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September 20 2006 at 11:05 AM


I have been diagnosed with level two bladder, uterine, and rectal prolapse. My age is 50. I have chronic coughing due to severe acid reflux desease.

Because i have used the Kegelmaster [pins 2,3,4] the doctor has told me it has prevented the prolapse from getting worse.

Once surgery corrects the stomach problems, thereby stopping my constant cough I hope to eventually stop the incontinence caused by the ever present cough, by continuing to use the Kegelmaster.

I saw my mom go through two painful bladder suspensions and still spend the last 10 years of her life with pads and Depends.

Unfortunately the Kegelmaster wasn't available years ago. My doctor thinks it is a great invention.

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Pam Van Siclen

After two surgeries, would you recommend,,,

September 24 2006, 8:10 AM 

I have had two surgeries for prolapsed bladder in the last eight years. I have recently
felt that my bladder has dropped again. Do you think that Kegelmaster2000 would
help me at this stage?

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Sari Wexler

Of course I would, Pam!

September 24 2006, 8:52 PM 

Dear Pam,

Thanks for writing. Wouldn't it make more sense to exercise the muscle that supports the bladder, uterus and rectum, than to continue to let your body become ravaged by a never ending series of surgeries?

It is sad but true that most women are not informed of the frequency of dropping pelvic organs, and the failure rate of these surgeries.

Pam, I'm not just making this up. Surgery is the most profitable aspect of medicine and I am disgusted that more emphasis is not put on prevention.

God did not "misdesign" us when She/He created us. When we experience vaginal childbirth the PC muscle becomes stetched/damaged, but if it is PROPERLY exercised it will support your pelvic organs, stop incontinence and provide you with a much more rewarding sex life.

You don't have as much a "medical" problem as you do a "physical fitness" problem which can easily be treated in the comfort and privacy of home.

It doesn't matter if you had your children 50 years ago, if a muscle was stretched/damaged then, due to our relatively sedentary lifestyles (especially as relates to the PC muscle) your PC muscle will thrive with the Kegelmaster.

I hope you will learn as much as possible about the Kegelmaster and the "Second Device" which this company provides FREE with the Kegelmaster so that you'll be assured of exercising the correct muscle, AND STOP THIS HORRIBLE CYCLE OF SURGERIES that you and hundreds of thousands of women undergo every year - besides the other benefits of proper PC muscle exercise.

Pam, I am so sorry for the needless pain, suffering, and expense you have gone through. You have my best wishes!

With regards,


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jeanne yang

Have a rectal prolapse, too. Am concerned.

September 3 2009, 9:42 PM 

I can't believe that there is someone who had help with their rectal prolapse. I have had one for 6 years and my life has been terrible. I got it when I had my hemorhoids tied at the doctors. He accidently tied my rectum. Anyway, do you think that the kegel master can help me?? My rectal prolapse is a full one and I really hate it. Please respond to this message. Am desperate, truly about what I can do without surgery. Sincerely, Jeanne Yang

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