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Vulcan GEN-4 Wood and Synthetic Bullpup and Tactical Rifle IN STOCK

May 18 2017 at 11:51 PM 714-907-0067 8AM4PM Pacfc  (Login n6yyo)

Call us for the latest Vulcans. We have them in Wood, or Synthetic stock, in Tactical or Bullpup style.
$1479 in Synthetic
$1539 in Wood

If you mention this Yellow Forum advert from today we'll provide the discounts listed below. Just say it was advertisement YF-5-18-27

NOTE: We courteously answer the phone on the first few rings. No chasing us down, so please call us at the number below.

We've listed the Vulcans at MAP (Minimum Advertised Price we are allowed to publicly advertise), but for Yellow Forum readers we have also added in some discounts on our tanks and scopes.

Discount #1 Purchase any Vulcan and get a $100 discount on any of our fully loaded Great White, Tiger, or Guppy Air Tank
Discount #2 Purchase any Vulcan and get a $100 discount on any scope.
Discount #3 Purchase any Vulcan and get a $150 discount on any of our fully loaded Great White, Tiger, or Guppy Air Tank & scope combo.
Discount #4 Purchase any Vulcan and get a $75 discount on our TJ3 Slo-Flo replacement valve for your 4500 carbon fiber tank.

The Vulcan Bullpup is a very compact power-house. Available in beautiful wood, or synthetic.
Only $1539 if you mention this particular Yellow Forum post from this date.


The Vulcan Tactical is a very nice handling semi-bullpup. Not quite a bullpup, not quite a carbine. Available in beautiful wood, or synthetic it is a good in-between size that is compact, yet handles well. Many people like it when they pick up one. Why not come into our store, and check out one? Only $1539 with the mention of this post.


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AuthorReply 714-907-0067 8AM4PM Pacfc
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Vulcan Lever Action Kits in Stock. Also have synthetic Stock for Bullpup and Tactical

May 18 2017, 11:52 PM 

Vulcan Lever Action Kits in Stock. Also have synthetic Stock for Bullpup and Tactical

If you purchase a Vulcan from us and a Lever Action Kit, we will install the lever at no charge. But if you have purchased a Vulcan previously without a Lever kit, and wish to upgrade it, we have Vulcan Lever Action Kits in Stock. We'll either install it at no charge, or you can install it by watching our easy to follow video below. (it only takes of 5 screws and 4 minutes to swap out)

To be honest, I liked the Bolt Action, thought it was good enough until I installed this Lever Action upgrade. Now I strongly prefer the Lever Action.
Call us to get your lever action for your Vulcan. This is a wonderful improvement on a gun that was great to begin with.

In stock, only $155 with mention of this Yellow Forum post dated today.

So simple to install with just 5 screws! See installation video here:

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Vulcan Gen 4 Black Synthetic Stock for Tactical and Bullpup in Stock only $135

May 18 2017, 11:55 PM 

Vulcan Synthetic GEN 4 Stocks for Tactical and Bullpups IN STOCK & ready to ship ONLY $139

We have Vulcan Synthetic GEN 4 Stocks for Tactical and Bullpups in stock and only $139. Just give us a call and we'll ship out one to you TODAY!!!!
This is for the STOCK ONLY!!!


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Marauders only $399 BLOW OUT SALE!!! No Strings!! As low as $299-$349 w/various Packages

May 18 2017, 11:56 PM 

Marauders only $399 BLOW OUT SALE!!! No Strings!! As low as $299-$349 w/various Packages

How about a brand new, stock Marauder for only $399 with no strings? We've got them in stock with every caliber, in synthetic or wood, ready to ship. Other brands of rifles are way below our normally advertised price as well. Just call us at 714-907-0067 after 8AM Pacific (11AM Eastern).

We will also install the Free Flight Hammer HDD into the Marauder, and Chronograph it for only $499 if you ask for our HDD Special.

SAVE over $250 off normal price, PLUS the following discounts:

$399 = Stock Marauder, Wood or Synthetic stock, any Caliber
$349 = +$50 off with Great White, Tiger, or Guppy with Full Armor
$349 = +$50 off with purchase of Shoebox F10 & Filter Package
$299 = +100 if you purchase with a Shoebox F10 & Filter Package, Carette, Komptec, or Bauer Compressor.

When we installed the HDD into a .25 stock Marauder, the shot count went from 22 to 33 (a 50% increase) per rifle fill.
The fill pressure requirement went down, further decreasing the mount of air used, and the total shot count increased by a factor of 2.5x's per 4500 PSI tank (such as a Great White, Tiger, Guppy), and the Marauder was MUCH Quieter

Marauders are $499 with HDD installed. This is for the month of September and may not be extended (call us to find out).

This offer ends 1 week from today.


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Swap your SCBA or DIN300 that flow TOO FAST to SAFER TJ3 SLO VALVE w/2 Gauges and QD Hose

May 18 2017, 11:57 PM 

Swap your SCBA/DIN300 that flow TOO FAST to SAFER TJ3 SLO VALVE. This includes BRAND NEW TJ3 SLO-FLO Valve w/2 GAUGES (main gauge shows pressure going into your PCP Airgun, second gauge shows pressure remaining in your carbon fiber tank), 40” MICRO-BORE HOSE with stainless steel strain relief AND stainless steel Foster Female QD at BOTH ends, DIN300 Adapter with Male Foster QD, for only $229.


Can be filled at SCUBA Shops and Paintball Stores!

More information here:

We carry almost every brand of rifle and accessory and can ship most items within one business day (usually the same day, depending on time of day you call). See pictures and descriptions of rifles further down



Does your valve have a tiny gauge, leak, or fill your Airgun too fast? Upgrade to the same High Quality TJ3 valve as used on my Great White, Tiger Shark and Guppy

[linked image]

Picture of my TJ3 Valve with Large Stainless Steel Glycerin-Filled Gauge and patent pending second gauge on left, other brand on right.

[linked image]

I've had customers call and say how they over-filled and damaged their Rifles while filling from one of those "Economy" DIN300/SCBA Valves that flows WAY TOO FAST!!! (valves that are made for breathing). Breathing (either the "Economy" DIN300 or the SCBA) valves are made to flow LOTS of air quickly for breathing, NOT slowly filling airguns. Blown burst discs, gauges that read 500PSI when the rifle is empty, etc. are just some of the issues resulting from over-filling their rifle. Replace that valve with the same High Quality TJ3 valve as used on my Great White, Tiger Shark and Guppy. It has a one-way restrictor for quickly filling the carbon fiber tank at your SCUBA Shop, while also allowing you to slooowly fill your Airgun for much safer filling.

Comes standard with 2.5" Large Stainless Steel Glycerin-Filled Gauge for determining the fill pressure into the gun. No multiple adapters needed to lean back the gauge that allow the gauge to snap off.

Does your tank have only one gauge?

Also available with patent pending second gauge that constantly shows the pressure inside the carbon fiber tank

My valves come in 2 different sizes, so they fit all 4500 PSI carbon fiber or paintball tanks.

Shown here with optional 2nd Gauge and Option 2A.

2A = Female Quick Disconnect on each end of hose and Male Quick Disconnect on Wrench-tight DIN300.

For a limited time, we are offering the Option 1 (Second Gauge) and Option 2A (Hose with FQD on each end, and DIN300 with MQD) FOR FREE!!!!!

This offer expires one week from today and is only for the TJ3 Valve, not our tanks!

[linked image]

We will try to meet or beat any price, just call and let us know.
Bottom line, we are a STOCKING dealer.

Most rifles will ship within 24 hours.

For a larger list of what we carry in stock, please click here:

Stop by our Southern California Store and see the real deal.

AirArms (All Models) Here is a sample of the S510

Air Arms S510 Poplar $1099


Rapid Air Weapons: Most models in stock. All calibers including 25, 30 and 357 as well.
RAW HM1000 w/Sporter Stock $1725
RAW HM1000 w/Thumbhole Stock $1799
RAW HM1000X w/Sporter Stock $1999
RAW HM1000X w/ThumbholeStock $2075
RAW BM500LW $2175
RAW BM500 MKII $2199.95


Kalibr, Crickets, Rifles, etc. ALL Caliber. Available in Wood, Synthetic, .177, .22, .25, 357 (9mm) Calibers
.177 Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Synthetic or Wood Stock, only $1364.96
.22. Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Synthetic stock, only $1364.96.
.22 Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Wood Stock, only $1539.95
.25 Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Synthetic stock, only $1395.95
.25 Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Wood Stock, only $1589.95
.35/9mm Kalibr Cricket Bullpup, Wood Stock, only $1621.95
.22 Kalibr Carbine, Wood Stock, only $1561.95


Taipan MUTANTS. One of the nicest Bullpups made; Available in standard and compact, with Brown and Block Stocks only $1399.


Marauders; An excellent PCP Airgun for the Entry level and Experienced Shooter. Only $499 with HDD (more shots, less noise)


AirForce Texans; EVERYTHING's bigger in TX, and the Texan is the perfect example.

[linked image]

Air Force Talon $579.95
Air Force Condor $706.95
Air Force Texan $999.95

Vulcans; Live Long and Prosper with the Vulcan. This side-cocking rifle is a dream to shoot.
.22 Cal Vulcans Bullpup and Tactical Rifles are only $1549 (we will beat any advertised price)
.25 Cal Bullpup and Tactical Rifles Vulcans only $1549 (we will beat any advertised price)
This is the Vulcan Bullpup


This is the Vulcan Tactical Rifle (It is a semi-bullpup and is shorter than the FX Bullpup) We also include a case, at no extra charge.


Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles, from .257 to .72 Cal only $1699


Stop by and see us in Huntington Beach California (near the 405 and 22 Fwy). Call for directions.


I GUARANTEE to have the best tanks, so why pay more?

97 Cu Ft/550 Cu in Great White Starting at $679 (Top)
72 Cu Ft/410 Cu In Tiger Shark Starting at $589
18 Cu Ft/114 Cu In Guppy starting at $389

[linked image][linked image]

All my tanks are made in the USA (not Asia like others). My goal is to keep Americans employed at any cost, (not become #1 in volume, or drive others out of business). Sure, I could make a lot more profit by selling an Asian tank, but there's more to life than just profit.

All my Great White and Tiger Shark tanks come with OUR LARGE 2.5" EASY TO READ Glycerin-Filled Gauge. Compare my 2.5" gauge on the right next to their 2” Red on Black Gauge on left.

1) +50% larger Dial area and easier to read

2) Our Main dial has easier to read Black on White 100 PSI increments and Red on White for BAR vs a difficult to read Red on Black BAR on Main outer and PSI Scale with 200 PSI increments.


3) We offer a Slo-Flo restrictor INSIDE our valve, so the pressure on our large 2.5” Gauge is truly what is being put into your airgun. When (and if) the other offers a restrictor, the restrictor is downstream in the DIN300 output fitting of hose. This acts like a partial “Deadhead” and makes their gauge show a higher pressure than what is actually in the hose.

4) On the opposite side of the valve we offer a Patent Pending second gauge that shows the pressure remaining inside our airtanks. No need to guess how much air is remaining, or run out of air at an inopportune time.

[linked image]

5) All my tanks come standard with a 40” micro-bore hose with only 0.070” ID and strain relief at both ends (never had one break, in thousands of hoses sold)

6) All our hoses are RATED THE HIGHEST PRESSURE!!! OVER 9,100 PSI WORKING PRESSURE Nobody beats our pressure rating, with our without strain relief.

All our tanks come standard with a STAINLESS STEEL USA Made Foster Brand Female Quick Disconnect.

7) Every single tank is hydro-tested in the USA to 7,500 PSIand some (samples only, not sold) are tested to withstand 15,500 PSI to ensure integrity.

I sell our tanks for the same price as the Asian tanks. So like I always say "Why pay more for less"?

For more information, please call 714-907-0067 or visit

We also offer a fine line of Regulated and Un-Regulated Hose Assemblies for various types of tanks


SALE!! Nitrogen/SCBA/DIN300 Regulators to Fill/Tether Rifle & Shoot 1000's between refills

Guaranteed BEST Quality & BEST Price. We are the INNOVATOR, not the IMITATOR.


Just call 714-907-0067 8AM-8PM Pacific and let's talk

NOTE: All my hoses are rated almost 10,000 PSI Working pressure and use STEEL, not brass ends that have been known to break off.

Regulators not only allow one to fill an airgun more safely, but also allow tethering, with means you can shoot 1000’s of shots without refilling your airgun. Lately I have been making these dual purpose regulators for Nitrogen Air Hose Assemblies and also for use with my Air Tanks.

Buy any of my Air Hose Assemblies (Just a few of the types I offer are shown below SCBA, DIN300, Yoke, Nitrogen)) and buy a regulator for only $299. You will probably need to buy a gauge to go on it for $39 extra (depends on what kind of assembly you buy to put it on). Fill your tank more safely, or shoot your airgun on the tether and get thousands of shots without refilling from a Great White or SCBA tank.

For orders or information, please EMAIL OR CALL 714-907-0067 from 8AM-8PM Pacific



NOTE: Not all prices are adjusted to show Forum Reader Discounts. If you read it on the Yellow, make sure you mention it when you call me or send an email. Note: I Call between 8AM-8PM Pacific (Except Sun Morning, call after 1PM )

More information below:

AIR HOSES, FITTINGS, ADAPTERS for SCUBA DIN300 or YOKE, SCBA, Shoebox Compressor, Nitrogen


Thank you, Joe

My tank valve fittings are quality stainless steel hand-tight fittings, (no tools necessary to remove) gauges are stainless steel and liquid filled and read in both PSI and BAR, the bleeders are high quality stainless steel with a large thumb wheel to bleed. All hoses are microbore, and are the only type sold with a strain relief and steel fittings at each end. The hose is 3 foot long and only 0.070" in diameter for minimal air waste and are rated +6,000 PSI Working pressure and +20,000 PSI burst. The hose terminates in a Foster type female quick disconnect (fits Daystate, Crosman, etc.) Everything is top notch and I have over 100 feedbacks (all positive) on the BOI.


[linked image]Fireman tank/SCBA HOSE ASSEMBLY

Highest Quality Stainless Steel Hand Tight SCBA fitting, Stainless Steel Bleeder, Stainless Steel Glycerin Filled Gauge with BAR & PSI Scales and Micro-bore hose that is only 0.070 inch ID. Each end of the microbore hose has a strain relief to help eliminate damage at each end. Includes a Stainless Steel "Foster" type female quick fill on the end. = $159 Rated to 6900 PSI.

[linked image]DIN300 SCUBA HOSE ASSEMBLY

Same as above with high quality hose rated at +6900 PSI, stainless steel Hand Tight DIN300 fitting, stainless steel female quick disconnect and stainless steel bleeder, Stainless Steel Glycerin Filled Gauge with BAR & PSI Scales, and microbore hose with strain relief at each end as our SCBA Hose Assembly, etc., but made for use with DIN300 SCUBA tanks (Rated +4500 PSI) or other type of Carbon Fiber air tanks (not fireman type). This is a great replacement for hose those who currently have a 4500 PSI SCUBA tank. $159 + $14.50 shipped priority mail and insured.


Same as above with high quality hose, stainless steel disconnects and bleeder, Glycerin Filled Gauge that reads both PSI and BAR, and microbore hose with strain relief at each end, etc., but made for use with SCUBA tanks with SCUBA Yoke/Block.

Note: Most SCUBA tanks and Yoke are only rated to 3000 PSI. This is the heaviest duty Yoke made and is the ONLY one rated to 4000 PSI. It is extremely sturdy (The nicest I've seen).

Normally $169,only $139 (no tank purchase necessary).

[linked image]6000PSI Nitrogen HOSE ASSEMBLY


NITROGEN HOSE ASSEMBLIES MADE IN USA! Nitrogen tanks are readily available at most welding supply shops and they are cheap to rent! Also, they are 6000 PSI, so you get an amazing amount of fills. If you wish to fill your Carbon Fiber tank or air gun from a large Nitrogen tank, this is it. STAINLESS STEEL tank fitting, STAINLESS STEEL Glycerin Filled Gauge that reads BAR & PSI, Highest Quality STAINLESS STEEL Bleeder with easy to turn knob and 40" x 0.070 inch ID micro-bore hose with strain relief at each end and STAINLESS STEEL "Foster" type quick fill = $169 + $14.50 shipped priority mail and insured.

[linked image] OWN A SHOEBOX COMPRESSOR? Want to fill your tank with the best setup available? Connect your Shoebox compressor to your airtank easily and safely with this setup.

A very High Quality Bleeder, BAR/PSI Scale Liquid-Filled Gauge, 3 Ft MicroBore Hose with Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnects on each end. All this for only $139

SCUBA, SCBA, Nitrogen and other Hose Assemblies are also available as a Cascade systemfor 2 or more tanks. See my website for more information on custom hoses, etc. Two 44 Cu Ft tanks can actually be better than one 88 Cu Ft tank when cascaded together with this system. SCBA shown on Left, SCUBA Yoke on right (also available in DIN300, and other fittings). Can also mix a SCUBA tank to bulk fill the airgun, and an SCBA to top it off or any other combination you want. Made in such a way that you can cascade 2 tanks for home use, or use just one tank (such as if you are going in the field). Typically add $110 to most of the Air Hose Assemblies that are priced above.

[linked image]IMG_3008-2_small.JPG

Regulated Hose Assemblies. Available for SCUBA, SCBA, Nitrogen, etc. Useful for filling airguns from a 6000 PSI tank, or if you wish to shoot your rifle from a bench while tethered to your air tank so that you have a constant fill pressure (great for big bore rifles too!). Also fill your smaller air tank from a large 6000 PSI tank. Many other uses too! Comes standard with Air Filled gauges (Left), shown with optional Glycerin-Filled Gauges(Middle) Note: I sell the gauges at cost if you go for this option, its just too nice a set-up not to get them. Normaly $529, now on sale for $489.

IMG_6529_small.JPG[linked image]regulator2.jpg

MICROBORE AIR HOSES $39 Fit Air Pumps, Hose Assemblies, etc.

I have 1, 2, and 3 foot air hoses in stock for only $39 plus $6 ship, and 5 Ft (slight additional) (BUT YOU MUST MENTION THE FORUM). These come with 1/4" or 1/8" NPT or BSPP, NO ADAPTERS NEEDED, so you waste less air.

Rated at +6000 PSI and only 0.070" diameter with strain relief at each end. These hoses are so small in diameter, that compared to the one foot of ¼” paintball hose, you could use 12 feet of this hose and still save air!

I also have replacement hoses for the short hose found on the Korean tanks. With my hose, you can eliminate some of the extra adapters that waste air and have a cleaner look too.

(Left) 10,000 PSI Microbore Hose, with “The Works” optional STAINLESS STEEL Hand-Tight DIN300 Male on one end, and Foster Female Quick Disconnect on other end for use with many carbon fiber tanks only $129
(Right) Microbore with optional Stainless Steel Foster Female Quick Disconnect only $78

[linked image]> [linked image]

REDUCED: Air Hose & Extensions with Stainless Steel Male and Female Quick Disconnects.

Note: I ordered a huge amount of Stainless Steel fittings, and so I am offering almost a $40 discount on my Air Hose Extension with Stainless Steel Male and Female ("Foster" type) Quick Disconnects. Normally these would be $107, I am offering these for $69 plus $6 shipping.

This is 3 Foot long with Stainless Steel Female and Male "Foster" type quick disconnects on either end as seen here. (Most popular is the 3 foot hose, but other sizes available). Also available with other types of connectors as well, please email or call for more information. Note: This picture is outdated. I have upgraded from this older gray hose which had brass ends that would break or shear off. I have since gone to my black hoses with STEEL ENDS that are rated to a higher pressure of 10,000 PSI.

[linked image]

If you prefer to fill your tank at a SCUBA shop that doesn't have an SCBA adapter, we have that adapter. If you want to fill it at a place that fills paintball tanks, we have that adapter too. We have all kinds of adapter and fittings, so please check out our website ahttp://www/

Note: All adapters are described from left side to right.

[linked image] DIN300 (SCUBA) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting. For filling SCBA tanks at a SCUBA Dive Shop. $89

[linked image] Yoke (SCUBA) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting. $89

[linked image] Stainless Steel Male Paintball (Foster type) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting. For filling SCBA tanks at places that fill paintball tanks $79.

[linked image] Fire House to DIN300 Adapter = STAINLESS STEEL Firehouse-Male SCBA-CGA347 Fitting to Hand Tight STAINLESS STEEL SCUBA Male DIN300 (SCUBA). Not cheap chrome plated brass that gets damaged threads and becomes useless/. Good for two uses. 1) For using my high quality hoses with a SCUBA tank, or 2) for filling SCUBA tanks at a fire house. Note: These are NOT chrome –plated brass fittings, nor do they require a wrench. Just hand-tighten onto your tank and you are ready to go.

[linked image] Stainless Steel Male Paintball to Male Paintball Fitting.

IMG_1875_small.jpgStainless Steel 1/8" Male NPT to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect (Left)

Stainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" female NPT(right) $39 for the mated pair in Stainless Steel.

IMG_1875_small.jpgStainless Steel 1/8" Male NPT to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect (Left)

Stainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" female NPT(right) $39 for the mated pair in Stainless Steel.

IMG_2703_small.JPGStainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Female NPT. All one piece, MADE IN USA, not Asian knock-offs

IMG_2702_small.JPGStainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Male NPT

IMG_2699_small.JPGStainless Steel Male Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Male NPT $19.

[linked image]Male Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Female NPT $19.

IMG_4413crop_small.JPGDead Head (No, Not the Jerry Garcia type, the kind you put on the end of a SCUBA tank's hose to determine your remaining tank pressure). Now in Stainless Steel instead of brass $19

[linked image][linked image]

(LEFT) 2.5" Stainless Steel, Glycerin-filled Gauge with PSI & BAR readout and 1/4" NPT $39. Also available for Hill Pumps etc., only $49 Fit other Airtanks, like the Korean, etc. for $69. This gauge is made in America, as is most of my product.

(RIGHT) READ THE PRESSURE OF YOUR SCUBA or SCBA TANK WITH THIS GAUGE. If you would like an accurate gauge, that reads in BAR and PSI to easily measure the pressure inside your airtank, this is it. Just connect the male "Paintball/Foster" type Male Quick Disconnect to your air hose, and that's it! Only $59.

[linked image][linked image] 1" (23mm) High Quality Metal Gauge with BAR readout. Excellent replacement for most air guns, air tanks, etc. These are very nice gauges, not like paintball stuff.

Available in 1/8" BSPP back mount $35

[linked image]


<span " alt="[linked image]"> Dowdy Seal with Stainless Steel 1/8" Female BSPP to Male Quick Disconnect (Fits FX, newer Air Arms, EdGun, etc.)

IMG_1404_small.JPG Steel 1/4" Female BSPP to Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect, seals with Delrin insert (Fits Condor/Talon, etc.). Air Force Condor/Talon bottle to Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect Adapter. Available as shown as complete adapter to fill an Air Force bottle from either your pump, air tank or any hose that has a Female Quick Disconnect, or I have just the proper male quick disconnects if you already have the Condor Adapter.

[linked image] One Pieces DIN200 to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect (Fits Steyr, Feinwerkbau, etc.) $39

Theoben Rapid Quick Fills

I am advertising 2 kinds of quick fills.

The first is an in-stock quick fill for Theoben Rapids. No longer will you need to unscrew the bottle one turn, burp the action for a few shots, remove the bottle, find then get a wrench for your bottle adapter, fill the bottle, and screw the bottle back on the rifle. Now, with this in-stock fill all you need to do is hook up the female quick disconnect to your hose directly to this male on the rifle. These are great!

Just screw this into the bottom of your Theoben Rapid and then you can just attach the Female Quick Disconnect of your hose directly to your Rapid! In addition, you won’t lose the air it takes to re-pressurize the action when re-installing the bottle. (This picture is outdated. Adapter is now steel, and Male Quick Disconnect is upgraded to Stainless Steel Male, so it won’t wear out. Everything you need, Dowdy Seal, Threaded Fitting and Male Quick Disconnect is included $59

[linked image][linked image]
In addition, I also have the female connector for Allen Z Bottle quick disconnect he mounts on Rapids, Feinwerbau, Stey, etc., as well as the older Air Arms S300, S310, S400, S410 that use the "air chuck" instead of the banjo type (picture below is worth a 1000 words). Only $35

[linked image][linked image]

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May 18 2017, 11:57 PM 

We are having a JSB Pellet Blow out!!! We have MILLIONS of pellets in stock, and getting more weekly!
These are just some, not all of the pellets we stock!!!!

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
Polymag Pellets

.177 Polymag 8.0 200
.22 Polymag 16.5 200
.177 Polymag 8.0 200
.22 Polymag S 16.0 200
.20 Polymag 13.9 150
.25 Polymag 25.4 150
.177 GTO Free 5.5 200
.22 GTO Domed 11.75 200
.25 GTO Domed 16.54 150
.177 Metal Mag 8.5 200
.22 Metal Mag 17.0 200
.30 Polymag 44.75 100
.35 Polymag 81.01 50
XXL .45 caliber 234.00 50
Leather Pouch n/a n/a

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
JSB Pellets Match Premium Series

Match Premium Light Weight 7.330 200
Match Preimum Middle Weight 8.020 200
Match Premium Heavy Weight 8.260 200
Match Express Premium Series 8.440 200
Match Series
Green Match Light Weight 7.3 500
Yellow Match Middle Weight 8.0 500
Blue Match Diablo 8.3 500
Schak Diablo 7.3 500
Diablo Target Sport 8.0 500
Diablo Match Test Light Weight 7.7 350
Diablo Match Test Middle Weight 8.3 350

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
EXACT.177 Caliber

Diablo Exact 8.4 500
Diablo Exact RS 7.3 500
Diablo Exact Express 7.9 500
Diablo Exact Heavy 10.3 500
Diablo Exact Monster 13.4 400
Diablo Exact Beast 15.9 250
Diablo Exact Test 8.4 350

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin

Jumbo Exact 15.9 250
Jumbo Exact 15.9 500
Jumbo Exact RS 13.4 500
Jumbo Exact Express 14.4 250
Jumbo Exact Express 14.4 500
Jumbo Exact Heavy 18.1 250
Jumbo Exact Heavy 18.1 500
Jumbo Exact Monster 25.4 200
Jumbo Match 13.7 300
Jumbo Beast 34.0 150
Diablo Exact Test Assorted 350

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
Exact Misc. Calibers

Diablo Exact .20 caliber 13.7 500
Exact King .25 caliber 25.4 150
Exact King .25 caliber 25.4 350
Exact King Heavies .25 caliber
King Heavies .25 caliber
King Heavies MKII
King Heavies MKII
Diablo Exact .30 caliber 46.3 150
Diablo Exact .30 caliber Heavy 50.2 150
Diablo Exact .35 caliber 77.6 100

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
Stratton Series
Straton.177 8.3 500
Jumbo Stratton .22 cal 15.9 250
Jumbo Stratton .22 cal 15.9 500
Stratton Jumbo Monster .22 caliber 25.4 200

Pellet Description Grain Wgt. Pellets per Tin
PDG Pellets

PDG Wad Cutter .177 9.0 500
PDG Domed .177 9.0 500
PDG Pointed .177 9.0 500
PDG Hollow Point .177 9.0 500
PDG Wad Cutter .22 17.0 250
PDG Pointed .22 19.0 250
PDG Hollow Point .22 18.0 250
PDG Destroyer .22 26.0 150
PDG Domed .22 19.0 250
PDG Bomb .22 26.0 200

Please feel free to call or e-mail us direct with any questions or comments you have.

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4500 PSI Carbon Fiber AirTanks Guaranteed/Known for Best Quality MADE IN USA & BEST PRICE

May 18 2017, 11:58 PM 

4500 PSI Carbon Fiber AirTanks Guaranteed/Known for Best Quality MADE IN USA & BEST PRICE
If you are new into airguns you might not know us, so Google around and find out who has the best tanks. You'll constantly find out that we are known to have THE BEST tanks. We sell AMERICAN Tanks because we want to KEEP AMERICANS EMPLOYED! But, we sell at or less than our competition by keeping down the profit. We'd rather make a smaller profit and KEEP AMERICANS EMPLOYED vs. make more money on an Asian tank.
We have always had our 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber tanks MADE IN USA!!! We want to keep Americans employed.

Our pledge:
We guarantee to have the BEST PRICE!
We guarantee to have the BEST QUALITY!
We guarantee to have the BEST SERVICE!

We have 3 sizes of 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tanks.

Pricing, in their most bare form (without Armor, etc.) is as follows:

$679 The Great White, 550 Cu In / 97 Cu Ft
$589 Tiger Shark, 410 Cu In / 73 Cu Ft, and
$389 Guppy 114 Cu In, / 18 Cu Ft.

Get $50 off the Armor etc. with purchase of a Huben K1 Bullpup.
All 3 tanks have our adjustable TJ3 SLO-FLO valve for safer filling.

More information here:


Only we have the optional patent pending 2nd gauge that constantly shows the pressure inside the tank.

MADE IN THE USA!!!! Let's keep Americans employed!

When you compare our tanks, note the following features:

Our tanks are 114, 410 and 550 cu in water volume (18, 72 & 97 cu ft air). Always use the water volume to compare tank sizes, its the most reliable method.
The Great White will fill a Marauder 63x from 2000 PSI up to 3000 PSI, Our Mid-size Tiger Shark 47x.
The Great White measures 6.9" Dia x 21 long (sans valve); weight = 12 pounds (sans valve)
The Tiger Shark measures 6.5" Dia x 19" long (sans valve); weight = 9 pounds (sans valve)
Most people opt for the Great White, figuring the $90 increase is worth 1/3 more fills, but its good for those that want a lighter tank than a GW to fill their PCP air gun or paintball gun.
All of our tanks can be filled via a SCUBA Shop. (And a Paintball shop with Opt 2a).

Our hoses are rated over 9,000 PSI Working pressure and almost 30,000 PSI burst (50% higher than most others)
Our hoses have stainless steel strain-relief at each end and we've never had a hose burst (out of many thousands sold)
Img src="" width=800>

Our Gauges have are a 50% larger dial area and are MUCH easier to read than others. We use the best (USA Made by Wika) Stainless Steel, Glycerin-filled, Dual Scale, with the highest accuracy. We also stock replacement gauges to upgrade other brands.


Our TJ3 SLO-FLO valves make it much Easier & SAFER to SLOWLY fill your PCP Airgun:

We designed our TJ3 DIN300 PCP Airgun valve SPECIFICALLY to fill PCP Airguns.
Easier & SAFER to SLOWLY fill your PCP Airgun because EVERY TJ3 is calibrated for airflow by hand prior to ship.
Our 1-Way restrictor
We use a Marauder as a sample PCP Airgun, and adjust the flow to take about 5-10 second to fill it from 2000 PSI to 3000 PSI with the TJ3 valve WIDE OPEN. This is plenty of time for you to shut off the valve. Open most other SCBA or DIN valves and the airgun would over-pressurize (and possibly be ruined) in a fraction of a second.
Because of our 1-way restrictor, you can reverse fill our tanks quickly through the hose if you wish, such as via a Shoebox or Paintball store. Other use restrictors in the hose prevent filling through the hose. They act as a partial "Dead-Head" and give a false reading for the output gauge.

We include the Stainless Steel Foster Quick Disconnect free, even in our basic package (no hidden charges).

We offer 3 options (and 100% of our customer purchase these 3 options).

Opt 1) 2nd Gauge - In addition to the large gauge, we offer a Patent Pending 2nd Gauge that constantly shows the pressure inside our tank

Opt 2A) We put a Stainless Steel Female Foster on EACH end of the hose, and we provide a Male DIN300 with Stainless Steel Male Foster. This gives 2 benefits:
No large wrench needed to carry with you to add, or remove, the hose from the tank.
In addition to a SCUBA shop, the tank can now be filled at any store thaf fills paintball tanks.


Opt 3) Full Armor - Protect your investment, Why let a large scratch void your tank?
Carry Handle
Feet - So the tank doesn't roll off the table (not metal, so they don't scratch)
Boot - In addition to protecting the bottom of the tank, this allows the tank to stand up, and allows you to more easily view the main gauge while your filling your PCP Airgun or paintball tank.
Tank Protector - Further protection for your investment.

Special Offer. Purchase Options 1, 2A & 3 and get up to $100 insurance on your Tiger Shark Carbon Fiber Cylinder.

About me:
I started this business selling only hoses and eventually tanks for PCP Airguns. My focus has always been high pressure air. I was an Engineer/Physicist for over 25 years. I make sure I design and manufacture the best PERIOD, and at no greater cost to you. I work hard at selling the best possible product, at the same price as my competition selling Asian items. When you call our line, often I willl personally answer the phone, and if not, it will be A REAL HUMAN BEING, not an answering machine or hold music. I will guarantee to have the best price and quality, and do it with an AMERICAN tank. Why pay more for less?

That is the reason we are a supplier to Crosman, ShoeBox Compressors, the military, colleges, many research & development and others.

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EXTREME BIG BORE Rifles in stock, Super Springe SALE!!! only $1649

May 18 2017, 11:59 PM 

EXTREME BIG BORE Rifles in stock, PNEU YEAR SALE!!! 1649

I have 2 brand new Extreme Big Bore rifles in stock. .408 and .457 in stock, ready to ship.


160 Grn HP @ 1100 F/S = 430 FPE
230 Grn HP @ 980 F/S = 490 FPE
275 Grn HP @ 915 F/S = 510 FPE
315 Solid Nose @ 880 F/S = 541 FPE


These have been used on:
Coyote, Deer, Bear, Bison & Water Buffalo (World Record)
250 Grn HP @ 980 F/S = 533 FPE
250 Grn HP @ 1400 F/S = 1088 FPE (Helium)
280 Grn HP @ 930 F/S = 534 FPE

Add 500-600 F/S with Helium = Over 1000 FPE

These rifles will shoot 2 shots into a golf ball at 50 yards,
with a 3rd Coup de’ Grace 1”-2" lower at 50 yrds

Available in: 308; 408; 457 and also
.500 Nitro Express; 350 Grn HP @ 920 F/S = 657 FPE
.728 Cal /12 Gauge; .437 Grn HP @ 903 F/S & 1300 F/S on Helium = 1640 FPE


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DOUBLE the shots in your Marauder and make it QUIETER w/FREE FLIGHT HAMMER & SSG !

May 18 2017, 11:59 PM 

DOUBLE the shots in your MAarauder and make it QUIETER w/FREE FLIGHT HAMMER & SSG !
DOUBLE the shots in your Marauder and make it QUIETER w/FREE FLIGHT HAMMER or SSG! Both are proven winners!!!

FFH at only $39 and SSG and only $79 MORE THAN DOUBLED the number of shots in our Marauder, while making it much quieter!
We have both in stock, ready to ship.

Double your shots, and make your Marauder quieter! Call for details


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