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CZ Slavia 634 red or blue on Ebay for under $115.00 with

August 7 2017 at 1:23 AM
michael wolfram  (Login marflow)

free shipping

damn good price

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(Login scottgg)

$99 shipped on Buds--- OR -------

August 7 2017, 7:43 AM 

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David Enoch
(Login DavidEnoch)

Those are really nice rifles. It may be a better deal than the P17.

August 7 2017, 8:29 AM 

That is a great price on a very nice rifle. It may be a better deal than the P17.

David Enoch

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Dave Grant
(Login furstheimer)

I got one about six weeks ago

August 7 2017, 9:21 AM 

Very nice rifle. It is a little more powerful than my Slavia 631. Be careful when you tighten the front stock screws. I went a little too tight and started to collapse the synthetic stock at the front. I backed them off a little and it was just fine. Very accurate. I am glad I bought it.

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(Login tallguy606)

CZ rifles

August 7 2017, 9:50 AM 

I bought a blue one a couple weeks ago. I think a lot of dealers had these red and blue rifles and they didn't sell well, and were in storage quite a while. Anyway, mine had the beginning of very fine rust in a couple places. Nothing that wouldn't easily clean up, but it was there. So be sure to wipe these down good after use, especially in the humid summertime.

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(Login dan_house)

Arent those the same gun as

August 7 2017, 12:24 PM 

the Gamo Delta Cadet?

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(Login scottgg)

Doubtful. CZ's are built in the Czech-Republic. nt

August 8 2017, 7:58 AM 


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(Login gubb33ps)

BUY while you can!

August 7 2017, 6:02 PM 

UGLY, but amazing gun. Have never had a springer do as well as this cheapie (and that INCLUDES some very expensive springers).

Yep...it's slow (likely something in the 7-9 foot pound range), the trigger is super simple and only needs a little tweaking.

OK...the stock is butt-ugly.

Mask off the butt plate (which is too soft/flexible to take paint), de-grease it, roughen it up with a little steel wool, degrease it again, and paint it with plastic-friendly paint an it can be whatever color you care for.

I picked battleship gray (or CSA depending on where you live).

Started as this ugly SOB:

photo 81291ca5-557f-40ae-85a4-907a354311b4.jpg

Painted (as noted above) as this: (and this is after a 18months without touch-up):

photo DSCN12741.jpg

Best effort EVER with ANY springer for 20 consecutive shots (but I practiced a whole lot, excluding any other type of airgun):

photo cbbd199d-a9e5-4f81-8709-85295dd3aada.jpg

Common effort at the same range/pellets after NOT SHOOTING springer for months (which still ain't bad):

photo c991fe6d-b994-4d05-a919-0b6c9068a1d6.jpg

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Steve D
(Login sd5782)

Great gun

August 7 2017, 7:53 PM 

I purchased a wood version on here for $175 am I am very pleased. The 634 does however have a couple of minor easily remedied faults. First is loads of twang that is easily corrected with a custom guide and tophat. Next is to add some HW barrel pivot shims from the small receiver HW guns. This takes a bit of "persuasion", as the receiver forks are pinched together a bit at the front. Smooth the rough edges in front of the trigger blade where the leaf spring contacts it, and you are good to go.

Amazing accuracy, and the .125" diameter wire of the spring is stressed little shooting 8.4gr AA fields at an even 700fps, so I feel it should have a long life. I forgot to mention that the rear bearing ring on the back of the piston on my gun needed shimmed. When measured, it's diameter was less than the piston diameter. This was easily solved by taking the plastic bearing ring off and cutting a thin piece of an appropriate thickness of shim stock to fit in the groove under the bearing ring as a shim. This allowed the bearing ring to actually be wider in diameter than the piston and do its intended job.

Unfortunatly, the metal finish of the 634 leaves a bit to be desired, but not really considering the price. My older CZ631 LUX looks like an HW compared to it. The older 631 needs wider scope mounts if one goes that way. I used Sportsmatch 13-14mm mounts that also fit the older HW guns. My 634 was a bit odd however in that Sportsmatch medium rings would not clamp onto the grooves i.e. they wouldn't/could't get tight. Interestingly some medium Leapers worked just fine. I have many fine springers, and consider my CZs to be very fine also after a bit of tweaking, just as my German guns needed. The CZ accuracy is nothing short of amazing, especially for the price.

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(Login bsagunner)

What head size AA pellets did yoke 634 like?

August 15 2017, 1:08 PM 

Hi Steve,
The AA 177 pellets come in two head sizes 4.51 and 4.52. Which one did you use in your CZ 634?

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Jeff M
(Login jmars)

It is a shame that nobody imports the wood stock version...

August 8 2017, 6:06 PM 

and also no .22 caliber. Last time I checked the 630 and 631 are also still being produced but not imported.

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(Login gubb33ps)

Nicer with wood stocks....

August 8 2017, 7:21 PM 

Last I saw, at a much higher price, were from a Canadain site, but that's been awhile and I've not kept up.

Same mechanics, so can't say one shot better than the other...but the plastic stock certainly lacks the look.

photo 91da5464-4ad6-49fc-b177-c2a6eb1907dc.jpg

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(Login OhioBruce)

Awesome Rifle, but Needs a Trigger Fix

August 10 2017, 9:37 PM 

The trigger can be vastly improved with the addition of a simple spring. You know how some of us pull the trigger with the safety on to take out the creep? This spring does it automatically during the cocking cycle.

I used a piece of .030" music wire to create a spring to push the trigger back to the point where it reaches the safety stop point. The spring is bent so that it does not apply force past the point where the trigger meets the safety.

Spring is held in place with a small piece of foam. The trigger guard compresses the foam.

You'll have to do some tweaking to limit the travel of the new front spring, balance the forces of the factory trigger return spring, and test to make sure you have a safe rifle.

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