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FX stock to action fit question

January 7 2018 at 11:41 AM
mark w  (Login nicky99)

i have a new FX royale 400. When i received the gun the action was a crazy tight (walnut) fit. i called FX and was referred to ernest. the option was to sand some of the stock material or return the gun. regretably i chose to do the sanding myself. so after 2 hours with a dremel and paper the stock finally fit properly. ha! thought i was done. then i noticed that when i tightened the stock screw it pulled the bottle up so it put pressure on the barrel. not good imo. so after more sanding the bottle no longer touches. there is just less than 1mm between the two. yet, when i tighten the stock screw it still pulls the bottle up. my question is should this be a concern? i could probably remove more material so the bottle is "free floating". is this worth the effort? opinions welcome!

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Andy H.
(Login AndyH44)

With the screw just "snug" there should be minimal clearance

January 7 2018, 1:32 PM 

between the stock and the bottle. Two pieces of standard stationary should just slip between them.
Throw away your Dremel, or practice on something less expensive than an FX stock!

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(Login CBPeter)

Had a buddy with a 500

January 7 2018, 8:37 PM 

And a similar problem with the bottle being pushed up with the stock screw tightened. I had to text him to remember but his bottle wasn’t screwed all the way down (1/16”) out. When he tightened the bottle down the issue went away. I don’t recall the specifics as to why. I was there when he discovered it. Just throwing that out to you as a possibility on yours. Sure seems odd. Hope that you get it worked out. It’s a bummer to spend that kind of money and the gun isn’t perfect.

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mark w
(Login nicky99)

thanks guys

January 8 2018, 12:32 PM 

finnaly got it sorted out. bottle was ok. andy, no worries on my wood working skills, they are more than adequate. a bit more material was removed in the front and the bottle is now "free floated".

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(Login Tacoma_Tom)

The issue...

January 9 2018, 10:57 PM 

The issue is that the CF bottles have a slightly larger diameter than the old metal bottles. You may have an older stock on a rifle that's been upgraded to a CF bottle. Also, the CF bottles are not all the same diameter. They vary slightly bottle to bottle and even down the length of a single bottle.
I performed the exact same procedure as you did in order to relieve the pressure on the bottle and stock... A dremel with a sanding drum, a steady hand, and patience. It's a VERY risky procedure but it will give you the best result, if done right. One area to watch is where the curve on the stock interacts with the curve on the front of the bottle. This can be a tricky area to remove material while maintaining the original lines of the stock.
Another way to solve this issue is to install some type of spacer on the bottom rear of the action and a washer at the stock screw location. However, you run the possible risk of ending up with a wobbly stock with this method.

As to your question, Yes, it is a concern as it puts unnecessary strain on the bottle, rifle, and mating threads.
Tom in Colorado

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mark w
(Login nicky99)

Tom you are spot on....

January 10 2018, 7:46 AM 

i have a gen 1 400 with the metal bottle and confirmed what you have said. fortunately i was able to carefully sand it down to make it right. i'm disappointed in Top Guns for sending it this way. thanks for the response!

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