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Thanks to Mrs. LD from the U.K. for her very fine message!

April 17 2006 at 12:46 AM
Sari Wexler 


We are deeply grateful to women such as Mrs. LD from the U.K. who share their Kegelmaster experiences in this forum.


I never thought I'd be writing a testimonial myself, but I just HAD to encourage "The Doubters" out there to TRY the Kegelmaster, as I did just 2 months ago. After giving birth to a couple of wonderful babies, within a year of each other, I felt I was rather changed down below.

Although everything had healed well and I had no operations or complications, I was aware that my pelvic floor muscles were the only muscles I was unable to train to get back into shape. I just couldn't seem to hit them with the recommended "pelvic squeezes". So, in desperation, I started looking for solutions on the internet, and discovered the Kegelmaster. I read a few of the comments on it, and thought: "Hey, I have nothing to lose here- they even offer a money-back guarantee". So, I took the plunge, and 4 days later my package arrived. The instructions were easy to follow, and I had no problems getting used to the movement.

After using it 3 weeks a month, for 2 months (a week off each month for menstruation), I feel totally re-shaped and both myself and my partner have noticed increased sensation during sex- which is cool! But more-over, I know that I am doing something to prevent long-term complications such as prolapse and incontinence. If you are like me 2 months ago- a desperate skeptic... break free!

Try the Kegelmaster, and become an enthusiastic believer!!

Go for it.

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S. Munroe

Bladder Prolapse

April 25 2006, 9:00 PM 

I developed a bladder prolapse at age 51, I was told at the gyn clinic that excercise would not help.

I was given a pessary and no matter how I tried it was not comfortable. I was given different sizes and finally a nurse checked its positioning and told me my vaginal anatomy was unusual and I would never get a pessary to work.

She said I would have to have the surgery. I was also told the surgery was not a sure fix, I knew this from years of being a nurse and seeing women have repeat procedures. I did not want this.

I went on my computer and keyed in vaginal prolapse and found a link to this web site. I ordered the kegelmaster, it came promptly and I was amazed that I had almost immediate results.

I am not saying my problem was solved, exercise is not a quick fix, but I could tell it was helping as I was no longer uncomfortable in day to day living.

I have a long way to go, my body did not get in this condition overnight but I am committed to repair as much of the damage as possible with the help of the Kegelmaster.

My only question is why do they not issue every woman with this after they have a baby? Think of the dollars that could be saved on surgeries that frequently don't help.

One last thing, I have had to call the 800 number a couple of times to get support and have been very pleased with the professional response.

It is a great product, if you are having problems like mine it is worth the money and the minimal effort.

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Dorothy Restivo

Bladder prolapse

August 5 2006, 10:06 PM 

At 62 years old, I now have a bladder prolapse. All my life I always did heavy lifting, and I also think I may have intestinal prolapse with it. I don't want to have surgery, if at all possible. I've gone through enough of those! I just don't know what to do now. Can you help me? Thank you!

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bladder prolapse, me too

February 12 2007, 8:30 PM 

hi. so glad to hear it helping you.
i am mid thirties, have a two year old and bladder prolapse.
going to give it a try.
do you think it can get the bladder all the way back in, over time?
good luck. flora

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I am in my mid 30s to and found out i have bladder prolapse too

May 11 2007, 4:20 PM 

I went to the doctors and today a cat scan seriously thinking about having the surgery. What did you find out from your doctors?

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Just diagnosed

April 28 2006, 8:59 AM 

Hi Mrs. AB, I was very encouraged in reading your email as I
have just been diagnosed with cystocele. I am going to a specialist
on Monday but from all that I have read I don't think surgery is
the way to go. Thanks so much for your reports, Vtorrey

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Mrs A.B.


April 29 2006, 4:54 PM 

I am pleased that my comments have encouraged you. I have now been using the keglemaster for 2 months and started with one pin-and I was struggling at this level and have just today moved up from 2 pins to 3 pins. I am sure I will get to the highest of 4 pins and it is just getting better and better.

I wish you well and hope you too will find this product will work for you. As I said it just needs discipline and perseverence and even if at first you dont see results just keep using it as one day you will suddenly notice a difference.



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