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What Chrony & printer to get? I know nothing.... Questions please...

December 2 2017 at 10:44 AM
john  (Login JCarl)

So for Christmas I can ask for an airgun related item. I have been telling myself every time I either buy or especially when I go to sell and or work on an airgun that I need to invest in a decent chronograph and a printer would be nice.

That being said for Christmas I thought I would ask for one from my family since I seem to always be buying new/used rifles etc...

What is a good chrony and printer system?

Where to buy from?

Thank you in advance for your responses.



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John M
(Login FTJohn)

Choice isn't as easy as we would like it.

December 2 2017, 12:18 PM 

Unless you are a nut case for accuracy, just about any chronograph will do.
Rule #1. The further apart the sensors are, the more accurate the reading.
Rule #2. The larger the unit, the less likely you will be to use it.
Rule #3. Accuracy costs MONEY. How much do you want to spend? How much accuracy is necessary?

The price can be pretty acceptable on mid-range chrony's and for 99% of us, a 5 ft/sec variance doesn't really have much, if any, significance.

Shooting Chrony makes a unit that you can attach to a printer that is pretty reasonable and you can buy it with all accessories. But, you end up with a separate printer which adds to bulk and set-up time. Their "F-1" is their entry level unit which sets up in no time and is very handy. I had one that I let an acquaintance take home with him and I haven't seen him since. I paid $79 for it some years ago and it worked flawlessly even tho' it has been shot a half dozen times. It's a good value.

The Oehler 65P would probably be the top of the line chrony for you. They have been around a long time, have an outstanding record, and retail for about $650. OUCH!! The printer is built in. They use three sky screens so you get two readings for each shot. One is the actual reading and the other is a "proof" reading. If there's much difference between the two it will give you a warning and you can include the reading or just cancel it. At the push of a button, you get all the statistics you'll need. This falls just short of a lab quality unit. And, by the way, Oehler does make a lab quality unit for just a few thousand dollars!! The 65P ("P" is for printer that uses adding machine tape) takes a while to set up and the screen settings can go from 2 feet apart up to 8 feet apart.

There are a ton of others between these two and any of them would work well for you. If I were you tho', I would buy one that costs less than $200. Just make sure it's a quick set-up so you don't spend half your time at the range getting ready to shoot.

AND, by the way, the first Chrony I ever saw was hit by a .308 at 10 yds right in the LCD read-out. First shot, right out of the box, BRAND NEW. Back then, it cost about $200 and was really a deal. Poor guy.
HTH John

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(Login JCarl)

HTH = Yes it did!

December 2 2017, 12:33 PM 

Thank you for the info. I am OK with being off by 5-10 fps. Unless I am selling and fail to disclose what chrony I used to measure etc.

I did not know you can spend upwards of $700 on a chrony, however, as you describe it that is one fine machine.

I do appreciate the time to write that info up. Will continue to consider and ponder. Not in a huge hurry, my wife has asked me what I want for christamas and this sounds like a good idea!



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Skip in WV
(Login SkipinWV)

Pro Chrono with Bluetooth

December 2 2017, 5:09 PM 

Sends data to your phone or tablet. Works well for me.

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(Login daveshoot)

Yes, this one

December 3 2017, 9:00 AM 

It is very impressive, much better than my old red Alpha, If you get the bluetooth attachment and send the data to your smartphone, you may find you don't want or need a printer.

After I stupidly left it out in the rain, I also found out what kind of service and support they have... merely excellent.

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Gordon D
(Login gordonid)

The Caldwell may be a good option

December 2 2017, 1:09 PM 

I bought the early Caldwell chronograph that had the IR light kit and was advertised to connect to a smart phone via a cable. I didn't have a smart phone then but thought that would change later. I love the IR light kit and have very few errors. These early models had some issues with the connection to a smart phone but after I got a smart phone I found using a different cable hookup worked and I understand the issue has been corrected on the newer models. If the new cable hookup didn't work I was going to buy the new G2 model.

Their new G2 version looks unique to say the least but should save the screens being shot and uses the IR lighting. It also uses bluetooth to connect to a smart phone and records the shot string. Once in the phone it can be mailed to yourself so data can be downloaded to your computer for analysis.

As for printer -- it doesn't have one but if you've got a computer setup with a printer you're good to go. On my printer setup, I got fed up with the inkjets that use cartridges which clog up if not used often and are expensive. I looked around and found a Dell color laser printer for $100 plus change that had roughly 750 pages worth of printed pages before toners needed replacing. Toners are expensive but don't clog up like inkjets do.

There are holiday sales on the Caldwell G2 now -- I did a quick search and found Amazon and Walmart both had good deals on them.

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C. Jones
(Login limbshaker)

My opinion.

December 2 2017, 1:27 PM 

Don't buy the Green, Red or Blue ones. They are pretty crude and can be finicky (to put it lightly) concerning lighting. I've had a Green CRony for years and it's an exercise in patience. I have a printer too but the keys are all jacked up.

Get a Competition Electronics or check out the others.

My two cents is buy anything but a Shooting Chrony..

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(Login JCarl)

Thanks Guys! Much appreciated

December 3 2017, 10:14 AM 

I thank you all for your experiences and opinions.

Leaning towards the prochrony with phone attachment.....

Makes sense.



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