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January 26 2002 at 12:12 PM

I was investigating "cystocele" on the internet and found your web page. I have a question from one of the testemonials. The woman talks about having a 1 degree cystocele, I do not know what degree mine is. Is there a point or degree of  cystocele that this device could be aggrevating to the condition?

Do you have any articles or any documented research that I could read or share with my doctor. I am very tempted to just go ahead and get your product, but would like further information. I would also like to see a picture of the Kegelmaster 2000.

I hope you answer quickly!


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Re: cystocele

January 27 2002, 8:10 AM 

Hi Pam:     

    Thanks for writing. Doing "Kegel exercises" incorrectly i.e. using some lower abdominals muscles to help do the contractions, could aggrevate ANY cystocele.      

    Otherwise the Kegelmaster adds no risk. If the cystocele (prolapse -or- "slippage" of the bladder) was really advanced and so much ligament damage had occured that the bladder was in danger of herniating and falling through the vaginal wall, nothing other than surgery is going to provide relief.

LATE 2002 UPDATE      Without simply taking our word for it, excellent evidence that Kegelmaster is an effective medical device is our FDA certification as well as the medical device license granted to us by Health Canada.      

    The Kegelmaster is a state-of-the-art way to do Kegel exercises in a way Dr. Kegel originally intended. We have overwhelming statistical evidence of success with the Kegelmaster. That is why many insurance companies are providing reimbursement for the Kegelmaster with a doctor's recommendation!      

    This is truly a breakthrough product because it is so effective for almost any woman in totally rehabilitating the PC muscle.

    The benefits of exercising the PC in terms of reversing conditions such as cystocele, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, etc. ARE NOT TO BE DENIED.     

    A picture of the Kegelmaster can be found towards the bottom of www.mykm.com       

Did you notice that we're members of the Better Business Bureau and the BBB Online? They don't endorse products but I assure you they had to be convinced that this was a real valuable product (we proved it's effectiveness to 2 members of their Board!) before we were welcomed as members.      

    I know that the Kegelmaster has an excellent chance to change your life, in that surgery is an unsatsifactory solution with future implications, and the Kegelmaster is a win-win situation!

    Thanks again for your interest in our ground-breaking product.


Sari Wexler

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June 5 2002, 6:29 AM 

why didn't my doctor discuss this with me. he is the
head of urology at the local hospital here.
thank you.

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Lack of Information

June 5 2002, 9:39 AM 

Hi Jackie:

I'd like to think that all doctors think in terms of doing whatever they can to save their patients from pain and expense in the future, but finances probably has something to do with it. Doctors don't make money from your exercising. In their defense, until now there has never been a device which makes it so effective and easy to develop a routine in building back this muscle.

It is difficult for some women to "isolate" the proper muscle, and without this isolation the exercise will be ineffective. Make sure you get the Free Vibrator we are currently offering IF YOU REQUEST IT! This makes muscle isolation "doable" for most any woman. Read the post entitled "Your Free Gift" to learn more.

It may be that your particular cystocele is so far advanced that your doctor feels that it is too late for exercise. (Many times their insufficient advice for "kegels" is just to "squeeze down there")

I would hope that after you succeed with the Kegelmaster that you would tell your doctor about our product. An important thing YOU could do is help spread the word (after you are totally convinced) that it is VITAL to exercise the PC (kegel) muscle.

Thanks for writing.

Best Wishes


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Prolapsed bladder

February 25 2003, 9:36 AM 

What is the Free "Rocket"? I have had surgery twice for prolapsed bladder and the exercises like you said "just squeezing" doesn't seem to do the trick. Now it's happened again.


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February 25 2003, 10:29 AM 

Thanks for writing. Our primary product is the Kegelmaster, which will allow you to achieve quick and certain muscle growth. The other product is a specialized vibrator, which will allow you to make certain that you are only using the correct muscles.

The problem many women have in attempting to do "kegels" is accidentally incorporating some "extra" muscles in doing the closings. This will totally negate the benefits from "kegels" and can actually be harmful.

Please read the post in this discussion forum entitled "Your Free Gift" for complete details.

Thanks again for writing and for your interest in our product.


Sari Wexler

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Re: Cystocele

April 5 2002, 5:02 PM 

Question to you. Is cystocele the same as interstitial cystitis of the bladder. My daughter supposedly has that which is inflamation or pain in the bladder which they are getting ready to do a procedure to go in and stretch her bladder. But her pain occurs prior to period time (she has 3 children). I'm suspicious that the pain is really where her bladder is sliding or being pushed down into the vaginal area. That is why I'm ready about the Kegalmaster.

I have had 4 children and used the older Kegal that had resistance and you placed the medal plates between your upper legs or thigh level and squeezed, holding on to part of the device that was curved up and towards you. It really worked, but this new device sounds much better.

I am going to recommend she get it and use it before having this procedure done because I really think that it is due to her vaginal wall muscles losing their strength. It sounds wonderful and worth a try. From a mom who is now a grandmother. God Bless! But let me know if that is the same thing, the cystocele and her cystitis of the bladder. Thanks. And take care of yourself.

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These Are Separate Conditions

April 8 2002, 12:37 AM 


It is so nice of you to be doing this research for your daughter.

"Cysotcele" is the same as a bladder prolapse, so I believe the issues are different.

From everything I have seen I would urge ANYONE to start effectevely exercising this muscle belore any kind of procedure.

As long as you know that this is going to look real non-clinical there won't be any disappointment. It Is extremely well-calibrated and is unconditionally guaranteed!

Thanks so much for your interest. Please don't hesitate to ask more questions or to make any comments.

I wish you and your daughter the best.

Sari Wexler
Kegelmaster WorldWide
Product Fulfillmnet

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