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Can You Help I.D. Old Crosman?

March 31 2001 at 12:23 AM
  (Login kl-boyd)

If anyone can help I.D. this old Crosman it would be great. It is very old. The cover that slides over the receiver mechanism reads "Crosman Arms Rochester, NY" on one side and "Patent Oct. 1924 and other patents pending" on the other side.
It is a .22 cal pump rifle with a walnut stock, steel buttplate, walnut pump grip with shallow checkering, an all machined receiver, that has a slide that moves left as the bolt is pulled back to pick up a pellet stored in a cylinder to the left of the barrel, then moves back to the right as the bolt is pushed forward (loading the pellet into the barrel).
The pump cylinder appears to be black enamel over copper (brass?). The receiver stock appears to be cast zinc or some kind of cheaper steel.
Overall, this rifle looks to be very old. Any idea of a model number and anywhere there might be photos I can compare it too?
Thanks for the help.

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Simon Slick
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Sure sounds like....

March 31 2001, 2:49 AM 

that you have a Crosman 102 repeater, first manufactured in 1929. Don't know how long they made the 102. There were several repeaters made after that with different model numbers. SSlick

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Don R.
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Right on, Simon, but...

March 31 2001, 8:03 AM 

there were only 2 repeaters in this line of pump-ups with the bulky die-cast receiver: 102 in .22, and 104 in .177. I think there was a repeating version of the CO2-powered CG model made on this design in .21 cal, don't recall the # for it (mighty scarce).

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crosman info

March 31 2001, 3:23 PM 

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Cros 102

March 31 2001, 5:10 PM 

Crosman 102. Here's a few pics of mine to compare. Note the straight bolt, the knurled cocking knob, and the style of the hand-checkering, as well as the type of rear sight. Variations occur within these areas; this can sometimes help to distinguish earlier from later versions, but it's not definitive.

I can substantiate Don Raitzer's comment, "I think there was a repeating version of the CO2-powered CG model made on this design in .21 cal, don't recall the # for it (mighty scarce)."

Here's some other pics of what Crosman called the Model 122, but which most folks know as the Model 102CG. This is obviously a slant-tank version, and is also a straight bolt, but has the 'mushroom' cocking knob. An interesting (rare?) detail of this gun is the removable magazine.

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