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Several Symptoms...

September 2 2004 at 10:13 AM

Hello Everyone.

I am new to all this. Guess we all are at the start.
Never realized this message board was here, but thank heaven!
I am late forties, two children. I started going through menopause @ 43! TRUE!
The Hot Flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc., came on so suddenly! I thought there must be something seriously wrong with me...maybe I had cancer, I'd no idea. Duh...mother never warned me...
To make a long story short, I had a male GYN. Nothing against male GYN's, I am just not certain they can truly relate to we women. I JUST changed to a female PA in his office also because I was to embarrassed to discuss particular topics with him.
So, OK, I suffered for a YEAR before I was put on HRT,(with him) Activella to be exact. I'd at that point had not had a menstrual cycle for MORE than a year. It took little more than a month to help with those horrible symptoms but thank God it finally did!
Meanwhile my husband was accusing me of having affairs because I couldn't sleep and would go out to the sofa to do my ups and downs and ons and offs with the blanket there! Our marriage is in divorce proceedings...anyway. The Activella has been a blessing!
Now, I'd been having the little instances of leakage when sneezing...coughing...etc. Also a horrible bladder infection. I cannot express the pain associated with that baby! lol. Antibiotics were a God send!
Now I'm told I have a dropped bladder, so I am doing the kegel exercises when it comes to mind which is often because I seem to have to pee ALL the time! lol.
Now, something I am wondering if is related.
I have been having on and off for months now what seem like the old menstrual (hell) cramps. It's been on and off but the last month they always seem to be there. It's become quite uncomfortable. It honestly feels somewhat like early stages of birth labor!
Am I the only odd ball out here with this? lol.
I just had my yearly pap exam last week. Have not heard back anything, so in that area I guess no news is good news.
Since I've nearly written a book here, I'd appreciate any remarks.
Thanks so much everyone!
I have often wondered...why we have a longer life expectancy than men?
Could it be because WE put up with all the years of crap? lol.
Oh, don't get me wrong...I adore my children and would do it all over again!

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Sari Wexler

Life can be so unfair but knowledge ALWAYS give you an edge!

September 3 2004, 5:11 AM 

To my dear friend;

Please don't think I'm writing simply to try to sell you something, but starting to use the Kegelmaster can be an important step in getting your life back.

It will stop you from having to feel like you have to pee all of the time, it will halt the "falling bladder", and it will stop the cramping. Although it is not a priority now, using the Kegelmaster gives you some definite sexual advantages and confidence!

All of the symptoms you mention indicate your PC (pubococcygeus or "kegel") muscle is "crying out" for the Kegelmaster. Women should be very angry that their doctors don't stress how vital a healthy, toned PC muscle really is, and what the consequences of NOT rehabilitating the PC muscle after childbirth are for over 50% of the female population! You are SO not alone!

You didn't mention your diet, but if you are eating a lot of sugar, you've got to cut way back. Eat healthy as much as possible. Drink lots of water. It helps to eliminate caffeine and obviously you shouldn't smoke.

When you take antibiotics you also kill off the "good bacteria" that colonize in the stomach which help the body absorb the micronutrients that your body needs to keep your hormones in balance.

After being on antibiotics, I would suggest taking capsules containing "probiotics" that you get at a health food store.

Unless your doctor recommends against it, I think you should try to eat a diet which is high in "phytoestrogens" - this includes soy products - soy beans soy milk, tofu, miso, etc, and herbal supplements containing red clover or black cohosh.

After you've used the Kegelmaster long enough to get your fallen bladder (also referred to as "bladder prolapse" or "cystocele") under control you should try mild exercise, perhaps a little walking.

When you have used the Kegelmaster long enough to KNOW you have controlled the fallen bladder you should gradually introduce more vigorous exercise.

Be very careful about high impact exercise until you are quite sure that you no longer have the fallen bladder.

It is just my nature to give unsolicited advice, and you were so open and "giving" in your "Ouch" message so here goes.........

If you know that you can turn things around physically and emotionally and you really commit to a plan which would make it happen - maybe some professional counseling could save the marriage??? - unless of course he's just a jerk and you're better off without him!

The most important thing that you CAN do at this point is to take care of yourself!

Just realize the importance of EFFECTIVELY exercising your PC muscle. Your success with the Kegelmaster can be a natural "foundation" for other successes in your life!

You sound like a great mother and a wonderful person! I wish you the best!

With personal regards,


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sharon nutt

what's the good word?

November 29 2006, 3:09 AM 

dear several symptoms. sorry, but i couldn't find your name. i'm 54 and have finally gone thru the change. lately i have that same thing you're talking about with the heaviness on my bladder (or is it my menstrual cramp area, or is it my bowels? it's almost constant. it doesn't make me wanna ram my head into the wall or anything. it is aggravated more if i stand a long time. the other day it seemed to be a little more off the middle and onto the left side leaving me to wonder if it is my ovary. today it's dead center, a little at or below the hairline. makes me feel the baby is real low, but, of course, no baby. today i have a lot of gas. it seems related, but not sure. it is not foul-smelling either, which is weird. i feel bloated and the pain is dull. sometimes i even get a sense of ice-coldness in the area, sometimes a sense of almost uncomfortable warmth. crazy sensations; a kalidoscope of sensations. i've thought colorectal cancer (but my bowel movements are great), endometriosis, diverticulitis, dropped bladder, abcess, polyps, cysts, tumor, infection of the pelvic area, etc. just curious whether you got yourself taken care of, and whether any of these symptoms were yours as well, and what the outcome was. sincerely, a fellow sufferer, sharon nutt

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