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Doctor confirms my cystocele/rectocele are better

March 4 2006 at 3:13 PM
april besch 

Dear Sari,

I just had to write you! I had written you on numerous other ocassions to say that I FELT that I had improved my cystocele/rectocele condition by faithfully using the Kegelmaster every day.

Well yesterday, I had my annual appointment for a PAP at my OBGYN.

Upon examination, my doctor concurred with me that indeed I HAD IMPROVED my cystocele/ rectocele!!

In fact, he even checked back at his notes from this past July ('05) about my situation, and then re-checked me again and said "Yes you do seem improved!"

Can I just say that I am soooo thrilled about this!!! This device is truly a phenomenal medical breakthrough!

I feel all women over 40, and for that matter, ANY WOMAN, who has had at least ONE vaginal delivery must consider using the Kegelmaster!

It's really too bad that more OBGYNs don't know about and recommend this wonderful device.

They just recommend "do you kegels" and send you off. Unfortunately, regular kegels just don't cut it! There's nothing to squeeze against -- no resistence .... It's like doing arm curls to build up your biceps without using weights. You just can't build muscle mass that way!

It's terrible that any woman needs to get to the point of no return or desperation, and then decides to go under the knife "to correct" her uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele or vaginal wall prolapse.

We really need to get the word out about the Kegelmaster! I will certainly do my my part by telling anyone who writes into the Hotflash Forum (which I belong to) with incontinence or prolapse concerns by recommending this wonderful device!

Thank God for the Kegelmaster and this supportive website!!

Take good care,


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Sari Wexler

Avoid Surgery & Accomplish Much More With This Natural FDA Cleared Device!

August 1 2008, 1:07 AM 

Most women in the world are brainwashed by a male-dominated medical establishment that mainly is interested in profits. (The most profitable aspect of medicine is surgery)  Adult diapers and pharmaceuticals such as Detrol LA make BILLIONS of dollars in profits, so we're stepping on some expensive toes!

The anxiety and suffering by women is immeasurable.

This is exemplified by the ignorance of pelvic floor exercises especially before and after pregnancy and before and after menopause. It should be shouted from the rooftops that all women, young or old should do "pelvic floor" ("kegel") exercises throughout their adult lives.

Dr. Kegel proved beyond a doubt the immense value of effectively exercising the PC muscle (but only with a resistive device)

This can be an embarrassing topic, yet these posts are not embarrassing in the least. Just read more of these messages. Not every one of the hundreds that are posted here - unless you really have time on your hands, - but read enough that you realize we're not just trying to sell you something. If you wait too long, you may HAVE to have surgery.

If you don't "get it", we haven't done our job and we really hope you'll call us 1(800)523-4430 and speak with a female about this.

With regards,

Sari Wexler

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