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Time for another old guy rant...

October 8 2017 at 12:35 AM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Things that should be.

Now this isn't as far out as you'd think. Have managed to come to an agreement about stop lights (red/yellow/green...top to bottom...or left to right if mounted sideways)....have managed to get the number pads on phones/ATM"computerts to agree..have managed to get elevator key pads to agree (although different format than computer number pads)....have managed to get a lot of day-to-day stuff to be pretty uniform.

(If only the credit/debit card readers were uniform....sad to say we are plastic card society....be as we are, settle the "swipe" vs "chip reader" difference and please the buyer imputs needed in the same place/same order.)

Should be a simple/cheap/plastic single shot adaptor included for a P-rod....even if it increases the price by $3-4.

Should be a full set of rebuild parts for evey PCP pump sold...and at least a diagram....even if that increases the price by $10-12.

Should be a universal size for scope mount height..lets let "medium" mean somthing standard/univeral.

Should be an agreement for retical dot/hash mark distance. Doesn't have to be mil-dot, can be easier to deal with MOA, but at least make them one or the other.

Is there a contest for how many differnt screw sizes/driver bit sizes they can work into one rifle? Is there some kind oif secret airgun-maker-award for using the most uncommon, hard to find, backasward screw or tool size? Does it really take that many different sizes to put a rifle together?

Lets get an agrteemenet on fill probes while we are at it. Yeah, know some makers just have to feeel "special" and make some odd-arse size fill probe to proove just how special they are....but seriously, is that a plus to the buyer?

But I'm not "King of the Wold", my royral decreees carry no weight...but do think that over time, in this world-sales area, uniformity will eventually "win".

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(Login Yrrah)

All of that - but then you know that in the end:

October 8 2017, 4:00 PM 

Mutation is what advances things as well as dead-ending in the biological.

Otherwise mass screaming for efficiency can work.
In the metal and plastic world there are leaders and the rest - T Ford, Citroen Godess, VW Kombi, FX Crown - but ignorance and too much money can delay the morph. ... best from OZ, Harry.

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Scot Laughlin
(Login classicalgas)

Re Fastener types/sizes...It's going to take at least three sizes on most guns

October 8 2017, 6:55 PM 

You don't want the sight screws and the barrel pivot to use the same size shank in the screw, do you? I haven't seen many guns with more than four, so they aren't doing too bad in that department.

The problem is when one gun has slotted, square drive(butt ugly) AND Phillips...and the scope rings have torx, and the mount uses allen.

My first choice would be to see torx everywhere...it would keep the ham handed garage mechanics from using cheap slotted drivers and buggering up the screws, if nothing else...though that type would probably try to jam an allen driver in there, come to think of it...so maybe allen everywhere?

I think the plethora of types in one gun is due to the purchasing dept not wanting to spec custom ordered screws, they tend to pick off the shelf standard wherever possible, and most self tapping screws (the common type in cast pot metal assemblies) seem to be square drive these days, and fillister head machine screws(the common type for springer forend screws)are readily available only in phillips or slotted.

But think about it...if the factory got it exactly right the first time, what would we have to do?

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(Login gubb33ps)

Think 3 head sizes would do it...

October 10 2017, 5:02 PM 

..so you could get by with 3 sizes of bits/allen keys. Be ok with me if they included the 3 allen keys (most mounts/rings manage that trick without going bankrupt).

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