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Three Vaginal Exercisers Are Compared in Bella Magazine

November 24 2004 at 3:19 PM
Sari Wexler 


A British publication, "Bella" magazine recently ran product reviews.

Stop Those Little Leaks

Three women test three devices aimed at beating the embarrassing problem that millions suffer from

     At least six million adults in Britain suffer from embarrassing little leaks - often when they're lifting, running, dancing, laughing sneezing or coughing.

     Overweight people, pregnant women, mothers, menopausal women and women who've had bladder surgery or a hysterectomy are particularly prone to it.

     Jeanette Haslam, a clinical specialist in women's health, says: 'Simple pelvic muscle exercises can often eliminate or significantly improve the problem.'

     We asked three readers to test devices to strengthen those muscles.

1) Femetone

'I could run after my daughter'

Jo Grant, 40, a freelance writer and mother of two from Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, tested Femetone, an electronic device that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with tiny electrical impulses.

Verdict: 'After just one day of using it I didn't need to go to the loo quite as often as usual. I continued to improve over the next few weeks and found I could run after my daughter without getting wet patches.

     'But if I stopped using it for a few days, say when I had a period, my muscles seemed to slip back quickly. The maker says that's partly because hormones loosen the pelvic muscles at that time.

     'You are supposed to use it for about 40 minutes a day to start with, while lying or sitting down, nd it's difficult to find the time when you're a busy mum.

     'It's definitely helped me. But it doesn't replace doing the usual pelvic floor exercises.'

Marks: 8/10

U.S cost - approximately $149.00


2) Kegelmaster

'It's made a huge difference'

Marion Rogers, 41, a full time mother of three from Dorking Surrey, tested the Kegelmaster - a device that helps you exercise your pelvic muscles by giving you something to squeeze against.

Verdict: 'It's brilliant! I do three lots of exercises, taking about six minutes each day, and it's made a huge difference.

     'Before using it I was never really able to do pelvic floor exercises as I couldn't tell which muscles to squeeze.

     'I used to get slight leakage if I was running and I had to cross my legs when I sneezed. Now all that has gone.

     'The only drawback is it's not something I can do with the kids around. But I will go on using it forever.'

Marks 9/10

U.S cost - $98.95


3) Aquaflex

'At first it was hard to use'

Katrina Gransden, 39, a mother of two who runs a dog-minding business in Haslemere, Surrey, tested Aquaflex, a system that makes you use your muscles to hold in progressively heavier weights.

Verdict: 'When I go running I often get leaks. And if I go on my children's trampoline it usually ends in disaster.

     'At first I found it quite hard to use. I started off with the heaviest weight, thinking my pelvic floor muscles were quite strong, but soon had to go down to the smallest - and even that kept slipping out.

     'But after a few weeks I was able to hold the smallest weight in for a few minutes at a time while doing the ironing and I then built up to 10 minutes.

     'You're supposed to use it for 20 mintes a day but it's difficult to concentrate on keeping the weight in for that length of time.

    'It took a while to see any results but after three weeks I found I could go running and use the trampoline without any mishaps.

     Also there's a big difference if I'm bursting to go to the loo - I can now hold on for longer.

     The instructions are clear and easy to follow - but it's hard work'

Marks 7/10

Approximate U.S. cost - $87.95

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Dr. Joyce

Dr. Joyce's "UnderWire Magazine" Report On The Sexual Benefits From Using The Kegelmaster!

September 4 2008, 10:31 AM 

Dear Friends:

Finally, this seems like a good time to provide my promised report on the Kegelmaster, the PC exerciser device I mentioned in my column a few weeks back.

Truth is I found the insertable, phallic-shaped thingamajig to be rather miraculous!

Because the Kegelmaster provides varying levels of resistance against which to squeeze pelvic muscles, a woman can track her progress with a sense of increasing accomplishment.

It's a fun challenging ride - better than working out biceps - and the sexy results are far more exhilarating than just being able to hoist bulky bags of groceries.

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Bruce Willis Lover's Red Hot Sex Secret - - as published in The Globe

September 4 2008, 10:42 AM 

from the April 24, issue of The GLOBE:  (page 29)

Bruce Willis Lover's Hot Sex Secret

Bruce Willis' sex life has never been hotter since he met porn starlet Alisha Klass-and now we know why.

GLOBE can reveal the shocking secret behind the sizzling sex that Demi Moore's ex-hubby is going bananas for!

Klass is a devoted user of the Kegelmaster, a specially designed device that has gained an instant female following. The exerciser strengthens and tightens the vaginal walls, making for some unique erotic escapades. 

"I can't describe the intensity," gushes the 29-year-old XXX-rated movie siren. 

"Many women ask me questions about improving their sex lives.  My number one suggestion is always 'Get the Kegelmaster!' Anything that can help women experience sex like this is a great product."

   And if anyone needs another testimonial, all they need to do is ask Willis about what the miracle gadget has done in the bedroom for HIM.

   "Bruce is crazy about Alisha's sexy moves and says she's one of the most exciting women he's ever known," confides a source. "He's told his friends that making love to Alisha is sheer ecstasy."

   Willis should be a fan of the exercising device, too, because his curvy brunette galpal swears it makes men seem sexually bigger. "It makes every guy feel twice as manly," Klass explains, "so he becomes a woman's greatest lover." ... 

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