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Two Different Quaker Meetings Houses in Loudoun

January 18 2001 at 10:36 AM
Dee Ann Buck 

According to Hinshaw Vol. 6 page 611

"Goose Creek Monthly Meeting Locations: Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, Loudon Co. VA, is located nine miles west of Leesburg, 45 miles of Alexandria and 8 miles south of Waterford, 2 miles south from "Purcell Stations" of Washington & Old Dominion Railroad"

This is the meeting house were the papers were filed for our Jacob McKay Sr. to marry is third wife. Hinshaw states that they have a well kept cemetery around the Meeting House.

I know I have seen the historical marker on Rt 15 on the way to visit my aunt in Frederick Co. MARYLAND. I do plan to visit the location end of this month or next when my aunt & I can find time to met in Leesburg, VA for lunch. We have been doing this for about six years now.

The other Quaker Meeting House referred to as the Fairfax Monthly Meeting, I will see what name is attached to the building site. I am calling it South Fork, near Lincoln, Loudoun Co. VA. Also records found in Hinshaw Vol 6 p. 463. It was part of the original Goose Creek Meeting and set up on the 30th of 8th month 1745. This meeting was located near the South Fork of Goose Creek where the town of Lincoln, VA is now located. According to my map of Loudoun Co. VA, there is a historical cemetery located in this location named "Goose Creek Cemetery".

I am looking foward to visiting both these locations to see what is recorded on each historical marker. I plan to use one of those use & throw away camera. Michael let me know if you do not have pictures of these houses. I will, of course, take notes as to the surnames buried at each location.

I am working with our distant cousin Shirley Sparks dealing with her Hicks family of Loudoun/Fauquier Co. VA, now I am not sure which meeting house her Hicks & Gibson (still not proven she has this surname) were members.

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Michael McKay

I know about them

January 18 2001, 9:43 PM 

Yeah, I'm familiar with both meeting houses. I've been to them many times.

Fairfax Meeting is no longer in existence. It was the parent meeting at the time and was located just outside of Waterford, Va. My ancestor Isaac Steer (son of Joseph & Grace) was buried there. I took a picture of his tombstone.

I also have a picture of the meetinghouse building and burying grounds. Quite a few names I recognize there as being Steer descendants.

I believe the building is a private residence now.

As to Goose Creek Meeting it is now a Monthly Meeting and as you know is located in Lincoln, Va. south of Purcellville.

It has been in three buildings at the same location throughout it's history. The first one is the little red building that is next to the cemetery and the second one is just across the street from it. The larger building adjacent to the second one is the present day meetinghouse. It has a sizable congregation as far as Friends Meetings go.

Right next to it is the building that once was Janney's Store and was run by Asa Moore Janney who has since retired. He's in his 90s.

The cemetery also has names I recognize from the Steer Genealogy.

I have taken pictures of this meeting and burying grounds as well.

I'm planning to put pictures of both of these meetings up on the website (in the Steer section) sometime whenever I get around to it.

They are closer to my Steer genealogy than the McKay side as are Back Creek meeting in Frederick County (no longer in existence) and Upper Ridge (also no longer in existence).

Nineveh is of course prime McKay territory and Rockland is Sowers. Prospect Hill I guess is an even split between McKay & Sowers which would lead to my senority policy in where to place it. The order goes McKay -> Sowers -> Steer.

I guess you can sorta see what I'm planning to do here. I set up a page in the Robert Mackay Clan Links section called "Churches & Cemeteries Relevant to The Robert Mackay Clan" where I lumped all of the various churches & cemeteries that pertained to all three families mentioned above together and gave some discription of them.

I'm planning to expand that and set up a page in the Bethel Section and Steer Genealogy section with the churches & cemeteries that are more relevant to those families.

I'm going to include a few pics of the locations as well.

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Dee Ann Buck

Have You been to the One Outside Leesburg, VA

January 19 2001, 10:29 AM 

According to Hinshaw Vol 6, page 674, the meeting house called Goose Run Meeting House, located 7 miles from Leesburg was the one Jacob McKay filed papers to marry his last wife Rebecca (Janney) Gregg. He was named as son of Robert & Patience (Job) McKay. He was a member of the Crooked Meeting House at this time.

Rebekah was granted a removal papers from this meeting on 30-8-1802 to Crooked Run Meeting, VA. This is of course where the present Presbysterian Church now stands. The cemetery in the back of the church final resting place of member of our McKay family.

I am almost positive there is a Historical Marker right on Rt 15 on the way to Frederick Co. MARYLAND. And it states that this is Goose Run Meeting House.

I hope by the end of February to met my aunt in Leesburg, VA for lunch and I do plan to run up Rt 15 and take a look at this Meeting House. Do you have pictures of this Meeting House ? If you do then you will not need copies of the ones I will try to shoot.

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Michael McKay

I believe it's an error

January 19 2001, 6:51 PM 

I think that was an error in the book and it actually meant Goose Creek. I don't recall reading about a third meeting in Loudoun County.

Matter of fact, a little interesting piece of history. The people living in the areas where both Goose Creek and Fairfax Meetings were established which comprised of about a third of Loudoun County were Union sympathizers during the Civil War.

Three Quaker women, one a Steer descendant (Sarah Steer) and two others who were connected by marriage to my Steer family published an underground newsletter called "The Waterford News" which expressed Union sympathies. This was to be distributed across the border to the Union soldiers who were stationed in Maryland.

I believe Fairfax Meeting was one of the casualties of the Civil War.

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Dee Ann Buck

Clear As A Bell

January 20 2001, 9:26 AM 

Hinshaw in Vol 6 starting page 609 to 724 records of the Goose Creek Monthly Meeting located 7 miles north of Leesburg. The present building finished in 1819.

Some the people who were connection to our Crooked Run & Hopewell Meeting house records are listed as: Branson, Brown, Buchannon, Cadwallader, Carter, Davis, Fawcett, Gibson, Gover, Gregg, Heacock, Hicks, Hoge, Hollingsworth, Holloway, Jackson, JANNEY (about 4 pages of their records), Kirk, Love, Lupton, McKay (Jacob's record only), McPherson, Newbold, Rees, Ridgeway, Robinson, Rogers, Schooley, Smith, Steer, Taylor, Whitacre, Williams & Yates. There are other names just listed the ones I recall connected in some way with our mutal famiies.

I will see what pictures I can get of the place, of the house, historical marker and grave yard. What grave marker remain most likely would be for our very distant cousins. For my direct line none of my ancestors were buried in this location.

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Michael McKay

Wrong direction I believe

January 20 2001, 1:04 PM 

7 miles North I believe should actually be 7 miles West since Goose Creek is about a mile south of Purcellville.

Yeah, as far as our McKay side goes we won't find much there.

But for my Steer family this was a major location for the branch of my Great (3x) grandmother, Lydia Ann Steer (who married her 2nd cousin Archibald Robinson). Her branch coming from Isaac Steer (son of Joseph) settled in Loudoun County and were members of these meetings (Fairfax & Goose Creek) along with some of John Steer (Joseph's brother)'s descendants.

Lydia removed to Frederick County (particularly Gainesboro) to marry Archibald Robinson and there she lived out her life. But much of her siblings remained in Loudoun County.

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Dee Ann Buck

Path of Goose Creek

January 20 2001, 3:01 PM 

I do not know if the path of Goose Run Creek has changed from the 1740's, looking at a modern map of Loudoun Co. VA, it runs across lower part of Loudoun into northern part of Fauquier Co. VA.

Goose Creek ends just south of Leesburg, into the Potomac River, Montgomery Co. MD on the other side. To get to Goose Run Meeting House located north of Leesburg on Rt. 15, sure of that. Believe on the left hand side of Rt. 15 heading to MD. I rather doubt the Society of Friends keep their records at the Meeting House; but I will at least see the location where our Jacob McKay Sr. married his last wife of three wives. (Rebekah Janney).

There is a cemetery called Goose Creek Cemetery near the town of Linoln, its south of Purcellville. I do not know why called Goose Run, less it just took the name of the South Fork of Goose Creek, that does run near the town of Lincoln. The people who removed to the meeting house located near Leesburg, from this location were referred to as coming from the Meeting House of South Fork, Loudoun Co. VA.

Hope to sort this out next month, unless we have a lot of snow in February.

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Michael McKay

They moved?

January 20 2001, 3:48 PM 

I guess you're reading something to the effect that the whole meeting was located at another place?

I always thought they've always been at Lincoln, Va.

I'll have to get out my copy of Hinshaw's book on the Va. meetings to see.

Yeah, I've got pictures of that cemetery.

The Janneys were a pretty prominent family in that area.

Some of their descendants still live there. Asa Moore Janney is an author on some books relating to the history of Friends in Loudoun County. One is titled "Ye Meeting Hous Smal". Also I have a book on a Phineas Janney who went west that originally came from Loudoun County.

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Michael McKay

Only two meetings in Loudoun County

January 21 2001, 5:43 PM 

I looked at Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. VI which covers Virginia Friends Meetings.

There were only two meetings mentioned in Loudoun County.

Goose Creek was said to be "nine miles west of Leesburg, Va.".

It didn't give the distance from Leesburg to Fairfax Meeting though. But it did establish that the town of Waterford, Va. was built around where that meeting was established. Basically from the beginnings of it's history it was a Quaker town.

In later years, however, people of other religious denominations moved in so it wasn't totally Quaker. But the history of Waterford reflects strongly of it's Quaker heritage.

I'm guessing that Fairfax Meeting may have been "seven miles north of Leesburg" but I didn't see any reference to that in Hinshaw's book here.

These were originally under auspices of Hopewell Meeting but once Fairfax Meeting became established as a Monthly Meeting a line was drawn at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains whereby all on the west of the line were members of Hopewell MM, and all of those on the east became members of Fairfax MM. No exchange of certificates were made to this effect. I guess it was just a generalized agreement.

Later, Goose Creek became a Monthly Meeting and I assume it's territory was carved out of the southern end of the Fairfax domain.

Interestingly, Fairfax Meeting got it's name because originally Loudoun County was part of Fairfax County.

Also of interest, there is another Goose Creek Meeting that existed in I believe Southeastern Virginia but it didn't last long. This one has no connections with any of our families that I'm aware of.

There was a group of Quakers that settled in Southeastern Va. who (I believe) were unrelated to the families of Quakers who came down from Pennsylvania.

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Dee Ann Buck

I Like My Crow Baked--Please !!!

January 23 2001, 2:37 PM 

You are right Michael and I am wrong--About Goose Creek House location.

My trip to the Regional Library of Middleburg, was a waste of time. It is smaller than I house and their "Genealogy Section" was a few notebooks with clipping people had put together. The librarian informed me the Regional Libarary of FAIRFAX, VA is the best genealogy library in Northern Virginia.

She did call the library in Leesburg--Thomas Balch Library--fee gets you in to this library; and I had a talk with the librarian. Now there might be a road marker on RT 15 (like I say) to a Quaker Meeting House, but then you go off on a county road west to WATERFORD. Like you said no longer in use, privately owned, called Fairfax Meeting.

So the long and the short of it: if I want a picture of the meeting house where Jacob McKay married his third wife; I will have to go to LINCOLN.

Since you already have pictures, you will not need any of mine. I have, of course, made big notes in my Hinshaw book--about the right location I will need to go.

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Shirley Starks

Quakers, Hicks, Gibson, Jackson, etc.

September 14 2002, 9:23 AM 

I hope this 'takes'. I see I am not 'logged in'. I've changed my email address. I'll plunge on anyway.

Dee Ann, I have now proved the Gibson-Hicks marriage, via the Quaker Encyclopedia, Hicks family bible, census, deeds, & "Jackson Family Record". Rachel Gibson married oum..isn't that the code? The reference is an oblique one; but certain. Rachel descends from the Quaker Gibsons & Jacksons who first settled in Chester Co. PA. These Jacksons originally migrated like this: Lancashire, England to Ireland to PA to VA. This particular Gibson family m'd in Ireland and came with the Isaac Jackson (son of Anthony) family to America.

Joseph Gibson m'd Aice Jackson in Ireland. They had a certificate from Sadsbury to Exeter, then to New Garden MM in 1748, for Themselves and children:
Joseph, Rebecca, John, James & Moses.

To they moved to Bradford MM in 1760. Joseph Gibson, the father died in 1764. 1767, Alice obtained a certificate from Bradford to Fairfax in 1767 for herself and dau, Rebecca. The other children subsequently settled with their mother. Alice lived to be 84. The Jackson Family Record says Alice (Jackson) was born 8mo, 29, 1703 (Ireland).

Rachel Gibson did marry Israel Hicks, son of Kimble Hicks Sr. Rachel & Israel Hicks' son & only child was Kimble Gibson Hicks, who lived at Amandale. (Still standing and is now in Loudoun Co, very near the Fauquier Co. border.) I have a copy of Israel Hicks' Bible. Since Israel met an early death, they only had one child. I have found no indication that Rachel (Gibson) remarried.


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