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AF Edge tank

January 4 2018 at 12:13 AM
Slingarian  (Login Slingarian)

My wife watches me shoot daily, and finally expressed an interest in giving it a try herself. My FWB700 is far to heavy for her to deal with so I bought her a brand spanking new AF Edge. (wasn't sure she was going to stay interested). Turns out she loved the rifle and her performance with it has seen a steady incline.

About 18 months after purchasing the rifle, all of a sudden the tank/reg gacked out and the gun was rendered INOP. I have an original Talon SS that I bought back when they very first came out, and have been shooting it for many years with no issues. I also picked up a Texan shortly after they became available, and have had no problems with it as of yet either.

I called AF and described the issue to them, and they told me to ship it to them and it would be a warranty repair. (this was a week before Thanksgiving) I shipped the tank off to them and had not heard a peep until yesterday. They told me that my tank was repaired, but was now out of warranty (over a year) so I had to eat the repair and shipping costs.

I was/am a bit miffed over this. I have a Talon that's 15 years old with no issues, and then I have to eat a repair bill on a gun less than 2 yrs old. Makes me wonder if AF's quality control isn't what is use to be.

So the reason for this post..... Any of you fellow air gunners have like experiences with AirForce? TBH I was getting ready to drop the coin for the new Texan SS. But after this I'm not so sure.

thanks for taking the time to read...


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Rob in NC
(Login rob3dr)


January 4 2018, 7:58 AM 

I've had to reseal my Edge a couple times. Have had it since they first came out.
Was your issue a leak or something else?

Far as QC... I couldnt tell you. I consider the AF line to be one that will require tinkering on a regular basis. In my opinion, they are not a buy, pick up and shoot any time gun like many of the European guns. They are more of a buy, tinker, shoot, tinker, shoot, get frustrated, put away, take out, tinker, shoot gun.

I can say this with some experience as I have 6 of them.
All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand.

Good judgment comes from experience; experience usually comes from bad judgment.

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(Login DavidEnoch)

AirForce is good people

January 4 2018, 11:07 AM 

I cannot help with your specific question. If you called and were told that it would be covered and now they are charging you I understand your frustration. But, I also know that warranty’s have specific language, durations, and exceptions.

What I can tell you is that AirForce Airguns are made in Texas by tax paying Americans. The owner and his wife work tirelessly running and promoting their business and doing what ever they can to promote Airguns in America. Almost every Airgun Show I have ever attended has had at least one AirForce Airgun donated to be given away as a door pride or raffles away to help offset expenses.

David Enoch

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Rick P
(Login pluric)

AirForce experience

January 4 2018, 4:32 PM 

I have an Edge as well as 3 other AirForce guns. My personal experience with
several dealings with the company have been great. They respond fast and
I have always been able to talk to a real person. I think their repair and
parts prices are fair. I'm a fan. Glad to hear your wife enjoys the sport so much.
I wish mine would show a little interest but to date she could care less.

The Edge for me is a fun light gun but I don't feel it has the consistent
accuracy to be a true 10 meter contender. I've tested it rested and even
though it is impressive, still is a little off compared to some other
10 meter shooters I have. Hope it lasts much longer for you this time.

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Garret in STL
(Login gmany)

Have had a couple issues

January 5 2018, 12:12 AM 

The only AF gun I own is a very early Edge. I love the gun and it is such a blast to plink and do informal target shooting. The accuracy is quite good, though I use the diopter, not a scope, so maybe some of the misses that I assume are me are actually the gun.

The first problem I had was the check valve. It was a rather poor design with a fairly short plug with a retained o-ring that slide inside the foster connector. It apparently got a little crooked and chewed up the seal enough so that it wouldn't slide back down to foster connector far enough to seal. This was in warranty and they sent me a new check valve that was simpler and could not have the same problem as the original.

Some time later I noticed that one of the maybe six bolts that holds the valve assembly to the tank was loose enough to start scratching the anodized finish off the frame. I was kind of freaked out at the prospect of getting killed by the thing, so I tightened the bolt and snugged the other ones a bit too. This was a mistake because after that it shot at an ever slower speed. I talked to AF over the phone, and at their advice I drained the tank and sent it to them. They told me that I squashed a plastic washer (or maybe a stack of plastic washers). By this time they had improved their design and had already started manufacturing them with stainless steel washers which is what they told me they used to repair my tank. I can't remember if they charged me for this or not. This was 6-7 years ago. It's been going strong ever since, though like all my guns it does not get shot as often as it used to.

I met the owner at a NRA convention about 5 years ago and he seemed like a great guy. We discussed my gun and described several incremental improvements they had made in the years since I purchased mine and offered that I could call in after the show and he would arrange to send me the associated parts. I never did put him to the test on this, but I have no reason to doubt he would have come through.

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