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October 24 2009 at 2:27 PM

Steve in CT  (Premier Login q1q)


NOTICE: The Forum Owner does NOT interfere, referee, arbitrate, commiserate, mitigate, nor comment on deals. You're on your own. ANY items, posts or responses deemed inappropriate may be deleted without explanation.

1. This is not an auction site. List your item and state a price. This includes ALL sponsoring dealers as well. Dealers must include a price for ANY item selling for more than $100.
NO BEST OFFER ADS or Verbiage!
ALL ads MUST have contact info included, such as your email address or a phone number.

2. List it FULLY here or don't list it. Redirecting or linking to any other classifieds is NOT allowed.

3. Sponsoring Dealers - limit your advertising to Twice a week. ONE main post on Monday and ONE post on Thursday per business. First page posts can be made midnight to midnight EST on Mon and Thu.

4. Do not respond with counter offers to the stated price. Email the seller to do that.

5. NO FIREARMS ALLOWED! Airgun related items ONLY! Items that contribute to the functionality, cleaning, and enjoyment of AIRGUNS are allowed. Knives, sunglasses, clothing, cameras, cushions, keychains/fobs, patches, etc. are NOT allowed! Magazines, manuals and books are OK.

6. Please respond only if you intent to buy. DO NOT USE this page as a forum to chat back and forth. Best to contact Seller directly. Short clarification questions on the item allowed.

7. The Seller may sell to ANYONE he or she chooses. "I ll take it" will not be enforced by this forum.

8. No more than 3 UNSOLD/UNSETTLED posts on the first page, or more than 5 total (mark old post as settled before adding a new post). ALL posts from repeat offenders may be deleted without warning!

9. Please stay out of people's wanted Ads unless YOU have what they are asking for. NO commenting, and NO butting in to take what was offered.

10. Wait for your ad to fall off the first page before re-posting (if it is the same ad). NOTE: The same item/s cannot be listed more than once on the 1st Page. You may change details in your Original Post by Responding to it at any time.

11. "LDC" sales are permitted, but no description other than caliber, length, ID & OD and NO pictures unless the item is attached to your gun.

12. "Price Police" posts are not allowed to protect the sellers from undue harassment. If you don't like the price of an item then please MOVE ON without commenting! A person is allowed to ask what he considers a fair price for his item without risking harassment. The market will take care of the rest.

13. NO gun collections in your signature. It plugs up the search engines preventing YOU from finding the info you need.

14. Rule 14 pertains to moderators. You will not address a poster with any negative commentary. You may delete an offending post or you may edit such at your discretion. If you choose to edit, say nothing more than "post removed due to rule x violation".

Thank you all for turning this into a great trading place!



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