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Would you choose an AZ tuned Rapid, or a stock FX Crown?

February 7 2018 at 2:40 AM

db  (Login Diamondback)

I've read a few interesting posts about this.
I'm curious to hear more from members who have tried both.
I'm mostly interested in 22 & 25 cal feedback.

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(Login Twentycal1)

You missed an option which is a stock R.A.W.

February 7 2018, 6:11 AM 

I would and have chosen A.Z. Theoben's and Stock R.A.W.'s over the Crown just because we have a couple of Impact guns in our club and neither of them were "right" out of the box and the owners spent more time fiddling with them than shooting them. My only other concern about the Crown platform is that there are many more potential leak sites on that gun. Before we get a sh-tstorm response from Crown owners I will say that I know they are accurate, I get it! Just saying why I have chosen what I have chosen. It is my position that the build quality from Martin's shop was second to none. Let's hope it stays that way when they move the operation to Texas!

.2 happy.gif





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Dave Larson
(Login Buzzurd5)

AZ rapid or Crown

February 7 2018, 8:18 AM 

I’m lucky to have both of them. And I just got done visiting with AZ about the Impact and the Crown and the leak potential that they have. He said that the Impact has a lot more O-rings than other guns, he has already worked on some and admitted that they are fragile and prone to issues that require working on them. That’s what made me choose the Crown over the Impact.
He also said that both of the FX guns are not made as well as the Raw or the Rapids. It’s definitely easy to see the difference between the rifles, the FX guns are much lighter and seem fragile compared to the Raw and Theoben MKll, which are much heavier and built like a tank. I really like the Crown and the Raw, but if I could only have one rifle it would definitely be the Theoben MKll. Mine is in .20 cal and it is a laser. It is amazing and everything about it is good. AZ made me a good deal on it and I’ll never ever sell it. It will do everything that the other two rifles do and it’s excellent out past 100 yards too.
Sorry about the long winded post, but I can’t say enough good about these three rifles.

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John in Ma
(Login jroh1)

Never owned an AZ tuned gun but have shot them

February 8 2018, 8:38 AM 

and heard the gripes about when the tune fails(his all do eventualy) and has to be sent back to AZ because of the extensive mods only he can fix. I'll take the FX(though not a fan) all day long.

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(Login Twentycal1)

Lemmeget this straight...You never owned one and just stated that

February 8 2018, 4:24 PM 

"All of A.Z.'s tunes fail eventually and only he can fix them" Where do I start with this? I have owned 5 A.Z. tuned guns and have chosen to have him redo some stuff on two of them, but neither of the guns failed. I just decided to have him tweak stuff differently than when I originally purchased the gun. Out of those 5 guns from A.Z. I still own 3 of them and those 3 guns have never failed over the 10 years that I have owned them. Now to the second part of your statement, "Only he can fix them" Absolutely not true as Martin Rutterford can fix and repair these as well and turns them around in a very respectable and reasonable time.

I have chosen to send a couple of these guns to Martin for "preemptive maintenance" I.e. a total reseal and some hammer work on one of the rifles. Note: Neither one had come close to failing when I chose to send them in, I just thought it would be prudent to reseal the guns after 10 years of use.

Finally, that is why I started the response thread off with "You forgot an option" which I mentioned as buying a new R.A.W. rifle. They are really close to a tuned gun out of the box from the factory and appear to be built as well or better than all the Rapids of old.

I am glad you like your F.X. rifles and respect your choice of guns but in the long run I would put my money on the durability of either of the other two options we have been discussing.

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