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Archive this Site, and Get the Images back!

January 30 2018 at 2:28 PM
guldam  (Login guldam)

To the owner of this forum,

Please, please, please backup the database of this site, or get it archived in total before abandoning it. Before archiving, please see about fixing all the missing images (not the photobucket stuff as that's a lost cause.). I go back into the history of this site on a regular basis, and it would be a crying shame to lose any of this.

If you need help, I do web development for a living. I'm happy to poke at it, and see if we can't figure all of this out.

Hmmmm, just read up on the subject. It appears the database set up only for the network54 forum software, which is custom. So a backup can only be used for network54. But having the site completely backed up is essential.


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(Premier Login Garvin2)

GulDam I have done this

January 31 2018, 5:39 PM 

for the comparatively small American Vintage Airguns forum by taking a JSON scrape of the AVA archive and getting a programmer to turn it into an HTML index of thread titles linking back to the JSON archive.


But the Yellow archive is MASSIVE and using this technique would probably be hopeless.

The advantage of letting Tapatalk migrate the Yellow database is that they'll do it for free.

Hopefully Tapatalk will move images to their server too, which will help preserve them.

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(Login guldam)

Indeed, it's a huge task

January 31 2018, 8:32 PM 

Indeed, it's a huge task, and I will admit to freaking out just a tiny bit thinking the archives could just up and disappear. I've seen it happen on other forums. You can get some info from some sites on the WayBackMachine or Internet Archive. But often there are huge gaps.

If Tapatalk is doing this, then they obviously see the business benefit of having the archive available in which to run their ads. Smart as a cookie Tapatalk is.

I'll stop freaking out. Honest.

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