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Only 30 years old..

February 10 2005 at 6:29 PM

Hello, I am a 30 yeard old mother of 2. Each of my children were vaginal deliveries; and each were stuck while I pushed for 2 hours. Since my second delivery I have suffered with cystocele and rectocele, and mild uterine prolapse. I am a very active person. While excersising I usually "leak" a little. Intercourse is not always pleasant due to the maze inside. I am sick to death of living with this everyday. I have had 3 seperate opinions from gyns. Each say the same.. surgery. The advice is to have a vaginal hysterectomy, keep the ovaries, and do the repairs. I have put this off for 4 years, struggling with "what to do". Now I have scheduled the surgery. I am extremely worried though about whether the uterus being removed is truly nessesary. My hope is that intercourse will be more fullfilling as well. Has anyone been through all this before?? I am desperate for any feedback reguarding after the surgery.

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april besch

Don't Get The Hysterectomy It'll Put You Into Menopause For Sure!

February 11 2005, 10:47 AM 

Dear Shay,

I hate to tell you this, but the doctors are simply lying when they tell you that you won't get into early menopause when you get a hysterectomy -- ovaries left in or not! The thing they don't mention is that the uterus too produces hormones each month. When the uterus is removed, the body perceives that it is no longer necessary to makes hormones in the same quantity as before and hence women will go into menopause early sometimes immediately, sometimes the process can take 1-2 years. HOWEVER, 30 years old or 32 is WAY TOO YOUNG for menopause and all of it's delights (NOT)! If your cystocele and rectocele are not to the point of no return, where there has been extensive ligament damage, I would recommend just getting yourself the Kegelmaster and using it faithfully every day and perform the recommended routine. I was diagnosed with mild rectocele and 2nd degree bladder prolapse (cystocele) and have made great strides with the Kegelmaster in less than 2 months time!! I had felt at one time my bladder was protruding from the vaginal opening and now there is a better -- "seal" to protect my organs. I feel much more comfortable even during the time of my monthly cycle when estrogen is lower. This device has been a true Godsend to me. I didn't want the yucky surgery that my docotor was suggesting. I am already in peri-menopause (low estrogen) which I feel has contributed to the problem. So, you see Shay, surgery is not the answer!!! MILD uterine prolapse does not call for surgery. The Kegelmaster can help that!!! If it helped 2nd degree prolapse, it can help MILD uterine prolapse. The other prolapses will be helped as well, as long as they haven't progressed too far. There is hope for you to have a more normal life quicker than you know. Especially since you are still so young!! Your muscles will probably respond quicker too since your estrogen levels are most likely at a nice high point. Run -- don't walk and order this device - It could truly be the answer to your prayers. Best of health, April

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april besch

Save Your Uterus!!!

February 11 2005, 11:45 AM 

Oh Shay,

One more thing I forgot to mention to you.... Since you are concerned about sex and hoping it will "be more fulfiling" after the surgery. For many women, this is not the case. In fact,the uterus is an important part of what makes us women and even has a part in our sexual response. There is a new book about written by Christine Kent, called "Saving the Whole Woman" about this topic. I'd suggest you purchase it. It talks about the fact that there is no need for all the surgeries doctors perform on women. Here's an excerpt from a press release about the book:

"Women are increasingly being pressured into surgical “solutions” for pelvic organ problems, including the nagging inconvenience of minor urinary incontinence. What few women understand is how devastatingly invasive these surgeries are and the enormous risks women face of a lifetime of chronic pain, multiple follow-up surgeries, and loss of sexual function. In Saving the Whole Woman: Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, author Christine Kent draws upon her own experience with pelvic surgery, a resulting uterine prolapse, and her struggle with the medical system to save her uterus to tell a compelling expose of the procedures promoted by traditional medicine, their risks and the shoddy research that is used to justify putting millions of women under the knife. Kent’s exhaustive research on the gynecology industry has resulted in a ground-breaking and comprehensive resource for women considering alternatives to pelvic floor surgery. She passionately and convincingly argues that women have been unnecessarily put at risk by doctors treating pelvic organ prolapse by requiring surgery rather than promoting surgery as a last resort."

Christine Kent, herself, is a part of the medical community. She is a Registered Nurse. It sounds as though Christine Kent could be a candidate for the Kegelmaster herself! I would say that this release speaks volumes to the many women who have been mislead and abused by the medical community. We all need to take a good look at the advice we so desperatley seek and see if it truly speaks to our hearts. Take good care Shay! Best of health to you, April

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sharon wagner

Re: Save Your Uterus!!!

April 30 2006, 1:37 AM 

i have drop my uterus i want save my uterus and my new boyfriend want have a baby ???

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liveing with hysto sexual problems

July 11 2008, 1:09 PM 

I was35 when i had hystorectomy due to gyno said just take it all out and you will be fine well im not fine almost 2 years later i have developed prolapse rectocel vaginal,i went from a very healthy sex life to nothing it feels like its just haging around.i have seen so many doctors 2 say this ,1 says that and so on. i have stage2 and even was scheduled for surgery on 07/08/08 and cancelled i dont want to have another and another i want to be like i was befor i have not used this kegelmaster yet but have orderd it i will never lift any thing more than a gallon of milk due to large babies and hysto im forever changed ,and i have found that no one really cares not doctors not insurance companys or my employer no one but me .my advice to all woman start telling every one about risk of hard labor ,large babies ,heavey lifting and standing for prolonged periods thank you

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