 inches gives me the finish I like. 5 light coats works for me. Practice on a 2x4. I finish with 3 coats of clear enamel and let sit 3 weeks before introducing the new look to the Prarie Dog community. They always give my finishes rave reviews.... you know, head over heels.

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mark w
(Login nicky99)

my experience is different

July 16 2017, 7:54 PM 

ive done 2 guns with checkering and bedliner. i just gave the checkering a light scuff and blew the dust out. when applying the liner just go lightly over that area. i found the checkering stayed checkered and had no problems with wear. and when i did have some wear thinning on the stock, i just gave that area a quick spray and it blended right in. you can keep the checkering no problem imo

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(Login donwalk)

i did a model 52 stock with checkering

July 17 2017, 10:19 AM 

and used a heat gun and stiff brush to remove finish from checkering then applied the truck bed liner. it works great.

CAUTION: be careful if you use the heat gun as it WILL scorch the checkering if applied too hot, for too long...

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