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Discovery scopes from China, head-up for Joe Wayne Rhea

December 2 2017 at 7:25 AM
hendrickotto  (Login hendrickotto)

The Discovery line of China scopes might be nice candidates for review by Joe Wayne Rhea. However, I don't know if these have already arrived in the USA.

I recently read a UK magazine review of the Discovery HD 10x44 SF IR, a chunky 30 mm HFT scope from a line that now have a UK importer.
Interesting specs and especially the Illuminated "DLTW MIL reticle" with numbered 1-Mil lines, ½-Mil and even ¼-Mil marks, floating central cross and hollow see through outer posts plus windage dots (in a "tree" shape plane), adjusted with .10 mil clicks - looks good on paper.
Push-pull lockable knobs, with zero re-set. Side parallax adjustment from 10 yards to 15, 25, 35, 50, 100, 200, and ∞. Illumination in either green or red, 5 steps of brightness each. It is a look-alike of the newer MTC Optisan EVX MH 10 reticle.

The HD line looks promising for higher quality, but the other scopes in the Discovery line-up also look interesting I think. Many are FFP reticles scopes.
There is a revealing vid about real grass roots "field" testing methods - see link below:


For want of a heli, let's say.........Or a .338 Lapua.

Also a chinese table top Karate comparative test method:


And for more info:




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(Login RockDoc65)

Don't mean to sound like a tool but...

December 3 2017, 12:59 AM 

It's not exactly confidence inspiring when they spell the name of their own scope wrong on the side of the scope. Am I the only one that made this "discorey?"

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(Login hendrickotto)

I thought of possible pirating by another chinese manufacturer

December 3 2017, 7:34 AM 

that "mistspelled" the name of the "reel" Discovery.
I believe this was a brand comparative test.
Nice "Highland Games Testing Technique", though.
Yes, and the testing methods used also might be tale telling about the overall product quality !
And no I don't think you sound like a tool at all (LOL)!


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