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Advice if I go w/ a Condor, high flow valve, 32" .257 barrel

August 11 2017 at 4:59 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Noise is not an issue and I highly doubt any shroud & LDC combo will get it hammer strike quiet letting you hear the slug or .25 pellet hit.

They recommend hand lapping. I'd try the various .257's from 68 to 86 grains, then buy a mold, slug the barrel, JB Bore paste it with a patch, 20 passes at a time at first, clean, recheck accuracy, repeat if necessary using less strokes as I go.

Can these rifles now have an external regulator on tank? Can/should a regulator even be used with the high flow valve?

Will I need a heavier hammer, spring? Will any of this stress the internals?

I figure base of this all around $1500-$2000 at absolute most.

I can also go with a .257 or .357 RAW and I'm pretty sure I'd have a better feeling, quality, almost everything.

Any pros or cons one has over the other? I don't mind single shot so no big deal. The RAW .357 comes with a magazine and I'm assuming a somewhat effective mod. RAW will install the .257 barrel I provide, or of course so could AZ and I know he won't ship it until it's doing the best it possibly can.

Ultimate goal here is a 200 yard Groundhog rifle. This is not a "Now" thing. It'd be quite awhile. I'm just wondering if I should go with piecing a .257 Condor together over time. The 32" .257 barrel is only $250 w/ 2 bushings. Any .22 with a high flow valve will do according to a site. Any advice on these questions?

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Re: Advice if I go w/ a Condor, high flow valve, 32" .257 barrel

August 11 2017, 9:37 AM 

Might just want to talk with the people at Talon tunes- why reinvent what already exists.

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Re: Advice if I go w/ a Condor, high flow valve, 32" .257 barrel

August 14 2017, 3:31 PM 

I doubt you will have much luck hitting anything at 200 yds with the RAW. There was 3 shooting at EBR last year and I don't thing any of them hit the 6" steel target at 200 yrs. They were shooting slugs but they sound like a pellet gun when they hit the 85 yd target.

Putting a 257 barrel on the RAW will make it go backwards on power. These are pellet guns and just don't have enough power to push slugs. To shoot 200 yds you need slugs and the right platform.

I know the AF is not the prettiest or most comfortable platform. But name another platform that can be converted to .257 and make 200 fpe.
Then go out and shoot eggs at 220 yrs in the wind.


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If this is Dyotata Doug I sent an email and have some questions

August 19 2017, 5:15 AM 

or specs I'm looking for to have arifle hopefully built by February, or at at least April for next Groundhog season in PA. Well, it never closes but they don't like snow and I'm not a Coyote hunter as they remind me of Dogs, even though their were 15 of them on one Fawn the other morning.

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