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Abraham McKay

October 6 2004 at 1:40 AM
J D Brown 

I am looking for information on the military records of Abraham McKay and his father Moses Green McKay. I would appreciate any help that you could give me.

Best, JD

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Dee Ann Buck

Check Originial Records

October 6 2004, 8:15 AM 

You can find on various military listing of soldiers names on micofilm through State of VA or L.D.S. that MOSES MCKAY (son of Robert Sr.) enlisted with Frederick Co. VA Militia in Capt. Henry Speake' Co.his name appears on the Muster Roll dated 28 Oct 1756/60. Said MOSES MCKAY last military duty occurred with 13 VA Reg. Capt David Steel's Co., Col. Wm. Russell during the Rev. War. He enlisted Sept 1777 and drowned the same year.

You will not find the name Moses GREEN McKay on any military record or any other originial record. If you can-- "we" would like to see that record. The name Moses Green McKay was made up by the late Bill Jobe and circulated by his "Job/Jobe Journal". Robert MacKay Sr. had no middle name nor any of his children.

From a Frederick Co. VA Land Deed (an originial record) we do known there was a John Green McKay (born c1805) son of Asa McKay. Said Asa McKay son of Jacob Sr., he son of Robert Jr. (brother of above Moses Sr.)

I do not have any military service for Abraham McKay (son of Moses McKay), that doesn't mean he didn't service in some military group. You might look at Cocke Co. TN military listing of soldiers. He was disowned by the Society of Friends for joining the Baptist.

Good luck with your research.

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Dee Ann Buck

Item #121 on Discussion Forum

October 6 2004, 12:15 PM 

I posted a message on this issue of the name of Moses McKay (youngest son of Robert Sr.) on this web page item #121.

I have never viewed nor received any originial records giving his name as Moses Green McKay. But still people continue to pass around incorrect information. Two more researchers: Lucinda Bishop Fentress & Dennis Glassock have posted information on L.D.S. computer bank. Also both give the ancestry of our Robert as Hugh MacKay. Write and ask them for evidence to support the ancestry of Robert and the name of his youngest son being Moses Green McKay.

Silence means consent.

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LDS Bogus Information

February 18 2010, 2:46 PM 

Welcome to the club and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I am a Lineberry and Lucinda Fentress has all kinds of incorrect information on the LDS site about many Lineberry's. They don't check any sources let alone census records that are right there in front of them and they post this junk. I ignore anything they post at this point so don't feel as if they're only ripping off your families information. Annoying as it is all I could do was post something on the internet warning people about her poor research.

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Dee Ann Buck

Who Is She??

February 18 2010, 5:20 PM 

Is Lucinda Fentress part of your family ?

I have found people down loading computer files from various places and just then placing that information into other computer banks. They have no idea if the information is correct and no connection to the families they are spreading information about the net. In short, they do not care if the information is correct or not.

The worst MISTAKEN made by the people who administer L.D.S. computer bank in Salt Lake, UT was merging various computer disks send in by various people as beloning to the same family groups and they did that by computer without any kind of documents connected with the various families.

They do not keep the disks send to them to see who send what material. Of course, they NEVER intended to edit, correct or change any of the material. It will remain in circulation until they some day just take it off line. All their material has been taken off their site and send all over the world.

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Dee Ann Buck

The Overmountain Men by Pat Alderman

October 6 2004, 1:09 PM 

Has a listing of the soldiers who fought in the Battle of King Mountain. Some of my ancestors fought in this battle: Joshua Gist & Andrew Hampton. There was a Robert McCoy (sic) I do not know if a member of my group of Mackay/McKay. No Abraham McKay/McKoy/McCay etc....listed.

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Dee Ann Buck

Frederick Findings

October 6 2004, 1:31 PM 

Volume 1, No 1,2,3 dated 1988, circulated by Frederick Historical Society has published listing of men who serviced from Frederick Co. VA in French & Indian War.

Some men listed as being part of Capt. Wm. Darke's CO 8th Continental Line of VA: Edward Beason (Sergeant), Henry Yeger (Sergeant), George Johnston (Fifers & Drummers), James Anderson (Privates), Francis McKay (Privates), Henry Bowen, John Ridgway, James Jolliff, Wm. Hicks, John Job, George Hollingsworth, Edward Jinnins (sic), Joseph Borden, Joseph McCarty, Abraham Haines, George Hampton, Joseph Hampton, Henry Cloud, Joseph Ballinger, John Denton, Zachariah McCay & Moses McCay.

Have another listing of soldiers Roster of Capt. Abel Westall's CO 8th Continental Line of VA. They stated most of these men were from Hampshire Co. VA/WV. One name listed Thomas Brannan (could be Branson), Edward McCarty, John Hicks, John Hogg & Edward McCarty.

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