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crossman why no 7.9 domes in tins in the U.S?

July 16 2017 at 9:11 PM
Donald Elliott  (Login charlie350)

As above why can't we get the cpl 7.9 domes in the tin ? Why do we have to buy the boxed version or settle for the much to hard to be of any use hollow points? I know for a fact they sell the domes in tins. look on any airgun supply website in the U.K or Europe and they are the first that come up. Has anybody asked crossman before?. I know they would be my first choice if I I was choosing from what's on the shelf at wally world. Is it they make more money from U.S airguners by just offering there best pellet in the 1250 box at $25 a pop? Am I missing something ?

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(Login dan_house)

You'll get better answers by asking Crosman themselves

July 17 2017, 11:31 AM 

with Chip gone, they dont troll the forums as much...


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(Login SpringerEd)

When Crosman did sell the "domes in tins" years ago they were from........

July 21 2017, 11:29 PM 

mixed dies and manufacturing dates. When I tried them years ago from my .177 R9 they weren't consistently accurate.

The boxed CPs from the cardboard boxes are supposed to be from the same die and "lot date". Years ago around die #7 (or was it #5) Crosman had major QC issues and I remember one box of CPLs that contained over 100 undersized pellets and three dozen that literally "free fell" through the bore.

I've been using boxed CPLs for years and the last cases I've bought have been very consistent........
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]

Anywhoo.....I personally see no reason to buy the "tunned domes" even if they were available. Actually, my tight leade .177 HW95 shoots the currently available "tinned" Crosman Hollow Points OK however they're not very accurate from my looser leade .177 R9. Problem with the last tin O bought was that the pellets had excess parting compound on them which coated my loading fingers with what appeared to be powdered graphite.

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