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Satya's Testimonial

December 11 2009 at 1:09 AM

Hi Everyone!

Just a bit of history. I am a 31yr old mother of three. After the birth of my third child, I noticed a lot of changes and annoyances:

1. I could not feel the girth of my husband's penis.

2. My husband would go careening into my cervix during intercourse, and the impact was very uncomfortable.

3. I had a constant urge to urinate, and I began to limit my fluid intake, just so that I could have time to do other things besides go to the toilet.

4. I had an uncomfortable dropping feeling in my vulva when ever I did high impact exercise.

5. My doctor said that there was no medical explaination for these discomforts.

I got on the internet and typed in how to tighten the vagina, because I was well aware of the changes of my vaginal size, due tothe fact that tampons were no longer comfortable, as they would lop over during insertion and lay in a sort of diagonalish horizontal position (ouch!).

The Kegelmaster popped up and I decided to give it a try because it was one of the least expensive devices available for this purpose. I liked the idea of the progressive training program. I decided against the cones because they seemed kind of scary and time consuming.

After three days of using the Kegelmaster, I realized that in addition to all of the other problems that I had noticed, I also had stress incontinence, because I was unwittingly wetting my panties during exercise. I thought the wetness was perspiration or discharge but it was urine, and that wetness was not there after exercise, after three days of using the Kegelmaster.

After a week the vulvar pain gone. And the urge incontinence was about 70% improved.After about two weeks of using the Kegelmaster, I went to two springs on the highest setting. Also, within two weeks, my cervix was not as vulnerable to the impact of intercourse, because there was muscle tissue there to cushion the impact (just guessing). I could also feel my husband much much more. The urge incontinence was gone too.

After a month, foreplay was an absoulute necessity because if I was not aroused, there was no getting in there. This was a very nice surprise. Also, it was so good to my husband that he was willing to give me foreplay so that he could get in there. (I am not bragging. Married women, I am sure that you can relate)

Well after all of these benefits, I fell of the wagon!! I went to school and my time got really limited, and so I neglected my exercise programs. I stopped for about 4 months. I still had the control of my pelvic muscles that the Kegelmaster gave me, but my muscles were a lot thinner.

I also noticed that my constipation and urge incontinence problem returned . I also felt this weight in my pelvic area after a bowel movement that would not go away. From reading the pelvic floor health websites, I remembered the symptoms of a rectocele, and thought that maybe I may have one.

I started using the Kegelmaster again, and in one week, the pressure and constipation was aleviated. And the urge incontinence went away again after a few days of the exercise resumption.

I am no longer embarrassed to discuss pelvic related issues with my friends.

My sister, who just graduated from physical therapy school was surprised to learn about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor and the devestating impact of a weak pelvic floor (diapers, chapping, constipation, pain, avoidance of exercise due to stress incontigence, uterine prolapse, hysterectomy, and the snowball effect of one thing leading to another).

Please do not be ashamed to tell everyone. This is one device that has impacted my life in more ways than I ever expected. It is not frivilous, or time consuming. The time I saved from going to the bathroom, only 5 times instead of 12 times is well worth the time I spend doing my kegels. The relief from constipation is worth it.

Also, even though I do not get an orgasm from using this, I get a real sense of well being after using the device.

It is worth every penny, and every minute.

I still have more to add but I know this is long enough as it is.

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