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Aeron B96 3 part trigger tune article

January 9 2018 at 5:17 AM
Donald, Paisley, UK  (Login thisisdonald)

Hi folks, does anyone have a copy of this article they could email to me please. I have read about it on plenty forums but cant get my hands on it. Im looking to tune out feed issues.
Also if anyone knows of a store which still holds spares for these pistols that would be some good info as well..

Cheers and Happy New year lads and lassies

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michael wolfram
(Login marflow)

have been looking for the article and i have not found either, i'll keep looking--now

January 9 2018, 4:03 PM 

parts are another problem
caps and adapters are available from


now in the UK there is Magic Nine Design and he makes some parts


there is this


I know that if you screw in the adjustment too far the pistol will not fire, been there done that

the mags that Magic Nine makes are first rate I bought 5 of them

i'll keep looking

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Donald, Paisley, UK
(Login thisisdonald)

Thanks Michael

January 11 2018, 4:21 AM 

Appreciate it mate. Sorry I didn't reply before, I've been having problems logging in.
I'm still having the occassionaly misfeed with the b96 magazine which im sure is down to the trigger. Im also hoping i can improve it slightly.. my last match pistol was a fwb100 which i stupidly sold on, no comparison on the trigger.. the Fwb was vastly superior!

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michael wolfram
(Login marflow)

the trigger is not as good as some pistols, you can't

January 11 2018, 3:03 PM 

get the last little bit out of it before it stops working
a IZH 46M, Diana model 10, all the FWB 65-80-90 all have better triggers and of course any FWB 100 series pistol would shine

all you can do is get the most out of it and be happy
it will never be 100% but 95% isn't bad
and I believe all of the old posts are gone, I spent a few hours reading old post and every post that had a link, the link was missing, time does that

good luck and take care email me if you like top right corner

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