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eBay Descriptions Emphasizing Sexual Enhancement!

July 22 2009 at 5:50 PM



Someone we don't even know (Bonnie) wrote the following as an ebay description, referring frequently to this Discussion Forum! (the item sold out for the highest price!):


The KegelMaster is the BEST device to help strengthen your vaginal muscles in order to stop female incontinence, and add vigor to your sex life.

I used to have problems with incontinence (sometimes when I coughed or sneezed hard, or when I laughed too hard) and I bought one of these for myself,

After using it the first few times all of it stopped and I never had that problem again! As an added benefit I didn't initially consider, my Fiance is so impressed with my gripping strength, our sex life is better than ever!

If you've had a baby recently, this will also help with problems you may have after childbirth with incontinence and vaginal stretching.

If you're going or planning on having a baby, doctors can't stress enough how much easier childbirth is when you've strengthened your pelvic floor muscles (vaginal muscles). Exercising with this product will aid in a much easier childbirth, and then it continues to aid in recovering afterwards! read here for yourself!

This product will give you back the tightness you had long ago, and never thought you could regain! Your partner will be so amazed! If this can't rekindle your lovemaking, nothing will!

If you've ever heard of the term for women who are "grippers" this product will make you one. Women will be envious and your S.O. will never stop smiling! wink.gif

Or even for the men: buy this for your lady as a gift, and experience a renewed and intensely satisfying lovelife, the likes of which you never knew!

The KegelMaster, as if all the ways that it helps aren't enough, also give you more control over your orgasms. Many women have problems being able to achieve orgasm during intercourse. This product also helps overcome this.

The KegelMaster will end incontinence problems that so many women have (but are afraid to admit) with just a few exercises a day. Most women have this problem and don't know there's a simple solution! Read for yourself! I can't tell you how much mine has helped me. I'm never giving mine up! But I will sell my extra one, brand new for not one penny extra!

Seriously, don't just take my word for it, if you look at sites all over the Internet you'll find they say the same thing about this product. It truly is remarkable: YOU ARE HERE! (this is the main discussion about the product. Read through the page, links, and descriptions for a better idea of just how wonderful and helpful the KegelMaster truly is!)   







Testimonials from other people on this amazing product.   

Read here about the many ways KegelMaster can help you with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse gripping strength, and female orgasmic problems   

How Kegelmaster works   

Another, more descriptive "How To" on using the Kegelmaster   

Yet more info, if you're not yet convinced   

KegelMaster discussion forum for skeptics, I know how most places you'll read on ebay like to put up fake testimonials. Mine isn't, and here is a discussion forum from all REAL PEOPLE who discuss their use and the pros and cons (you'll see it's mostly pros) of this product. I even post to this myself.

People on here can also help you with many of the surrounding issues this product helps!

I think a woman named "Lee Ann" said it best here:

There's the Torso Tiger, the HealthRider, and NordicTrack. All machines to tone and strengthen the muscles of the body and make us into the Greek Gods the creators and advertisers all believe we should be.

Now, ladies (and gentlemen, if you so prefer!) there's Kegelmaster! To tone and strengthen those muscles that most of the world doesn't even know you have! Those pesky kegels that never seem to get enough of a good workout and sadly, go forgotten sneeze after giving birth! Or laugh or cough or wait too long to hit the potty when you simply have to go!

Let's not forget the added sexual benefits of toned kegels, either. If you've ever had the urge to latch onto that incredible man that does those delicious things to your G-spot and make him feel like he'll never escape your "grip," while whispering in an evil voice into his ear, "You're not going anywhere, baby!" Well then order up one of these suckers. All ! joking aside, this is a great invention and gosh darn it, I'm even going to order one for my mother! It beats the heck out of surgery and drugs to tighten up those needed kegels. Now, the real test comes in trying to find the right man to try the benefits of Kegelmaster 2000 out on!

You'll find testimonials and reasons why you need Kegelmaster on this site, as well as online ordering and telephone number 1(800)523-4430 to place orders offline.

Hey guys, do you believe the things we women do to keep you all satisfied? A hundred bucks, just to keep it tight! Bow down and worship us, we do it all for you. I, too, paid $100 plus shipping when I ordered mine! If you do a little shopping online you'll find that everyone sells the KegelMaster for around this price - NOT INCLUDING THE "SECOND DEVICE"! Everywhere you look, it goes for $98.95, and if you're lucky enough to find one at a medical device store or catalogue, they sometimes go for $119.95!! Look below at these order sites or do a search for KegelMaster 2000 yourself!:

  The main Kegel order form - $98.95!

  Another online order site - $98.95!

  Yet another one - again $98.95!

  Everywhere you look - $98.95! Do a search for it on your own on the internet if you like. This is what they go for. They're not cheap, but that's because this is truly a medical device, and the benefits have been proven by many (read the testimonials), and further, the KegelMaster has been recommended BY NAME by many gynecologists, obstetricians, urologists, etc, to help with so many female problems!

It truly is worth what most people want for it (I already have one and it's magnificent.)

This really is a heck of a deal (THE "SECOND DEVICE" IS WORTH $20 - $30 ALONE!), if I do say so myself. I'm totally serious, this isn't just hype, see for yourself. I'm just a woman who used to have these kinds of problems, and found this remarkable product. I bought two, because I was so crazy about them, and then realized I only really need one.

The other stayed unopened in my closet for almost a year now. I figure I can get what I paid back, and also actually help another woman with some of the same issues I had in the process!

I hope you all do your homework and realize what a great opportunity this is. Like I've been saying. Don't even take my word for it, look around on other sites or even call up your doctor and ask him for yourself. Even he will tell you just how important using the KegelMaster is!

Alright, I'm done typing this all out now! (whew!) wink.gif

I can't stress to you enough what a great deal this is on such a wonderful and helpful product.

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