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Women with the most severe prolapses have waited too long - here's why.

April 2 2009 at 1:13 AM
Sari Wexler - Forum Moderator 

Response to Have I waited too long?

Dear CJ,

Here's why it seems you've waited too long, most likely:

The Kegelmaster strengthens the PC muscle - no question. It will make a woman's vagina tighter. However what it won't do is repair severe damage to the connective tissue known as the fascia. The fascia is part of the structure holding up your uterus (uterine prolapse) , your bladder (cystocele) and your rectum (rectocele) .

When the weight of these organs FIRST starts pushing down because the MUSCLE (The PC, pubococcyeus, "kegel" muscle) is weakening - it's getting weaker with age, gravity, lack of exercise, hormone droppage and other factors including original damage during vaginal childbirth's) it can be reversed. The only way to do this is by proper exercise. If the fascia has been "grossly disrupted" (this is precisely the medical term) you need surgery!

Your condition is so preventable.

It saddens me that women underinformed by the "establishment" regarding this issue.

Women are the ones who bring these kids into the world (duh), and this is the thanks we get.

What has happened, in my opinion, is that your fascia has been stretched to the point where it cannot be rehabilitated except by surgery.

Assuming your doctor is not a quack, he would have at least "suggested" physical therapy as a possible alternative. That would be your cue to get a Kegelmaster, immediately!

What happens, CJ, is there is a "point-of-no-return" which if someone hasen't hit and if they started effectively exercising their PC muscles they can heal themselves naturally and can avoid surgery!

Until the Kegelmaster, there wasn't any great way to "rehab" the PC muscle. This cartilage (fascia) and other ligaments and connective tissue that I referenced above DOES get it's nutrition from the PC muscle exercise i.e. the Kegelmaster. The red blood cell increases that are produced by increased "pelvic vascularity" enhance the chance of avoiding surgery.

This increase in "pelvic vascularity" are also part of the reason "orgasms" are so greatly enhanced by exercising with the Kegelmaster.

Why this isn't common knowledge confounds me. This is all provable and has been known for over 60 years!

At some point the use of the Kegelmaster would have stopped the need for surgery, period. IT Is A WONDERFUL PREVENTATIVE!

Don't beat up on yourself though. The establishment has led you to believe that doing these things called "kegel exercises" would have helped you.

There's no way that anyone prevents or reverses a mild to moderate prolapse - the stages at which the damage to the fascia is still reversable, by squeezing against "nothing". If squeezing against resistance wasn't the way to go why would there be health clubs? Why would there be exercise equipment? We could all just go "flexing"!

Women Need To Know!

It is obvious that the Kegelmaster works. You should be able to picture how easy it is to do these rewarding "squeezes", knowing that SOME WOMEN ARE GOING TO REVERSE THEIR ONE-WAY PATH TO SURGERY.

The only way any woman can make things worse (with or without a Kegelmaster) is by using your "lower abs" (stomach) muscles to "help" do the "Kegel squeeze". This is extremely important to be aware of! If you have a mild to moderate "prolapse" there is a chance to avoid surgery BUT, until the benefits of the Kegelmaster start kicking in, you still have to be real careful NOT to pick up heavy objects (8 - 10 pounds HAS to be your limit), beginning NOW and for at least the next few weeks, you should try to avoid high impact activity including coughing. Also, another factor that can make a prolapse worse is straining if constipated.

Make sure you "err on the side of caution" before you engage in high impact activities.

If you do have to have surgery for a dropping bladder, uterus or rectum, you need to know that these surgeries often fail. Without proper exercise of the PC muscle, there is "at least" a 30% failure rate.

But then the Kegelmaster comes back into the picture!!!! You can prevent any repeat surgery by using the Kegelmaster AFTER A PROPER POST-OP period - rule of thumb is 6 weeks - ask your doctor.

I hate to sound like I'm just trying to sell you something, but the Kegelmaster should be fast-tracked by the medical community. It has FDA clearance!!!

For women who don't have a situation as serious as your's, who keep in mind the "advice regarding too much "impact" the Kegelmaster can drastically change the course of your life for the better. It is important to get started. Unfortunately the muscle will not get strong by itself!


We have found that, far more women are getting the Kegelmaster for the sexual benefits. I don't mind mentioning these wonderful "side effects" from using the Kegelmaster IN ADDITION TO, reversing a mild to moderate prolapse. Life is tough enough already. When you can do something so easy that is so empowering you tend to tell friends.

A leading television star (Teri Hatcher) "raved" on the Jay Leno tonight show about the Kegelmaster. It was so cool. We didn't pay her a penny and among other things she said: "Every Women Should Own A Kegelmaster" We don't even know her! The tightnes that the Kegelmaster restores to the vagina is a medical certainty.

Did you know that a percentage of relationhips break up because of a loose vagina.

It is totally unnecessary. You do this easy exercise with our little device, 5 minutes a day. No way it interferes with your lifestyle and there is no way you can fail.

That's because the only thing that could possible go wrong is that you were unable to "isolate" the correct muscle in doing the squeezes. The "Second Device" which uses a single AA battery will induce a single perfect "kegel". You'll know exactly what muscle is used and which muscles MUST not move.

It's pretty much a sure thing. Many, many women otherwise do their kegels "incorectly". That makes it imperative for us to include the "Second Device". It's no gimmick whatsoever. It's already been described by a recent user as a "blessing". If you don't want to use it as a "trainer" because you already know how to isolate your PC muscle, you can use it for fun. For women that don't feel guilty about it, really strong orgasms are extremely healthy, not just pleasurable!

CJ, my answer to your question has evolved into a stream-of-conscience kind of thing.

Simple "garden variety" incontinence can almost always be eliminated by using the Kegelmaster.

Want to know why? It's simple" Let's take the quick introductory class: "Interior Anatomy 101". The urine goes from the kidney to the bladder to the bladder neck, through the bladder neck seal (usually it's in the 'closed' positon except when you want to urinate) and out the urethra (the canal through which the urine flows out of the body)

When your body is "stressed" by a sneeze or by lifting something, etc. the bladder temporarily will "sag".and things get out-of-line, the "bladder neck seal" will lose its integrity and "flop open", and the only thing that can happen is for there to be an accident.

We weren't misdesigned by God when She/He created us. We just aren't preconditioned the way nature probably intended. Plus "squatting" is generally considered an "unladylike" movement.

Childbirth (which SHOULD be done from a squatting position) is the genesis of almost all of the problems. Exercising the PC muscles keep it strong and healthy, and things stay "in line" when the body is stressed by the cough or sneeze.

Urge incontinence (overactive bladder is even easiery to correct with the Kegelmaster. When a muscle after the rigors of vaginal childbirth is damaged, and not exercised it can start to lose "tone" pretty quickly. When a muscle lacks "tone" it is subject to "spasm" - wth this particular muscle that would be bad if it happened when there was urine in the bladder. It creates these horrible "urges" which cause women to lose sleep and have to plan their lives around their "urge" incontinence (overactive bladder).

Again, this should be the ultimate no-brainer.

You give this muscle the "tone" that nature intends it to have and NO MORE URGES or overactive bladder!

Sometimes it helps to cut back on items which are know to irritate the bladder such as carbonated beverages, caffeine, and alcohol.

The main thing is to get the Kegelmaster and the "Second Device"!

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