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Debbie Reverses Her Uterine Prolapse!

September 7 2008 at 9:16 PM
Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator 

Response to Stopping Leaks and Accidents With the Kegelmaster


Dear Sari,  

If you will recall from my previous email, the ob-gyn I had been seeing informed me in November (2007) that my uterus had prolapsed to late second stage.....and that "kegel exercises WOULD NOT HELP". (Even your phone-line people said it may not reverse a late second stage prolapse.)

He recommended a "wait and see" stance -- until I had no alternative but hysterectomy. (Because of my age, he said he would not recommend uterine suspension mesh -- after all, "Do you want more children?") No, but I want my uterus! 

I have been using your device for five weeks. While I am still unable to "close" it all the way on the fourth pin.....I am really working! I had an appt. with my "new" doctor for a prolapse check this past Friday and her thoughts on what else I could do or should do to help reverse it. 

After examining me (and reading the notes from my previous ob-gyne), she told me she is not recommending I do anything other than what I'm doing. She said, "Your uterine prolapse now is  a very early (mild) second stage; whatever you're doing, keep it up! It's working." I was overjoyed! (I broke into tears of HAPPINESS!) 

My regime of kegels is NOT hit or miss. I do them religiously every morning -- and when I'm at work, I do them w/out the KegelMaster  -- sitting, standing, etc.....maybe 3 sets of 30 another 5 or 6 times a day. 

Just wanted to let you know that the exercises (with the device), determination and a positive mental attitude CAN help to reverse even a late second stage uterine prolapse. Again, this whole process of reversal may take 6 months to a year before my uterus (as well as bladder and rectum) are "almost" back to  pre-pregnancy and birth days.   

I am overjoyed with the results I am getting from the KegelMaster!

So tell other women experiencing a late second stage prolapse, that the KegelMaster CAN work (it's working for me!!!! yippee!) -- don't lose hope because of inability to close the device all the way -- as long as you work those muscles and manage to close the device partially -- IT'S WORKING -- Don't listen to the "nay" sayers -- Thank you, (crying from joy here!) thank you! Thank you! for your product AND YOUR personal encouragement.


-- Debbie (49 y/o mother of five) 

P.S. Please put my email in the forum if you think it will give hope to other women.

Editors Note: We have changed "Debbie's" name, however verification is on file.


"Sari, just ANOTHER follow up for you and the forum.  

After using the Kegelmaster for almost six months, I have reversed the late-second-stage uterine prolapse! April, 2008, I was informed by my doctor that my uterus is "back in place" muscles are strong. She can't believe how quickly I have "healed" myself. I will continue using the device for many years. 

With tears of gratitude for your product, again --THANK YOU!   


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