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FX Impact

November 13 2017 at 9:55 PM

Scott  (Login CBR400RR)

Anyone have any experience with FX Impact, looking for advice on .25 and .30cal pellets, what has been the most accurate and at what velocities?

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Rick Plumb
(Login pluric)

Impact experience.

November 13 2017, 10:49 PM 

Um, how much time do you have? happy.gif I bought two if them. I wanted my
son to be on the same playing field so I gave one to him. He shoots his
as a .25. I switch between .22, .25 and .30. I loved it as a .22 but have
several very accurate .22's so I mainly leave it as a .30 now.

I use JSB as well as my son. Lately he is using the 33gr MKII. On my
.30 I tried the 50 gr and they were ok but went back to the 44gr.
We both keep them in the lower 800's for fps. He was influenced by
Ted's Holdover that won the EBR last year using JSB 33gr shooting
at 830 fps.

This my initial test of the gun when I first got it.


With the .30 barrel,

[linked image]

As a .22 at 28 yards.

[linked image]

JSB Kings in a .25

[linked image]

Compared to my Cricket at 28 yards.

[linked image]

My son and I went to the EBR this year for the first time. He had sent
his Impact to Ernest Rowe for a tune. Here is a 50 yard 5 shot test
before leaving.

[linked image]

I'd bought him a FX Boss thinking that might be a better option.
After shooting that last string he didn't even bring it to the

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Rick Plumb
(Login pluric)

I forgot to mention

November 13 2017, 11:09 PM 

At the EBR a vendor out of Utah www.utahairguns.com
was selling high capacity magazines for the Impact.
If you look at the EBR results you will see Thayne Simmons
name a lot in high placing spots. He is with the company and
his dad designed the magazine. They also sell the Sideshot
camera mounts. I bought one of those from them too.

At the Speed Silhouette event you have to knock down 16
targets. The .25 Impact only holds 16 shots so one miss
and there is no way to recover time wise to reload.

These magazines have the clear top come off to top load.
Very trick and fast.

[linked image]

They do have an easy install lower bracket that clips the large
heavier magazine in place. You still can use the stock magazines
as well.

[linked image]

I'd practiced with my Cricket set up as a single load for the event.
Didn't want to risk a miss. Switched to my Impact after seeing how
fast it could be loaded and the extra shot capability. My son had the
fastest qualifying in the Sportsman class. Long story on the main
but we finished 4th and 5th. I had a target turn sideways and it took
several time eating shots to knock the narrow metal down. Grrr.

The big names all had them.

Matt from South Africa,(he always shoots barefoot. Even in the FT event)

[linked image]

[linked image]

Last year's winner Ted.

[linked image]

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(Login ComeStai)

FX Impact .30

November 14 2017, 7:41 PM 

Only one pellet works for me in the .30 cal, the JSB 44's. My gun was shooting at 870 FPS, max everything, until just recently, when it sunk down to 740 fps mysteriously.
I did the Ernest Rowe Max tune up and between tightening the hammer spring tensioner screw and a slight amount of valve adjustment, I have the velocity up to 840 fps. I believe it was more accurate- my gun that is- at 870, but it still prints well at 840, so I'm living with it.
In .22 cal, the same gun, at 920 fps, has given me 1/2" groups at 100 yards, on a windless day. It's scary accurate, cause when I miss, I know I did something wrong....

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Rick Plumb
(Login pluric)

Power loss

November 14 2017, 8:12 PM 

If you haven't already one thing to check first on sudden power
loss is the sliding bar in front of the power wheel. There is a
screw down the center of it that can back off and render the power
wheel pretty much useless. Mine and my son's both have had it happen.

Simple fix by tightening the screw to where the slack disappears on
the sliding black bar. You just put your finger on it and make sure it
doesn't slide or have play in it. A dab of loc-tite helps too.

[linked image]

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