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Disappointed with Crown magazine

October 9 2017 at 7:53 PM
Dave   (Login Buzzurd5)

I'm totally impressed with the Crown in every single way except the magazine, and I don't mind that the first pellet goes in different than the rest. What's going on with my magazine is that it's fine with the 25.39 pellets, but the heavies don't drop into the magazine fully and require a push to seat them so that the magazine will cycle. And then the first one fires because it's already in line with the bore...but the next 3 or 4 shots require that you to take out the magazine and gently tap it to make it cycle to the next shot. As though it's jamming a bit somehow. After the 4th shot the magazine cycles fine.
Anyone else have this issue? I'd order another magazine but I'm afraid it would be the same and I thought that I'd ask here.
This Crown is very accurate with the 25.39 and the magazine is perfect with them, but it is very impressive with the heavies and I want to experiment more with them. Thanks for any info!

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(Login Just_joe)

Crown mag

October 10 2017, 12:00 AM 

Sounds like. You have a dirty mag, or a burr some where in the mag

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(Login pluric)

magazine issues

October 11 2017, 11:09 PM 

I was at the desert dealer today with a magazine issue of another matter.
Your problem came up as well. It's the heavy pellets put stress on the wind
system. We tried 25gr with no problem. Loaded a .25 caliber with heavies and
the first three or four pellets took a tap to advance. As soon as the weight
of those pellets were out of the magazines it advanced fine. I asked about
winding the magazine spring one more turn and the risk there is the possibility
of deforming the pellet skirt with too quick of an advance.

I had already put an extra wind on one magazine and it's loading fine. The shot
groups are great so I'm hoping that allows me to continue with the heavies.

My Monsoon had the same issue in a .22. I'd bought an extra couple magazines and they
couldn't keep up with the semi auto load speed. I wound the magazine one turn and the problem
went away. The internet told me I'd purchased standard magazines and needed the ones
made for the cycling speed of the Monsoon. The extra wind was all the difference.

If you decide to wind it one turn be careful. Just keep pressure on the inner wheel
while the clear cover is off. You do have to tilt the inner wheel enough to clear the
stop of the magazine shell. The spring can try to get out. Just be slow and lift the
pellet wheel only enough to clear the stop.

I said "lift" I meant tilt. Try to lift it as little as possible.
I think that will be your fix.

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(Login Buzzurd5)

Thanks Rick... I’m betting that’s it, I’ll try it. Making sense...

October 13 2017, 6:47 AM 

...I’m finding a lot of accuracy with the heavies, it’s excellent with the 25.39 and it appears to be a little more consistent with the heavies. What a great rifle! Thanks for the post.

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