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Thank you

July 7 2006 at 12:25 AM


Hi Sari,

I've asked you a couple of questions about the Kegelmaster before.

This time I just wanted to tell you that it's working!

You probably already have a million testimonials, but this is the FIRST product of many natural ones I've tried over the years that has really delivered on its promises!

My vaginal atrophy and uterine prolapse are gone, I can jump on my rebounder without wearing a thick pad, and I actually look forward to pain-free sex with my husband now because I'm moist and muscular! And all this without estrogen! I never thought this was possible!

Thanks for your suggestions. They really helped.


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recently diagonised with moderate leave prolapse

July 8 2006, 7:29 AM 

Diagonised by physcian. Awaiting to see gyncologist. Healthy individual in 40's. with two active children. Some uterus fibrods non troublesome. Presently 7 day period now light staining when walking. Doctor diagonised developed uterine prolapse day after pap smear. May of occured from recent heavy lifting through month of June due to flood situation.

Can see round ball at opening of vaginal area. Fatigue at night stiffness in back. Cramps stopped. Was doing Yoga once a week combined with once week Kick box video. Haven't excercised since occured three weeks ago. For fear of making condition worse. Feeling limited in movement for fear of doing more damage. Haven't worked this month. Are there any risks in using the Kegelmaster? Has it helped in my level of prolapse of uterus? Does it push the uterus back in place?

I look forward to response.

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Sari Wexler

You Just Make the Commitment to DO IT! - and Follow Simple Instructions!

July 9 2006, 7:46 AM 

Dear Cindy,

Many times in this forum I preface my remarks by saying "I don't want you to think I'm just trying to sell something."

The Kegelmaster represents the best opportunity in the world to push everything back into place without surgery.

Here's the condition under which it works: If the uterus has not herniated into or through the vaginal wall, there is every probablility that you can cure yourself naturally and NOT become a surgical statistic.   

However if the prolapsing organ - in this case, the uterus, but possibly in other cases, the rectum or the bladder has "herniated in" so much that it has actually become part of the structure of the vaginal wall, the Kegelmaster is not going to be valuable until the 6 weeks after surgery to exercise the muscle that is all "still" there and DRASTICALLY reduce the risk that the surgery will ever fail - an all too common occurence.

Check with older female relatives and friends.

This is such as easy exercise compared to having to get "dressed out" to work-out at the gym, or go jogging or some similar activity that makes me "tired". just thinking about it.

The smartest thing you can do in your life right now is to read as many forum posts as possible. After reading a message, to avoid this long introduction, just click your "return" or "back" button on the computer to go back to the index of "forum messages"

Unless you just won't follow the simple instructions there is no risk - INCLUDING DISCOMFORT! In fact, adjectives such as "relaxing" and "pleasant" are typically associated with our patented vaginal exerciser!

Take the plunge! Ask your doctor (unless he's a surgeon!)

You have my best wishes!



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