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Three Families: Pugh, Beeson & Cloud

February 21 2014 at 10:33 AM
Dee Ann Buck 

I have many DNA matches with surname Pugh, I believe connected to missing wife of John McKay. Both at one time were members of Hopewell Friends of Frederick Co. VA.

Still looking to rule in or out Alice Pugh daughter of Jesse & Alice (Malin) Pugh as the wife of John McKay.

I have matches with Malin surname on Ancestry DNA & Family Tree DNA.

Beeson family I have many matches looking for the wife of my Wm. Jenkins.

Beside Pugh now being the most interesting, enter the Cloud Family of PA/DE/VA/WV. I have well over 30 matches with researchers who descend from Wm. Cloud & wife Susan James through their their sons: Wm., Joseph & Jeremiah Cloud.

A member of the Cloud family intermarried with a member of my Branson family. Elizabeth Branson born 1755 daughter of Lionel & Rebecca (Rogers) Branson. I descend twice from said couple. Elizabeth married first to Mr. Hampton (according to the notes of H.B. McKay) and had two children: Amos & Nancy Hampton born c1780's and second to Daniel Cloud Sr. born 1755 died 1815, son of Wm. Cloud. Daniel member of the same family I am showing so many matches. They had four children: Mordecai, Sarah, Daniel & Isaac Branson Cloud. Members of this group would marry into the Buck Family of Front Royal, VA. They intermarried into our McKay family.

I have been looking for who was this Mr. Hampton who married Elizabeth Branson. Was he a member of my Scottish Hampton or English Hampton?. Well the English family does not seem to claim him.

The only branch of John Hampton's Family that would fit was his son David who removed from NJ to Cecil Co. MD had two son George & David Hampton. One of them would have been the right age group to have fathered husband for said Elizabeth Branson.

I am also looking for the surname of the wife of my Noah Hampton born 1693 Freehold, Monmouth Co. NJ died 1775 present day WVA. These are the same areas the Cloud family lived.

So I am looking for a female Cloud who married my Noah Hampton or his son Andrew Hampton and a Hampton male who married Elizabeth Branson.

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Dee Ann Buck

Double Distant Pugh Cousin

March 2 2014, 11:55 AM 

Found Ancestry DNA project site researcher "ThisI showwe got there" their pedigree chart under Sanders Family Tree his main line back into Wales descend of Wm. Hugh & Jane Buckley, his line and mine about 2nd or 3rd cousin.

But his second Pugh line is a closer distant cousin:

Azariah Pugh birth year recorded 1721 Hopewell Friends Records, died 1794 SC married to Hannah Beals. They do not give parentage.

My line from Thomas Pugh & Jane Ann Rogers have DNA samples for children.

1. Jesse Pugh five samples my line

2. Azariah Pugh now one sample

3. Robert Pugh no DNA but have the names of his five daughters and the men they married. Have not found the time to seek them out.

4. Thomas Pugh have one sample.

I will not be doing research in Wales, I find the naming pattern rather confusing. But others have done so if interested. And placed pictures of some of the Pugh houses back in Wales with various stories you can post to your tree.

One of the plus sides of doing DNA research on Ancestry, is you can go right to the researcher's tree who supplied the DNA and see if you share other lines. With this tree I see only these two Pugh lines that we have in common.

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Dee Ann Buck

Family Tree DNA Pugh Project

March 3 2014, 7:55 PM 

If you are a male Pugh researcher Family Tree DNA has an active group collecting Y markers for Pugh men.

I believe the Y marker for my Ellis Pugh born 1655 in Wales have been established.

Some monies are available to help with the cost of kits.

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Dee Ann Buck

Unlinked Pugh Line

April 27 2014, 4:43 PM 

Found Ancestry DNA project researcher "MaggieFaith27" looking for the parentage of Wm. Pugh born 1832 in Wales married Mary B. Mirr born Prussia, died WI.

Could be the same family.

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Dee Ann Buck

Another Distant Pugh Cousin

June 11 2014, 12:38 PM 

Found Ancestry DNA Project researcher "RTW" descend of Jesse Pugh & Alice Malin through son Thomas. He was the brother of my Alice Pugh who married John McKay.

He also a distant Thatcher cousin descends from Johathan Thatcher (1667-1750) married to Hannah Dick. I know his line back to the emigrate Richard Thatcher. I have not been able to document my line to him from Martha Thatcher born 1790 NJ.

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Dee Ann Buck

Another Pugh Cousin

September 14 2014, 12:36 AM 

Researcher "Lee Bush" descend of Thomas Pugh and Jane Ann Rogers through son Thomas. My line from son Jesse Pugh who married Alice Malin. I have other matches with Malin researchers. Their daughter Alice Pugh married John McKay, their daughter Elizabeth McKay married Wm. Jenkins. False information on the net that said Elizabeth was member of McKee family. Their daughter Catherine Jenkins married Wm. Sowers their son George H. Sowers.

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Dee Ann Buck

Double Distant Cousin: Pugh & Malin

April 3 2014, 5:13 PM 

Researcher "Judyschmidt40" looking for parentage of:

Daniel Pugh born 1777 husband to Catherine......? their son Isaac Pugh removed to OH. If we are cousin the line must be found in Wales.

Catherine Malin born 1698 Chester Co.PA died 1721 Delaware Co. PA wife to George Tate. We are both descends of Randal Malin (1652-1729) I through his first wife Elizabeth and she through second wife Mary Hollingsworth (1656-1746).

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Dee Ann Buck

Distant Malin Cousin

September 10 2014, 5:17 PM 

Researcher "Darlene M Duggan" descend of couple Isaac Malin and his wife Elizabeth Jones through their son Thomas.

This bit of DNA their daughter Alice Malin married Jesse Pugh and their daughter birth date from Quaker Records married John McKay, their daughter Elizabeth McKay married Wm. Jenkins their daughter Catherine Jenkins married Wm. Sowers their son George H. Sowers married his cousin Martha V. Sowers their daughter my great-grandmother Etta Double Sowers who married to Charles E. McKay.

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Dee Ann Buck

Another Malin Distant Cousin

September 13 2014, 6:59 PM 

Researcher "L.M." descend of Randal Malin with wife Mary Hollingsworth through their daughter Rachel Malin born 1702 died 1725.

My line from said Randal and his other wife Elizabeth De Chesthire through their son Isaac Malin who married Elizabeth Jones their daughter married Alice Malin who married Jesse Pugh their daughter Alice Pugh married John McKay.

This another piece of DNA which has help prove the blood line of Elizabeth McKay who married Wm. Jenkins. Incorrect information has been posted on the net that said Elizabeth was member of the other family McKee, daughter of Robert. They totally different family and they removed to OH.

This will make up the blood line of George H. Sowers and I have additional DNA matches for his various other surnames.

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Dee Ann Buck

Unlinked Pugh DNA Sample

May 5 2014, 2:02 PM 

Found Ancestry DNA Project resesearcher "A.M." descend of Ellis Evan Pugh born in Wales died in Wales husband of Joan Aubrey. Their son James Pugh born 1665 Wales died 1724 Chester Co. PA husband to Joan Price.

If this is our share DNA material back in Wales.

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Dee Ann Buck

Unlinked Pugh Line

June 21 2014, 4:30 PM 

Ancestry DNA Project researcher "A.J.G." tree "Smith Family Tree" looking for parentage of Sarah Pugh born 1752 Wales (sic) died 1810 Rutherford Co. TN wife of Samuel Bell.

She does not give any parentage other on Ancestry have her parents as Robert Pugh & Sarah Evans. Both good Quaker families. His birth place PA. She could be of the same group of Pugh as mine. Her birth location, if true, that would be a problem. The link would be found in Wales. My group Wales to PA then down to VA.

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David Pugh

Ellis Evan Pugh

August 27 2017, 12:43 AM 

Ellis Evan Pugh and Joan Aubrey had a son James Pugh. James and Joan Aubrey left Wales about 1690 and were probably associated with the Quakers in PA. Joan left her husband Ellis in Wales, he was about 80 years old at that time, and he died in Wales in 1704.
Do you know where Ellis Evan Pugh came from, and do you have any further information on other children. It seems likely that Ellis was 50 years old when he married Joan (b. 1640). Son James was single when he emigrated as an indentured servant to John Bevan, a relative of the Aubreys. He married Joan Price from Llaneleonfel Breconshire.

David Pugh
Distantly related to Ellis ap William ap Hugh of Merionethsire, d about 1645 Citalgarth.

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Dee Ann Buck

Tell Me First

August 27 2017, 9:07 AM 

Since there is a fine Y Marker Project on Family Tree DNA for Pugh, if you have not supply your Y marker, you should, if you have then you have information to share with me and others.

My oldest known Pugh ancestor through my gr-gr-grandfather George H. Sowers, so I do not have the Pugh Y marker sample at my finger tips.

I would think this project could tell you the actual village in Merionethshire, Wales. I hope to receive my DNA sample from Living DNA which states they have samples from people living in Europe & GB. I hope this is the case. My own Mt DNA lines goes back to Wales. I do not know if the paper documentation exist in Wales for 1600's.

I can tell you others who have on their tree descends of the above couple I have a small DNA match. Your DNA sample filed with Ancestry I would think would show a lot more.

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