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A Godsend for me - I was so close to having surgery

July 12 2009 at 5:24 AM


I am almost 51 yrs old, married for 29 years, and have three children, each around 8.5 lbs at birth. I bought my Kegelmaster when the doctor told me I had a mild rectocele and cystocele and uterine prolapse. I was having some occasional stress incontinence, too. However, after only using it 1 or 2 times, I put it away in a drawer for THREE YEARS. (true!)

I struggled along, gradually having more problems, until I was wearing a pad every day in case I sneezed or coughed; I had to apply pressure manually to have a bowel movement; sex was so painful, I knew something had to change.

At my annual check up last month, the doctor told me I no longer had an option - must have a hysterectomy, repair of rectocele and cystocele, and a urethra suspension. I felt resigned to do whatever I had to do so life could return to normal. But, still I cried and starting praying for another option. Then I got on the internet and started researching the surgery that seemed my only choice.

I found out there's only 50-60% long term success. That means, about ½ the women who go through surgery have to have another surgery within 10 years. Recovery is 2 weeks with a catheter, another 4-6 weeks before resuming normal activities. Kegel exercises were recommended to increase success. Also, taking hormone replacements, never again lifting anything over 15-20 lbs., and keeping a low body weight, but without impact exercises or anything that strains the abdomen (no more aerobics!) I watched a video of the surgery - ay de mi! (Spanish - means "yikes!")I do NOT want that done to me! I thought, - why not give that Kegelmaster another chance BEFORE surgery and see what happens? So, I got it out of the drawer, (thank God I remembered where I put it!) watched the instructional video again, and have been using the Kegelmaster faithfully for about 2 weeks now.

After only 4 days I quit using mini pads for stress incontinence, and have had no accidents, even with sneezing and coughing (a certain recipe for disaster before). My difficulty with stool elimination was much improved after a week (I only have to "assist" occasionally, rather than every time). And, my husband commented he could feel I was stronger and tighter - sex is no longer painful for me the way it was just two weeks ago.

So, don't delay and let things go from bad to worse the way I did. Invest in your marriage, in yourself. Yesterday I saw a woman buying a huge bag of pads for incontinence. I thought, there's money I won't be wasting! Not to mention no longer worrying about being embarrassed if I sneeze! And, when God blesses me with grandbabies someday, I won't have to worry when I pick them up!

How sad that every day hundreds of women have surgery (like I almost did) just because they don't know about resistance being essential to proper toning of the pc muscles. Save yourself the heartaches of painful intercourse, embarrassing leakage, inability to pass stool normally, and uterine prolapse. I will definitely be telling my friends about this. I consider it an answer to my prayers.

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