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Kegelmaster Makes Marathon Possible!

April 3 2005 at 4:16 PM

I have been using the Kegelmaster for over 2 years. It has changed my life! I’m 51 years old, with a stage two uterine prolapse and bladder protrusion and a serious stage 2 rectocele. Previous to using the kegelmaster, I was getting up to pee in the night perhaps 2 – 3 times (this started in my early – mid forties), and I frequently had small amounts of urine leakage when sneezing. It was clearly getting worse as time went on.

Very soon after starting to use the KM, my bladder problems improved immensely. Within a short time I was sleeping through the night and only very occasionally getting up once to pee (and NEVER more than once!). No leakage when sneezing. I started seriously changing my diet around that time too – trying to drink more water, eating high fibre foods including flax and soy products etc. This has helped prevent my rectocele situation from getting worse.

A few weeks ago, I saw a uro-gynecologist after being on a waiting list for 2 years! She said that the stage I was at meant that if I wanted to alleviate my symptoms, I could have surgery for everything – cystocele, hysterectomy, and rectocele – or I could just have a rectocele, or a rectocele/hysterectomy (would take some pressure off my bladder). But she admitted that my symptoms certainly weren’t “severe”, so it was up to me whether or not I went ahead with any surgery, and for which problem! I told her about the Kegelmaster, and she was VERY impressed with my muscle tone. She said that IF I KEPT UP REGULAR USE OF THE KEGELMASTER, I WOULD BE ABLE TO HOLD OFF HAVING THE NEED FOR SURGERY FOR 10 – 15 YEARS (and I’m thinking who knows – maybe even NEVER!)

I have been considering my options since my visit. I’m actually going to go to another locally respected ob-gynocologist in another month for a second opinion, but at this point I’m almost 100 % sure that I’m going to decide to have NO SURGERY OF ANY KIND – even on my rectocele which has been my biggest concern up until now.

Sari is right. It’s absolutely crucial for women whose pelvic structure/organs are at this stage to use the Kegelmaster, and preferably BEFORE you get to this stage. I have a lot of confidence now that I can keep things from getting any worse, and in fact, they are certainly better than before I started using the KM two or so years ago. For your information, I also became a long distance runner less than a year ago. I’ve never run in my life, but through circumstances was inspired to try it – and I love it! I’m about to run my first ½ marathon in Vancouver, Canada, and have already committed myself to running my first marathon in fabulous New York City this coming November! I couldn’t have done it without the Kegelmaster, as it’s given me the confidence regarding my bladder control, as well as simply feeling better overall about my aging body! Sexually it has unquestionably had benefits too, in a variety of ways, not the least of which is that my partner, whose penis is on the smaller side, says I “fit like a glove”, and loves it when he feels my strong muscle control. I know it’s helped my responsiveness too, something which can be challenging for women as we approach and go through menopause. By the way, I experienced childbirth twice, my first being a fairly large baby.

I try to use the KM every day, and probably average using it 4 – 5 times a week. I use it right through my periods too. I use it on the strongest setting. I can’t completely close it, but I get good movement out of it, which is obviously doing the job! I do 6 sets of 30 reps. The first 3 I focus on using the muscles right around the urethra/clitoris – the ones for stopping the flow of urine. Then I do one set where I try isolating my rectal muscles, as many women with a serious rectocele have a problem with fecal incontinence – yuchh! I don’t want to go there! Then, I do one set where I focus on my deeper vaginal muscles. For the last set I either repeat 30 reps of the regular urethral/clitoral muscles again, or do a combination of quick flicks and others where I contract and HOLD. I find doing all of the above keeps it interesting for me.

If anything new develops I’ll let the forum know. But I’m anticipating that things will go well for me – ONLY BECAUSE I’M FAITHFULLY USING THE KEGELMASTER! I urge all women to use this marvelous, ridiculously simple device – starting NOW! If you value the quality of your life, don’t delay in using the Kegelmaster, and let other women know about it too! Good luck to you all.

~ Claire

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april besch


April 6 2005, 3:07 PM 

Dear Claire,

I read your email and was very encouraged by it! I too am struggling with a cystocele situation which was diagnosed as stage 2 this past December. Nothing is protruding outside, but it feels low in my vagina especially now that I am in perimenopause. I have been having success with the Kegelmaster, but when my estrogen levels dip lower, I have setbacks. It seems as though I need my estrogen levels increased again in order to bulk up my vaginal muscles and my pc muscles. I have been taking natural hormones for two years now. I was wondering if this also happened to you during the past. I was wondering how you are controlling your levels with respect to hormones, diet, exercise, etc.? Right now, I can only bicycle (since I'm sitting then.) I worry about standing too much, much less exercising too intensely during this healing period, as per Sari's kind advice. I was wondering how long it took before you could no longer see the infamous "bulge" from the cystocele/rectocele. I turned 49 last month and still get my cycle reguarly every month, but still suffer from vaginal atrophy and not sleeping well at certain times of the month, even while taking natural hormones. I truly feel I can heal myself naturally and have great faith in the Kegelmaster!! But sometimes, I just need some more encouragement and perhaps some tips from someone who has been using it for longer than a few months (like me). Any advice would be most helpful! Many thanks! April

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