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Can this help Uterine Prolapse ?

February 4 2003 at 5:45 PM
Leslie Tacosik 

I am three days away from a hysterectomy and a friend showed me this websight....are there any testimonies or research that shows the Kegel2000 will help me avoid this surgery ?

Thank you,


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Sari Wexler


February 5 2003, 12:18 AM 

Hi Leslie - and others reading this:

Thank you so much for visiting. I have to be so careful NOT to give medical advice.

The PC (Pubococcygeus or "Kegel") muscle is responsible for supporting the bladder, the uterus and the rectum, and is instrumental in childbirth.

Unfortunately because of our relatively sedentary lifestyle, the PC is rarely toned the way nature intended*.

The "interior posture" of the female anatomy becomes jeopardized after childbirth and this often results in abnormal conditions such as urinary leaks and accidents, prolapse, and in sexual dysfunction because the PC muscle is also the muscle that contracts during an orgasm.

Now, Leslie, to deal specifically with your question: IT DEPENDS. If the prolapse is addressed at an early stage it can always be cured by exercise. This is not conjecture. Although it is a bit technical, you can read a post in this forum which includes Dr. Kegel's original research and see for yourself that this has been proven to be a medical certainty.

If the prolapse has progressed too far, generally diagnosed as "3rd or 4th degree", the weight of the organ (the uterus in "uterine prolapse", the bladder in "bladder prolapse" or "cystocele" and the rectum in "rectocele") actually begins to herniate into or through the vaginal wall IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR EXERCISE TO PREVENT SURGERY.

If you are three days away from scheduled surgery when you read this, you should ask your doctor: "In theory, could exercise help my conditon?" If the answer is "yes" you should definitely have us "Express Mail" you the Kegelmaster.

This brings up the question of why more women are not receiving better advice regarding "prevention". Frankly the sad but true bottom line is that doctors don't make money recommending exercise. In their defense there has never been a device that is as effective, inexpensive, and accessible as the Kegelmaster. Additionally our message has been diluted by fraudulent competitors who make false claims about devices which under no circumstance will perform as well as the patented Kegelmaster.

Utilizing 15 adjustable strength settings the Kegelmaster allows the user to begin exercising this vital muscle at the most comortable and appropriate level, and to gauge her progress as well. It is conducive to developing a routine.

We have developed techniques whereby women with even the most damaged stretched muscles are able to isolate and identify the correct muscle to exercise - a key to successful "Kegels".

Three years ago I knew it would be difficult for women to accept a wonderful "too-good-to-be-true" message, so I began this discussion forum. This is unlike any other page on the internet. Each message is "time-stamped" with the computer's individual computer's "IP address" for validity. Additionally some writers have included their email address.

Unnecessary surgery, pharmaceutical pills, adult diapers and becoming reclusive, are very foolish alternatives to being proactive.

With warm regards,


*Women in thirld world countries who from an early age because of their poverty commonly engage in motions and exertions such as squatting and lifting rarely experience pelvic health problems.

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