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October 1 2008 at 7:48 PM

Response to I'm Sold For Life!


Dear Forum Readers (especially new visitors!)

I found this web site and discussion forum earlier this year. I was searching for information on post-surgery recovery for a rectocele (a bulging of the rectum wall into the vagina).

I'm a very ordinary 49 year old woman, working outside the home, and have 2 children now 15 and 13. They weighed 8 lb 5 oz and 7 lb 12 oz at birth (and I weighed only 100 lb!) Larger babies, lengthy first labour, use of forceps can all contribute to the eventual formation of a rectocele. Mine is tolerable, but was getting worse, and also my doctor indicated that my uterus (which is retroverted) was "making it's way down". At this point, I'm slated to have surgery for the rectocele a few years down the road. At that time, they would also "tighten" up my uterus and/or bladder (I was having occasional leakage when sneezing).

But then I found this website by accident. I was amazed at the knowledge I instantly gained just by reading through parts of the discussion forum. I learned so much about the problems that women can suffer with, both before and after surgery. Surgery doesn't always correct the problem, or it doesn't correct it permanently, and more can be needed down the road. I was VERY impressed with the instant "help" available from this website for women who buy this product. The responses from the woman named Sari were so genuine, empathetic and helpful.The Kegelmaster device looked simple to use. The principles of resistance training of the PC muscle made complete sense. I LIKED the integrity of this website. I CLICKED on the order button, and using my VISA (it's a secure website - it can also be ordered by phone) I ORDERED the KM. I live in Canada and it was delivered within 4 days! The packaging was discreet.

I've since looked at other Kegelmaster distribution web sites on the internet, and I can honestly say none come CLOSE to what Sari's business provides. The discussion forum, the video (which I found helpful), the Second Device - (if needed), durable storage case, the extremely detailed instruction sheets, free phone help, or email, are all valuable in making the use of the Kegelmaster effective for each woman.

This product is effectively designed, durable, easy to clean, and easy to USE. It's similar to having a small speculum inserted during a vaginal exam at the doctors - there's a not unpleasant feeling of pressure against your vaginal walls as you gradually adjust the knob (I find it pleasurable). It only takes about 10 minutes daily for the first few weeks (for most women) and then 2 - 3 times per week after that to maintain. My situation wasn't extreme, but I noticed a difference almost immediately. I rarely get up in the night to pee now (for years I'd been getting up once or twice). The mild leakage when sneezing has disappeared. My vulva and vagina are "plumper" (my vagina is unquestionably tighter). When I squeeze my vaginal muscles (ie. do a regular kegel), the contraction of my PC muscles seem very STRONG. It's a great feeling!

Some months down the road, I'm now at the strongest setting of the Kegelmaster springs. I'm at a stage of my life where I know that my body is starting to age - and age rapidly. I'm paying attention to what I can do that most effectively offsets or slows down some of these changes. I have reduced my caffeine intake to almost nothing (I quit coffee, and now only drink hot chocolate and the very occasional de-caf coffee; I don't drink pop or black tea). I try to drink 1 - 1 and a half quarts (1.5 litres) of water/liquid per day. I've upped my fibre intake (which helps with the rectocele). And now, because I've been inspired by the success of my much healthier vagina, I've just signed up at a nearby fitness club to do STRENGTH TRAINING for the REST of my body (yes, my bones are starting to seriously thin too...). I really feel like I'm taking charge of my health, and I feel happier too!! I feel badly about the thousands and thousands of women who are suffering needlessly with poor PC muscles, and who could avoid surgery if only they knew about the Kegelmaster and BOUGHT it!

Tell your friends, tell your sisters, tell your mother, and tell your DOCTOR about this fantastic product and in particular mention this website address ( and their free phone number (1-800-523-4430). PRINT THIS PAGE AND HAND IT OUT! And please do one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself and BUY a Kegelmaster!


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