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My Mitochondrial Test

July 7 2010 at 10:08 AM
Dee Ann Buck 

I have order additional reports about my J 1 c 8 results. If they give any interesting information I will pass it along. The two matches I received notice "being a match" have not been helpful.

This results, however, has settle any thought this female line contained African-American or Native American.

The following surnames I will be trying to tract through legal & public records: starting with my grandmother:

1. Olive Odillion KING born 29 Oct 1906 (born on mother's birth date) Yuma, Carroll Co. TN died 22 Jun 1982 Silver Spring, Montgomery Co. MD m. Roy Dennis Hopgood, she had one sister who could have passed along the same Mitochondrial markers. She was the daughter of:

2. Dessie Green BOLEN b. 29 Oct 1885 Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY, died 4 Nov 1967 Alton, Madison Co. KY married Joseph Hulon King, she had sisters who could have passed along the same D.N.A. markers. She was the daughter of:

I have a picture (me, my mother, O.O. King & D.G. Bolen) of the four generations of this direct line. I have personal knowledge of all the women in this direct line and offical records.

3. Amanda E. MELTON b. 25 Aug 1853 Henderson Co. TN, d. 30 Aug 1888 Yuma, Carroll Co. TN m. Sion Monroe Bolen, she was the only daughter of:
I have a picture of Amanda E. with my gr-grandmother as an infant.

4. Frances L. MORRIS b. 1824 Henderson Co. VA, d. 13 Aug 1878 Henderson Co. TN married Cornelius Melton, she had a sister and they were the daughter of Elizabeth

5. Elizabeth BROWN b. 1780 in Orange Co. NC, d. after 1872 Henderson Co. VA, married Isaac Morris. For the 1870 Henderson Co. TN she was living with her daughter Frances L. (Morris) Melton and her granddaughter Amanda E. Melton. So my line is set for seven generations.

The records I have order and studied for Henderson Co. TN, I can't find a legal document naming the parents of said Elizabeth (Brown) Morris. If the records exist then I will have to find them in other counties in TN or in Orange Co. NC.

I am still looking for good documentation as to the children of Isaac Morris & said Elizabeth Brown.

I am aware others have posted information about my line on the "net" and a good amount of the information they do not give their sources.

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Dee Ann Buck

Seven Morris Children

July 7 2010, 10:48 AM 

Since the court house of Henderson Co. TN has in the past burned down, all the early records for the people living in the area were lost. Like marriage records, birth or death records, land deeds and will etc.... So "we" have to use whatever we can find.

Some of the names of Elizabeth's children are based on Federal Census or Bible Records which have been collected by researchers in the past, some could be based on oral conversation.

Children of Isaac & Elizabeth (Brown) Morris:

1. Mahala Morris b. c1800 NC, she was living with Elizabeth Morrice (sic) for the 1830, not listed for 1840 census, either married or died without issue. She was included on the listing of children supplied by Delores Holladay.

2. Henry Morris b. 18 May 1805 NC, m-1 28 Jan 1830 Henderson Co. TN China G. Foyster, m-2 29 Dec 1841 in Henderson Co. to Piety Cazort, d. 3 Oct 1851 Henderson Co. TN, buried in Morris Family Cemetery in Henderson Co. TN. I have a picture of his grave marker, bible records dealing with his families found in the works of Jonathan K.T. Smith. Said Delores Holladay was a descendant of this couple. If she had personal knowledge about parentage & siblings of Henry I do not know. Hope that is the case.
He had a son named Felix and a daughter named Amanda, so did Frances L. (Morris) Melton.

3. Zenus Morris b. 1814 NC, m-1...........? m-2 c1838 Dorothy Ann Austin, d. c1859 Henderson Co. TN. I believe I have contacted in the past by researcher of his line. For the latter census I believe one of his daughters living with Benson family. I do not know if this is the only reason believe a relationship with #4 James G. Morris. There is a place for male his age group 1830 census Elizabeth Morrice (sic)

4. James G. Morris b. 1817 NC m. c1842 Mahala Benson, d. c1869 Henderson Co. TN. Delores Holladay had him on her list as son of Elizabeth as James Morris. D.N.A test has been done.

5. Wm. Pitts Morris b. 12 Jan 1817 Sumner Co. TN, m. 2 Jul 1838 Perry Co. TN to Elvira Jane Johnson, d. 22 Apr 1893 Camden Cemetery in Benton Co. TN. His name on the list of Delores Holladay. You will find a lot information about him in the works of Jonathan K.T. Smith. In connection with him is only one piece of information which named his parents as Isaac Morris & Elizabeth Brown as coming into TN for Orange Co. NC. I have not been able to find any record that he directly named any of his siblings. In the works of Jonathan K.T. Smith stated that he personal talked to the family members of said Wm. P. Morris. His works contains a picture of said Wm. P. Morris & his house.

6. George W. Morris b. 1821 TN, m. L.J. Morgan, died by 1870 Henderson Co. TN. He is connected to Elizabeth and his sister Frances L. (Morris) Melton by census information. Delores Holladay did not include him on her listing of children.

7. Frances L. Morris b. 1824 Henderson Co. TN, m. Cornelius Melton, d. 13 Aug 1878 Henderson Co. TN. Connected to Elizabeth (Brown) Morris by 1830,1840,1850, 1860 & 1870 census. Delores Holladay did not include her on her listing of children. This is my blood line, D.N.A. done.

Since Reed Morris has done his D.N.A test any Morris male has been handed a "gold opportunity" , just submit your own sample to see if you match.

If you descend from said Mahala Morris then you could help document the above set of children.

I have the names of other Morrice living in 1830 Henderson Co. TN, if you know if related to Isaac & Elizabeth (Brown) Morris, I would love to know your sources.

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Dee Ann Buck

Wrong About Eldest Daughter's Name

July 7 2010, 7:50 PM 

Looking over some of my notes, I think I am now missing the name of Elizabeth's eldest daughter. Other researchers have her name as Mary, but no sources given. So I will continue to look for the name in other records.

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Dee Ann Buck

Mary--Daughter of Henry Morris

July 8 2010, 7:15 AM 

1850 Henderson Co. TN: Cornelius Melton 28 NC, Frances L. (Morris) Melton 26, Melton, Wm. R. Melton 5, Felix Melton 1, Mary Morris 13 for the 1850.

She listed on various bible records for Henry Morris and his two wives:

Mary A.F.L. Morris b. 11 Feb 1837, m. Lundo Griggs, d. 16 Nov 1903. The census for Henderson Co. TN are rather hard to read. On line researcher has this Mary listed as sister of said Frances L. Morris. Obviously this is not the case, for Isaac Morris died 1826.

He also has incorrect information as to the children of Cornelius Melton & said Frances L. Morris. I have very good documentation as to the names of their children:

1. Wm. R. Melton
2. Felix W. Melton
4. Cornelius Francis Melton

Mildred Morris was the daughter of George W. Morris born after 1860 census. She born 1863. He also had a son, so could be possible to have Y D.N.A test done to link those Morris to the test submit by Reed Morris (decendant of James G. Morris).

The fact that daughers of Henry & George W. Morris lived with Frances L. (Morris) Melton gives another link to hold this group together as brothers to my line.

Of course, I will continue to seek out additional documentation.

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Dee Ann Buck

E-Mail From Morris Web Master

July 10 2010, 9:01 AM 

I have just received from the FamilyTree DNA web master for Morris Family, a request to spend more monies to update my Morris Test Results.

The problem with this request I have already done that !!

I send a response to her and I plan to send e-mail to the Main Site of FamilyTreeDNA wanting to know if they have a section on their main site where we can look, study & obtain the test results of all their surnames tested.

If this not possible then they should clearly state on their main site, that we only have the information they "deem" we should have.

I naively thought all records would be available to me.

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Dee Ann Buck

The State vs Isaac Morris

April 14 2011, 8:08 AM 

Found L.D.S. #306947 Orange Co. NC deed & minute books only date given 1817 for the above case. I do not think the Isaac Morris is my direct ancestor.

Jury finding Issac Morris guilty in "the bill of instrument" The record does not say what he was charged with "taken to the public whipping post 39 lashes on his bare back and cost of 100 pounds fee & cost".

This film is full of others in Orange Co. NC also whipped & fined for having "unlawful relations" resulting in children born "out of wedlock". I do not know if this is the case with Isaac Morris, or he did something else.

My Isaac Morris it is said was in TN in by this time, however the dates are not applied to each case file, just what was done each year.

There was a Isaac Morris who married in Orange Co. NC on 8th Jan 1812 to Nancy CHEEK. And I do not know if or how he is related to my group of Morris/Brown of Orange Co. NC.

Members of our McKay family married into the Cheek family, perhaps others know who this Isaac Morris was who was whipped.

With so much new information I am finding with Shipp & Snyder I have not found the time to post information in connection with my Morris & Brown families which I have found months ago.

I have not run Isaac Morris & Elizabeth Brown through Ancestory.com to see whats others have posted.

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Dee Ann Buck

Just Misleading Information

May 10 2011, 6:32 AM 

Information found in Ancestry.com computer bank about the couple Isaac Morris & Elizabeth Brown, just wrong and misleading. Researchers should just seek out your own material.

People seem to think they can post information and then are not responsible to give any kind of sources. The true of the matter is that they have no original records, for they are just clicking information into their trees from other computer files.

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Dee Ann Buck

Two Different Brown Families Mixed Together

June 3 2011, 1:59 PM 

My Mitochondrial DNA line goes through Elizabeth Brown b. 1780 NC d. after 1871 Henderson Co. TN (wife of Isaac Morris), the known movements of her and her husband, in Orange Co. NC late as 1817, according to some of their children location of birth on census and family bible of Henry Morris of Henderson Co. VA.

I have copies of Isaac Morris buying & selling his land in Orange Co. NC before he and his family removed into TN.

I have one lead that her parents removed directly into Orange Co. NC from Loudoun Co. VA. Morris mostly likely removed into Orange Co. NC also directly from VA.

They removed to Sumner Co. TN by 1817 and their last two children George W. & Frances L. (my line) in Henderson Co. TN.

1830 said Elizabeth (Brown) Morris listed in Henderson Co. TN head of household

1840 Henderson Co. TN living with her son George W.
1850 Henderson Co. TN Elizabeth listed as head and son George W.
1860 Henderson Co. TN Elizabeth listed as head
1870 Henderson Co. TN Elizabeth living with her widow daughter Frances L. Melton

So from Orange Co. NC to Sumner to Dickson to Henderson Co. TN by 1830 where she died. She and Isaac Morris had starting their family in Orange Co. NC by 1805 and stayed in that location until about 1817 living in Sumner Co. TN, and she as widow in Henderson Co. TN 1830 census.


"The known movements of Col James Brown married Jane, daughter of Patrick & Ann Denniston Gillespie in VA. They seem to have moved from Rowan Co. NC to Surry Co., then back to Guilford where James participated in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. In 1787-88 he built a boat at the Long Island of the Holston River to take part of his famiy down and up the Tennessee River over to Nashville. En route, they were ambushed by Indians; father and two oldest sons killed, rest of the family taken into captivity. Eventually, the family members where rescused and settled in Davidson Co. TN." notes of Janet Tandy.

There are various articles on line about the above captivity & killing of this Brown Family.

In short, the family members of James Brown never lived in Orange Co. NC nor in Henderson Co. TN. He removed into TN well before Elizabeth Brown (wife of Isaac Morris) was still living in Orange Co. NC!!!.

Close to hundred people have mixed together two different Elizabeth Brown and well over 50 people have the parentage of my Elizabeth Brown assigned to the wrong set of parents.

They are not using primary sources to support their computer files now found in Ancestry.Com Trees.

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Dee Ann Buck

First Cousin To My Isaac

December 24 2013, 4:24 PM 

I do not know how researchers could so mess up my group of Morris living in Orange Co. NC with the surname found in other places in NC like Burke & McDowell.

Henry Morris who died in ORANGE CO. NC by 1801, had wife Frances and three sons

1. Henry Morris died before father, my line John & Isaac (no middle name)

2. Thomas Morris only had one son Thomas and daughters.

3. Richard Morris died before 1820 had the son Isaac who got in trouble with the law. He had three sons and three daughters.

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Dee Ann Buck

Hollingsworth & Morris Link

October 26 2014, 12:49 PM 

I have send e-mail messages to my distant Morris cousin, no answer. I would like to rule out the Isaac Morris who was whipped the reason for it.

We need more Y marker test done on the sons of Henry Morris: Henry (mine line), Thomas and Richard (father of Isaac who was whipped in 1820). In the hope of set the numbers associated with my group of Morris.

Y- Search has a wide range of samples, people from VA and NJ are the ones I am interested in the most. No matches found.

People have linked together on Ancestry Tree Morris families who never lived in my part of NC (Orange) and TN.

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Dee Ann Buck

New Cousin

June 24 2015, 11:57 AM 

I believe I just received an e-mail from a descend of this Isaac Morris. Perhaps the mystery of the link between Hollingworth and Morris might be found.

Still looking for more Morris Y marker kits. These are the DNA which will really link together the Morris of TN back to Orange Co. NC back to Prince George Co. VA.

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Dee Ann Buck

Would Be 5th Generation

July 28 2015, 1:18 PM 

My quest to find a second Y marker kit to match with Reed Morris, could already be present IF I can figure out the parentage of Isaac Hollingsworth born 1808. No information as to where. This researcher is not on Y search so I can not directly e-mail him.

When Reed Morris told me about this Hollingsworth match, I would ASSUME the two researchers had work the line back to said Isaac Hollingsworth birth of 1808. In short, the two men knew they were not close distant cousin like 2nd or 3th. Had I been in on the discussion I would have asked various questions like location.

It has only been about 2 weeks that I have found my emigrate ancestor HENRY MORRIS. I will continue to seek out additional paper documentation and DNA confirmation. I would really like to place this Isaac HOLLINGSWORTH born 1808 among one of the branches of my Morris Family. The goal being this kit will confirm the numbers of Reed Morris.

Start in Gloucestershire, England hope link not over there, when we have Prince George Co. VA surname Hollingsworth is found 1st generations moved Brunswick Co. VA. Reed Morris' line removed to Orange Co. NC and then Henderson Co. TN. I am ASSUMING link with him and Hollingsworth researcher happened before his line removed from TN.

1st Generation: Henry Morris born c1695 in Gloucestershire, England lived in Prince George Co. VA died Brunswick Co. VA 1783. His will named three sons: Wm., Richard and Henry (Reed Morris Y marker). I have a Family Finder match with a man who descends from Richard Morris. I believe his line stayed in VA. I have no idea if the link could be with sons: Wm. or Richard. With luck future land deeds records might give me a clue.

2nd Generation: Henry Morris of Orange Co. NC. had three sons: Henry, Thomas and Richard. It is the son of Richard--Isaac Morris a court record shows some kind of misdeed. It would have been around 1808 really not sure.

3rd Generations: Isaac Morris married Elizabeth Brown died Henderson Co. TN. Isaac's brother removed to AL had a son Henry born 1810. I have no future record on this branch of the family. We have in TN members of this family fathering children "out of wedlock" but too late.

I would like to rule out Orange Co. NC place of contact then work back to Brunswick Co. VA.

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Dee Ann Buck

Now The Film On Line

November 24 2015, 10:00 AM 

I believe the Isaac Morris who stayed in Orange Co. NC was the son of Richard Morris. L.D.S. 305934 image 226 Isaac Morris dated 15 Jan 1824 was witness to land deed filed by John Taylor gifted slaves.

These land deeds a great resource for people interested in African-American research.

I picked up another distant Morris cousin from different male line of Henry Morris Sr. of Brunswick Co. VA. Hope others in future will do their D.N.A test. His three sons: Wm., Henry (mine) and Richard have descends who have send in their Family Finder Test Kits. My line has one of the Y marker DNA results. I am still not sure which one Isaac Hollingsworth belongs either Wm. or Richard line.

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cathey bay

morris family search

September 9 2013, 4:34 PM 

Dee Ann,
I am continuing my search to connect John James Morris to James G. Morris to Elizabeth and Isaac Morris but have not made any headway. I believe Robert Reed Morris is following the same line. I am trying to contact him but I don't have a current email. If you have a current email could you share it with me or you could just send him an email with my email address.
thank you for your help,

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Dee Ann Buck

Reed Morris' email

September 10 2013, 12:39 AM 

You might check Family Tree DNA Project or write their web master for his e-mail.

I have done Family Finder on Family Tree DNA and the BETA test through Ancestry. If we share the same Morris ancestry your and might should match.

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Dee Ann Buck

Reed Morris' email

September 10 2013, 12:40 AM 

You might check Family Tree DNA Project or write their web master for his e-mail.

I have done Family Finder on Family Tree DNA and the BETA test through Ancestry. If we share the same Morris ancestry your and might should match.

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Dee Ann Buck

Autosomal Is Here

December 23 2013, 11:18 AM 

My DNA profile on both Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA. I am descend of said Isaac Morris & Elizabeth Brown, she is my Mitochondrial blood line.

I have found one researcher who posted the wrong Morris to our group. There has never been Isaac F. Morris linked to this group of Morris in NC or TN.

The information given to me by Reed Morris, is that James G. Morris & Mahala Benson: Wiley, Eliza A., John James, Thomas, Jasper, Almidia, Sarah & Chaney.

Found on 1850 & 1860 Henderson Co. TN census. All you have to do is turn in DNA Autosomal test and you will receive your answer if you are related to Isaac Morris & Elizabeth Brown.

Very simple task.

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Dee Ann Buck

Break in Location ?

May 20 2014, 5:13 PM 

Found Ancestry DNA Project researcher "JeanniebellStanley" descend of Elizabeth Morris born 1745 Stafford Co. VA died 1827 IN married to David Edwards born & died in Orange Co. NC. I know he is a distant cousin. So my DNA link might be just with his line.

Others on Ancestry Tree give her parentage:

1. Edward Morris born 1675 died 1727
2. Edward Morris born 1705 died 1752 m. Elizabeth Hammons
3. Elizabeth Morris born 1745 Stafford Co. VA

I have thought my Morris family came into Orange Co. NC from Westmoreland Co. VA. John Morris born 1648 died 1713 in Westmoreland Co. VA did have a son named Edward born about the same time period.

My group of Morris did use the first name Edward.
Will have to look for more information about her Elizabeth.

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Dee Ann Buck

Reed Morris Y Marker

January 23 2015, 11:31 AM 

I would to find another male descend of my Isaac Morris to send in a sample so we can say these numbers are set for this group of Morris. There are many groups of Morris.

Our-- I 1 13,22,14,9,13,15,11,14,16,12,11,29

What I will be looking for in the future is a sample send in showing a Morris living earlier in other parts of VA or NJ. I believe are the location where my Morris back into NC.

There are already samples posted which will show WHO we are not related.

I think the link with Hollingsworth took place in Orange Co. NC.

Family Finder kits send in by female or male descends of the other children of Isaac and Elizabeth (Brown) Morris will link us together by DNA.

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Dee Ann Buck

Have Three As of Now

August 2 2015, 11:23 AM 

I will be looking for more DNA confirmation for the children of Henry Morris who died 1783 Brunswick Co.VA. Two daughters from first wife had Martha Morris who married Mr. Hubbard and daughter Sarah who had a son named John Morris. Would assume if he had children used mother's surname Morris. Still hope to find Henry's first wife maiden name.

Second wife--my line is where I have three Family Finder Matches. Daughter Elizabeth married G. Bailey we know they had a daughter Holly who married Thomas Stith (family of Henry's business partner), son Wm. Morris married F. Rainey, mine line Henry married Frances.........? we have a Y marker from this line and should be the second Y marker, Mary Morris married Wm. Rainey through son Isham Rainey I have Family Finder "JSW" her tree called My Family Tree, daughter Susannah married Mr. Smith and Richard Morris is the Family Finder for "Buckner_David"

I have some of the above surnames on my Family Tree DNA Family Finder, but the researchers do not attach useful information to their sample so I can tell if belong to this Morris Family or not.

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