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The next great advance in the health of the American people will come not from hospitals or laboratories,
but from what people learn to do for themselves.

--Dr. Norman Shealy, MD

We are proud that this Better Business Bureau accredited company, Kegelmaster WorldWide ,
is the premier source for the Kegelmaster
and a "Second Device" that we include FREE! 

There is more information about the "Second Device" further down in this introduction and much more detailed information in the Discussion Forum Message which follows, entitled: The "Second Device" - Your Free Gift!


Many women have, or are going to unnecessarily let their bodies become subjected to surgery (or a series of surgeries) for incontinence or for dropped pelvic area organs, (cystocele, uterine prolapse, rectocele) or be embarrassed by lack of vaginal tightness or urinary accidents.

It is easy to confirm the benefits of Kegel Exercises (also referred to as Pelvic Floor Exercises) in preventing and reversing almost all of these conditions - which affect a vast majority of all women.

If you did an internet search for the term "kegel exercises" and the "name of the condition" such as:

-uterine prolapse (dropping uterus)-
-cystocele (dropping bladder)-
-female incontinence-
-stress incontinence-
-overactive bladder-
-urge incontinence-
-pelvic pain including severe menstrual cramps-
-lack of vaginal tightness-
-unsatisfactory orgasm-
, etc.

on a medical website, you would find that "Kegel Exercises" or "Pelvic Floor Exercises" are almost always recommended as the frontline�treatment.

..... so WHY aren't more women achieving results by doing these exercises?

Dr. Arnold Kegel, the Los Angeles gynecologist for whom the real exercise is named, PROVED that To Obtain Results One Must Exercise Against RESISTANCE.

Dr. Kegel's patients always used a "RESISTIVE DEVICE".

Dr. Kegel also wrote extensively about How Difficult It Was For Most Women To Identify And Isolate The Correct Muscle.

It is extremely profitable for the "Medical Establishment" to recommend "Kegel Exercises" - (squeezing against nothing) - knowing that they don't accomplish much at all, and in fact almost always allow more damage to occur, but that the guilt-inducing tease will ensure that they have a steady supply of future customers.

Surgeons, adult pad and diaper manufacturers, pharmaceutical drug companies etc. are all making billions upon billions of dollars each year, while women continue to suffer in silence.



With 15 levels of adjustable resistance the Kegelmaster
user can begin at a comfortable and appropriate level, and feel an increasing sense of accomplishment as she progresses through the strength settings!

The Kegelmaster was inspired by equipment from fitness companies such as Nautilus, utlilizing the state-of-the-art exercise principle of dynamic progressive resistance to tone, strengthen, and tighten this hidden, but vital muscle.

If you are familiar with exercise terminology, you may know that it is always more effective to "exercise a muscle from 'full extension to full contraction' ". "Full extension" for the PC muscle - the most elastic muscle in the body - is going to be different, for different women.

The Kegelmaster takes this into account! The patented "control knob" allows the device to "customize" the extension for each individual woman.

Combine this with the 15 levels of spring loaded, adjustable resistance, and you realize why the Kegelmaster is so much more effective than any "Kegel Exercise" device that has ever existed!

~If your goal is to become stronger and tighter in the shortest period of time, please read some of the messages which deal with this and the other dramatic sexual benefits.

~For a great number of women, especially those with stress or urge urinary incontinence (overactive bladder - frequency), and those who are prevention-minded, it is of life-changing importance that you use the Kegelmaster - there is no comparable product.

~If you have bladder prolapse (mild to moderate) (fallen or dropped bladder), ("cystocele"), uterine prolapse, or rectocele before allowing the condition to worsen and submitting to surgery, consider the Kegelmaster Please learn more by reading some of the messages in the Discussion Forum.

The Kegelmaster has received marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) License No. KO23305.

Respected women's magazines such as Marie Claire have run "product comparisons" (reprinted in the Discussion Forum, below) with the Kegelmaster always emerging as the best!

"Desperate Housewives" television star, Teri Hatcher RAVED about the Kegelmaster in a totally unsolicited endorsement on NBC'S Jay Leno Tonight Show. She said "Every Woman Should Have A Kegelmaster!"



As previously mentioned, when doing any type of "kegel squeeze" it is extremely important that the correct muscle (the PC or Pubococcygeus) is used - and no other. This is a difficult, seemingly impossible movement for some women, especially those who have endured vaginal childbirth(s).

Thankfully, there is a wonderful technique involving a "Second Device" to be used with the Kegelmaster which "jumpstarts the process" and allows practically all women, even those with the most stretched, damaged muscles to identify and isolate the proper muscle and receive all of the promised benefits from "kegel exercises".

Statistics prove that upwards of 60% of ALL women will do their kegels incorrectly without either the use of the "Second Device", or without the invasive, expensive, embarrassing help of a physical therapist.

The "Second Device" makes the Kegelmaster virtually failure-proof, which is why we include it Free!

For more detailed information regarding the "Second Device" please read the Discussion Forum message, below, entitled:
The "Second Device" - Your Free Gift!

Is There Only Kegelmaster

Frankly, YES, the Kegelmaster  with its innovative, patented, design is a breakthrough device.
-Vaginal weights-
-Vaginal cones-
-Vaginal barbells-
-Ben-Wa balls-
-Biofeedback devices
, etc.
have all been around for years, and have failed in the marketplace for essentially the same reasons - those products are "tedious" and not as effective or as easy to use.


The Kegelmaster and "Second Device" must be the most effective "Kegel Exercise" product on the market today and Kegelmaster WorldWide offers The BEST DEAL - or we will give you a full refund.

Kegelmaster WorldWide, being a verifiable member of the Better Business Bureau, (A+ Rated), adheres to a strict code of business ethics including accountability, "truth-in-advertising", a secure online order page, discreet packaging and toll-free customer support.

Also included is a professionally produced Instructional DVD

 We have Free "Priority Shipping" in the United States

You will always be speaking with knowledgeable people and you will always be treated with respect. 

email -

".........I apparently ordered my Kegelmaster
from another company that does not have as good an offer as yours. (no "Second Device", no Customer Support, no Discussion Forum) "My mistake!" or are the ONLY sites you will receive the Free Second Device.

You can gain an excellent understanding of what to expect from the Kegelmaster by reading at least 5 - 10 of these messages.

Many of our customers who told us they spent a great deal of time "researching the subject" and "comparing" mention that these messages were the most valuable resource on the internet.

Thank you!

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