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Brownley Information

April 29 2007 at 10:52 AM
Dee Ann Buck 

I think others in the past have sent me information on your surname Brownley/Brownlee, it would appear I have misplace the researcher name. Perhaps it will turn up. I seem to remember the above researcher was trying to connect the Frederick Co. VA Brownley with the ones living in early MD. I do not know if there were two different families one spelled Brownley and the other Brownlee. So far I have not seen you family named spelled as Brownlee.

In any case, the following is what I can piece together about your Brownley family.

At this point in time, I really think your Brownley came from King Wm. Co. VA into Frederick Co. VA and not from MD. Since I have documented Cary Mitchell as living for most of his life in King Wm. Co. VA. I think unlikely Betsey Hunt who married John Brownley removed into Frederick Co. VA to marry him, so he must have lived in the same location at the time of their marriage. Remember I have the land deeds which stated that Betsey & Frances were sisters, the first one married John Brownley and the other Cary Mitchell.

John Brownley b. c1740 where?, m. most likely in King Wm. Co. VA before 1764 to Betsy Hunt, daughter of Cary Hunt of King Wm. Co. VA, d. 1802 in Frederick Co. VA, his will and inventory (lots of slaves) found in Frederick Co. VA, dated 12 May 1801, probated 6 Sep 1802. He stated that his slaves to be given to his family members. His executor's report named some of his children, Betsy (Hunt) Brownley will also filed in Frederick Co. VA her will dated 26 Feb 1815, probated 5 Jun 1815. You can add to the next generation by combing through Frederick & Clarke counties records. If they had other children who died young, I do not know. The ones I have listed below I have records they did exist.

1. Archibald Brownley b. 1764, m. Betsy Mitchell, d. 1805 "Pleasant Green" Frederick/Clarke Co. VA. His son Wm./Billy named in grandfather's estate
transfer of funds. Copies of their wills found in Frederick Co. VA.

2. Nancy Brownley b. 10 May 1766 m. 25 Dec 1787 Joseph Tuley d. 1823 VA
Named as daughter in transfer of monies from father's estate. This Tuley family I believe did come down into VA from MD, perhaps people have confused this fact with your Brownley family. The Clarke Historical Assocation has an article about the family in one of their publications. He lived at "Tanner's Retreat", stated he also had tracts in KY and a lot with house in Paris, Fauquier Co. VA. And 500a farm in Augusta Co. VA called "La Grange". This article stated that his wife died the same year he did but left no legal papers. His daughters married into Massie & Mitchell families. His daughter Mary Tuley married Henry Mitchell in Frederick Co. VA 20th Nov 1811. This article stated that "Henry Mitchell was a relative of the wife of Mary Tuley's uncle Archibald Brownley". I believe the above Henry Mitchell belonged to the group that came into Frederick Co. VA from Fredericksburg, VA. So perhaps this is the location you might want to look into for your Brownley.

3. Sally Brownley b. 17 Dec 1767 m. Maj. Esaias Earle, she was named in her father's transfer of monies, her husband's will filed in Frederick Co. VA dated 23 Aug 1826, probated 7 Nov 1826. Earle family you should be able to find additional information.

You can find additional information about the above surnames in my Frederick Co. VA Books

Frederick Co. VA Land Deeds 1743-1765 for $20.00
Frederick Co. VA Land Deeds 1765-1785 for $35.00
Frederick Co. VA Land Deeds 1785-1800 for $25.00
Frederick Co. VA Wills 1743-1816 for $25.00
Frederick Co. VA Wills 1816-1837 for $20.00
Frederick Co. VA Wills 1837-1865 for $20.00

check or money order to me, postage & handling $3.50 first book & $2.50 each additional book

Dee Ann Buck
10814 Paynes Church Drive
Fairfax, VA

Handley Library has copies of all the above books.

I have ordered additional film for King Wm. Co. VA, so I hope to find out more about Mitchell, Hunt & perhaps Brownley. I might also order what film they have dealing with King & Queen Co. VA.

Remember your John Brownley possessed lots of slaves and the names of them can be found in Frederick Co. VA records and he wanted them given to his family members, so this is a tool that you can use to document his children and grandchildren by tracing the possession of each slave. Then the question comes when and where did your John require his slaves. Did he buy them or perhaps given him?. We hope the last case is true, then you can document his parentage.

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Dee Ann Buck

Gloucester Co. VA 1783

April 29 2007, 3:04 PM 

I see listed for this county a number of Brownley: Archibald Sr. & Jr, Edward, Elizabeth, James ,John, John Jr., Thomas & Wm.

This county is next to King & Queen and King Wm. Co. VA.

Check out Polly Cary Mason's book Colonial Gloucester Co. VA Vol 1 & II

Archibald Brownley (spelling various ways) 1678 had property around Kingston.

The records you will need 1760 to 1780's land deed & wills.

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Dee Ann Buck

Land Deeds Missing

April 29 2007, 3:09 PM 

Afraid Glocester Co. VA is one of those counties that a lot of the good records are missing.

However, State of VA does offer

Reel 79 Kingston Parish Vestry Book 1774-1856. This could be a good source for your Brownley.

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Dee Ann Buck

John Brownley

April 29 2007, 5:02 PM 

I know your John Brownley purchased on 4 Jun 1785 land from Edward & Elizabeth Rogers. This land was at one time the property of Benj. Borden.

I believe your John Brownley is the same John Brownley living in Glocester Co. VA 1784 & 1783 tax list. One of the list shows him having one slave.

I do not see Brownley buying and selling land in Frederick Co. VA before the above deed.

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Dee Ann Buck

Frederick Co. VA Land Deed Book 30,32

May 4 2007, 8:47 AM 

Another source for the documentation of the children of John & Betsy (Hunt) Brownley. Esaias Earle & his wife Sally (formerly Brownley, daughter of the late John Brownley) had to offer their tract (devised to them by John Brownley) as collateral to secure their debt of $555.55. They owed the money to Betsy Brownley (executor of said John Brownley) in accordance with said John's will the money to be given to his grandson Wm. Brownley, at the age of 21 years. Date of deed 31 Dec 1805, probated 1 Apr 1806.

According to the cemetery book by Don & Mary Boyston, said Wm. Brownley buried Brownley-Mitchell Graveyard, he died 23 Jul 1840 in his 40th year. So he would have been about 5 years of age at the time of his Deed of Conveyance. The monies would come due to the Brownley estate about 1821.

The couple's land was adjoining the lands of Joseph Tuley.

So this deed named Sally Earle as the daughter of the late John Brownley, gave his wife as Betsy Brownley and named one of his grandson as Wm. Brownley.

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Dee Ann Buck

No Male Descendants

May 4 2007, 5:10 PM 

John Brownley had only the one son Archibald Brownley and he had two sons: John died 1847 and Wm. died 1840 and they without issue.

So any other Brownley living in Frederick Co. VA c1820 are not the descendants of your John Brownley.

Your Archibald Brownley only had grandchildren under the name of Sowers & Walker. I will try to see if Fanny/Frances Brownley who married James W. Walker of Madison Co. VA left issue.

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Dee Ann Buck

Follow the Slaves

May 6 2007, 3:51 PM 

John Brownley had 29 slaves listed on 15th Sep 1802 at estate inventory and at the division of slaves taken 31 Jan 1803 between his widow and three children were 31 slaves.

The questions is where and when did he purchased the slaves or were they devised to him?. I will order Kingston Parish Vestry Book 1774-1856 to see if any of his slaves of Frederick Co. VA are mentioned in the church book or land deeds. The following are the people I will looking for in the future

1. Allen given to A. Brownley
2. Amey, small girl, given to A. Brownley
3. Armistead, given to the widow
4. Ben, small boy given to Tuley family
5. Betty, given to Tuley family
6. David, given to A. Brownley
7. Dinah, woman, given to Earle family
8. Dolly,girl, given to the widow
9. Esther, girl, given to the Earle family
10. Gilbert, given to the widow
11. Hannah, small girl, given to A.Brownley
12. Harry, given to the widow
13. Isaac given to Earle family
14. Jack given to the Tuley family
15. John, small boy, given to the Earle family
16. Judith, woman, given to A.Brownley
17. Lewis not in the inventory, given to A. Brownley
18. Lucy, girl, given to Tuley family
19. Nancy/Nanny, woman, given to Tuley family
20. Nelson, small boy, given to A. Brownley
21. Peter, given to the widow
22. Phebe, old woman, given to the widow
23. Phebe given to the Tuley family
24. Phil, middle age, given to the Tuley family
25. Ralph, middle age, given to A.Brownley
26. Thamer, woman, given to the widow
27. Toney, given to the widow
28. Venus, girl, given to Earle family
29. Vina, small girl, given to the widow
30. Will, given to Earle family
31. Winney,girl, given to Earle family

The slaves given to the widow Betsy Brownley at her death divided among her heirs. I see a slave named Gilbert in the inventory of Archibald's son John inventory.

The slaves given to Archibald Brownley, he would have either sold during his life time or given to his children,since his sons died, if given to his daughters, then the slaves would be living in Sowers or Walker households.

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Dee Ann Buck

Fairfax Public Library

May 15 2007, 3:57 PM 

Has a compiled book dealing with the Kingston Parish Records and it does have Brownley listed but not the detailed information I hoped for about the Brownley family. No mention of slaves possessed by the various Brownley household. There were five Archibald Brownley, three James Brownley, Edward Brownley & William Brownley all about the age group of your John Brownley.

I have ordered the film dealing with the same subject matter, let's hope the film has more information than the book.

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Dee Ann Buck

Follow Venus

February 28 2008, 5:25 PM 

Frederick Co. VA Book 47,111 dated 16 Apr 1823, probated 16 Apr 1823, Esaias Earle of Frederick Co. VA giving his slave Vence (about 28 years) and all her future "increase" in trust held by John B. Earle, to said E. Earle's granddaughter Mary Caroline Hamilton (daughter of Robert W. Hamilton).

John Vogt's marriage book has Robert W. Hamilton & Betsy Earle 26 Feb 1811.

Stated that said John B. Earle to hire out said slave and any future children the monies used to benefit said Mary C. Hamilton and if she dies without coming of age, slave returned to his estate. If she marries the slaves to be put under her control.

So Venus started as a slave of Brownley family to Earle family now to Hamilton family.

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Dee Ann Buck

Earle & Cross

December 9 2008, 7:31 PM 

Frederick Co. VA Land Deed Book 61, 265, dated 8 Apr 1833, probated 9 May 1833, Sarah Earle of Frederick Co. VA for "natural love and affection" & $1 paid by her daughter Sarah Ann CROSS, wife of James Cross granted her two slaves: Sarah age @15 years and Ellen @7 years.

James Cross & Sarah A. Cross are found on 1850 Warren Co. VA, rest in Frederick Co. VA 1860,1870 and on 1880 said Sarah A. not found.

Betsy Hunt m. John Brownley one of their daughter
Sally Brownley m. Esaias Earle one of their daughter
Sally /Sarah Ann Earle m. James Cross

John Vogt's marriage book as James' surname as Crowe

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Dee Ann Buck


May 7 2007, 4:14 PM 

Today I found another land deed filed in King Wm. Co. VA, 20 Feb 1818, Wm. Brownley of Frederick Co. VA selling property given to him by Betsey Brownley (formerly Hunt) & Frances Barnett (formerly Hunt) they being sisters and co-heirs to their BROTHER Cary Hunt's property. A tract containing 150a a few miles from Pepingtree? (haven't been able to location it) in King Wm. Co. VA. Stated said Cary Hunt had died about 1788.

The deed list the above Frances Barnett as being of Madison Co. VA. And she signed the deed. Her husband Ambrose's will filed in Frederick Co. VA dated 26 Oct 1825, probated 31 Jan 1831, he doesn't mention a wife, just his children by his first wife. So now I will have to look at Madison Co. VA about 1818 to see if I can find her living in that location. Perhaps they separated.

Her sister Betsey (Hunt) Brownley's granddaughter Frances Brownley who married J.W. Walker lived in Madison Co. VA, perhaps there is a connection.

So both Betsy & Frances' maiden name was HUNT, but not the daughter of Cary Hunt, but he was their brother.

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Dee Ann Buck

Archibald Brownley's Descendants

May 15 2007, 4:31 PM 

As you know he had seven children and it would appear only your line carried down to modern times.

1. Sarah E. Brownley b. 29 Oct 1792, m. 30 Dec 1810 Frederick Co. VA to Fielding Sowers, both buried Bethel Church of Clarke Co. VA. I have a copy of their marriage record. Their line carries on to modern times.

2. Emelia/Emily Brownley m. 13 Sep 1821 to John I. Johnston, he was killed in Civil War. I have no record of issue. Co. B 17th VA Inf. then with Co. E 7th VA Cav. buried in Gettysburg, PA 7/3/63.

3. Frances "Fanny" Brownley m. after 1850 Madison Co. VA census before 1860 Madison Co. VA census to James W. Walker, d. 1877 Madison Co. VA. I will order film to see if I can find their marriage date. By the 1860 census living with said J.W. Walker. I believe the children listed on the 1850, 1860 & 1870 were from his other marriages: James W. Walker & Patsy A. Porter on 15 May 1820 and James W. Walker & Anne Eliason on 1 Aug 1840. I have order land deeds & wills for Madison Co. VA in the hope of finding out more about her. I do not believe she had children. Her age on the 1860 census given as 62.Her brother's will in 1847 list her by her maiden name. Her birth year according to the census 1798 same as her brother John--twins?

4. John Brownley b. 10 May 1798, d. 1847 Clarke Co. VA. His will named as his sisters: Frances & Eliza and his Aunt Frances Barnett.

5. Ann/Nancy Brownley b. 15 Feb 1800, m. 29 Oct 1840 Clarke Co. VA to Morgan Johnston, d. 19 Nov 1877. I would like to know were John I. Johnston & Morgan Johnston brothers and the siblings of my Matilda Johnston?. I show no record of them having children.

6. Wm. Brownley b. 1800 Frederick Co. VA, d. 23 Jul 1840 Clarke Co. VA. He was the one who sold the land devised to him by his grandmother in King Wm. Co. VA and in so doing gave us Betsy's maiden name as HUNT. And the fact that Betsy (Hunt) Brownley & Frances (Hunt) Mitchell Barnett were sisters.

7. Elizabeth Brownley b. 1 Mar 1802,d. 1847 Clarke Co. VA.

So far the only connection I have with Brownley family would be the connection with Mitchell & Hunt families. I have a number of Brownley wills & marriage records, but have not typed them into the computer. I will do that when I am ready to update the book dealing with Etta Double Sowers.

I do not think I will be able to supply more information about your Brownley family, because they lived in an area of VA which lost most of their early records.

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Michael McKay

Sarah Brownley & Fielding Sowers

May 15 2007, 5:13 PM 

I believe Sarah Brownley & Fielding Sowers as well as Sarah's mother Betsey Mitchell Brownley were originally buried in the Brownley-Mitchell Cemetery near White Post where some of my Heflybower Branch are still buried.

I think Uncle Bev McKay had them removed to Bethel sometime during his lifetime. I'm guessing that had he lived longer he would have had them all transferred to Bethel. The Brownley-Mitchell Cemetery is in a remote location away from White Post and I have yet to actually go there. Burch McKay told me where it was located years ago but I just never felt comfortable trying to make the trek down those railroad tracks.

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Dee Ann Buck

Information in Don & Mary Royston's Book

May 16 2007, 6:36 AM 

We know what you said about the removal of Fielding L. Sowers & his wife's to Bethel Church is true. I do not know if I have the actual date in Hunter B. McKay's notes or not. I thought sometime in the 1950's

In the cemetery book by Don & Mary Royston has them still buried in Brownley-Mitchell Graveyard. Which causes me to have questions where they got some of their information for their book. Certainly they must not have personally visited this cemetery.

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Dee Ann Buck

From Secondary Source

May 16 2007, 8:52 AM 

I now see that the Royston book got some of their information for their book from the compiled works by Benjamin Crampton and they had permission to reprint it from The Clarke County Historical Association in 2004.

This doesn't tell me where Benj. Crampton got his information for the cemetery we are interested in--Brownley-Mitchell Graveyard. He certainly did not personal visit the location as did the late Hunter B. McKay.

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Michael McKay

Clarke County Cemeteries

May 16 2007, 9:53 AM 

I think there have been some books published years ago about cemeteries in Clarke County. I remember seeing a partial listing of those buried at Bethel in it.

I'm going to have to try and visit Brownley-Mitchell Cemetery but I'll probably be lucky if I actually find it.

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Dee Ann Buck

Please Let Me Know

May 16 2007, 4:58 PM 

I hope you do find the cemetery and I am trusting in Hunter B. McKay that his recording of the said cemetery was correct.

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Betty Powers

Clarke County Cemetery Inquiries

May 19 2007, 11:41 AM 

I recently purchased a book on Clarke County Cemeteries published by Apple Manor Press, Markham, VA. They can be purchased by entering "apple manor press" on Ebay.

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Dee Ann Buck

Clarke Historical Society

May 19 2007, 5:06 PM 

I got my Clarke Co. VA Cemetery books through the above society, and I would hope cheaper.

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Michael McKay

We might all have the same book

May 19 2007, 6:13 PM 

We might all be talking about the same book. I have one on Clarke County Cemeteries that I need to look through. I'll do that later this evening and see what turns up. Seems I remember an entry on the Brownley-Mitchell Cemetery.

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