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4500 PSI Carbon Fiber AirTanks Guaranteed/Known for Best Quality MADE IN USA & BEST PRICE

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4500 PSI Carbon Fiber AirTanks Guaranteed/Known for Best Quality MADE IN USA & BEST PRICE
If you are new into airguns you might not know us, so Google around and find out who has the best tanks. You'll constantly find out that we are known to have THE BEST tanks. We sell AMERICAN Tanks because we want to KEEP AMERICANS EMPLOYED! But, we sell at or less than our competition by keeping down the profit. We'd rather make a smaller profit and KEEP AMERICANS EMPLOYED vs. make more money on an Asian tank.
We have always had our 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber tanks MADE IN USA!!! We want to keep Americans employed.

Our pledge:
We guarantee to have the BEST PRICE!
We guarantee to have the BEST QUALITY!
We guarantee to have the BEST SERVICE!

We have 3 sizes of 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tanks.

Pricing, in their most bare form (without Armor, etc.) is as follows:

$679 The Great White, 550 Cu In / 97 Cu Ft
$589 Tiger Shark, 410 Cu In / 73 Cu Ft, and
$389 Guppy 114 Cu In, / 18 Cu Ft.

Get $50 off the Armor etc. with purchase of a Huben K1 Bullpup.
All 3 tanks have our adjustable TJ3 SLO-FLO valve for safer filling.

More information here:


Only we have the optional patent pending 2nd gauge that constantly shows the pressure inside the tank.

MADE IN THE USA!!!! Let's keep Americans employed!

When you compare our tanks, note the following features:

Our tanks are 114, 410 and 550 cu in water volume (18, 72 & 97 cu ft air). Always use the water volume to compare tank sizes, its the most reliable method.
The Great White will fill a Marauder 63x from 2000 PSI up to 3000 PSI, Our Mid-size Tiger Shark 47x.
The Great White measures 6.9" Dia x 21 long (sans valve); weight = 12 pounds (sans valve)
The Tiger Shark measures 6.5" Dia x 19" long (sans valve); weight = 9 pounds (sans valve)
Most people opt for the Great White, figuring the $90 increase is worth 1/3 more fills, but its good for those that want a lighter tank than a GW to fill their PCP air gun or paintball gun.
All of our tanks can be filled via a SCUBA Shop. (And a Paintball shop with Opt 2a).

Our hoses are rated over 9,000 PSI Working pressure and almost 30,000 PSI burst (50% higher than most others)
Our hoses have stainless steel strain-relief at each end and we've never had a hose burst (out of many thousands sold)
Img src="" width=800>

Our Gauges have are a 50% larger dial area and are MUCH easier to read than others. We use the best (USA Made by Wika) Stainless Steel, Glycerin-filled, Dual Scale, with the highest accuracy. We also stock replacement gauges to upgrade other brands.


Our TJ3 SLO-FLO valves make it much Easier & SAFER to SLOWLY fill your PCP Airgun:

We designed our TJ3 DIN300 PCP Airgun valve SPECIFICALLY to fill PCP Airguns.
Easier & SAFER to SLOWLY fill your PCP Airgun because EVERY TJ3 is calibrated for airflow by hand prior to ship.
Our 1-Way restrictor
We use a Marauder as a sample PCP Airgun, and adjust the flow to take about 5-10 second to fill it from 2000 PSI to 3000 PSI with the TJ3 valve WIDE OPEN. This is plenty of time for you to shut off the valve. Open most other SCBA or DIN valves and the airgun would over-pressurize (and possibly be ruined) in a fraction of a second.
Because of our 1-way restrictor, you can reverse fill our tanks quickly through the hose if you wish, such as via a Shoebox or Paintball store. Other use restrictors in the hose prevent filling through the hose. They act as a partial "Dead-Head" and give a false reading for the output gauge.

We include the Stainless Steel Foster Quick Disconnect free, even in our basic package (no hidden charges).

We offer 3 options (and 100% of our customer purchase these 3 options).

Opt 1) 2nd Gauge - In addition to the large gauge, we offer a Patent Pending 2nd Gauge that constantly shows the pressure inside our tank

Opt 2A) We put a Stainless Steel Female Foster on EACH end of the hose, and we provide a Male DIN300 with Stainless Steel Male Foster. This gives 2 benefits:
No large wrench needed to carry with you to add, or remove, the hose from the tank.
In addition to a SCUBA shop, the tank can now be filled at any store thaf fills paintball tanks.


Opt 3) Full Armor - Protect your investment, Why let a large scratch void your tank?
Carry Handle
Feet - So the tank doesn't roll off the table (not metal, so they don't scratch)
Boot - In addition to protecting the bottom of the tank, this allows the tank to stand up, and allows you to more easily view the main gauge while your filling your PCP Airgun or paintball tank.
Tank Protector - Further protection for your investment.

Special Offer. Purchase Options 1, 2A & 3 and get up to $100 insurance on your Tiger Shark Carbon Fiber Cylinder.

About me:
I started this business selling only hoses and eventually tanks for PCP Airguns. My focus has always been high pressure air. I was an Engineer/Physicist for over 25 years. I make sure I design and manufacture the best PERIOD, and at no greater cost to you. I work hard at selling the best possible product, at the same price as my competition selling Asian items. When you call our line, often I willl personally answer the phone, and if not, it will be A REAL HUMAN BEING, not an answering machine or hold music. I will guarantee to have the best price and quality, and do it with an AMERICAN tank. Why pay more for less?

That is the reason we are a supplier to Crosman, ShoeBox Compressors, the military, colleges, many research & development and others.

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